New Mixtape: Chance The Rapper Acid Rap


Chicago’s Chance The Rapper gets trippy with his latest collection of music, Acid Rap. Guests include Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, Childish Gambino, BJ The Chicago Kid and more.

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  • King Hoover

    another buzzo tryna rap

  • dopeness

    DOPE SOUNDS!!! He can be one of the illest

  • DMVinyourchick

    His cover blows me

  • sick

    Cover is sick

  • Jordan

    This is gonna surprise some people. #Dope

  • Dashing

    Don’t sleep on Chance the Rapper. He’s the next up.

  • CJ

    I like it. Its different

  • NYC

    @Dashing I question your taste. This nigga is corny as fuck. His flow terrible

  • hiiipowerbish

    watch out for chance

  • LikeJordan45

    I keep hearing people hype dude but after watching the video for this Intro I have no fucking clue why…gonna check this project though just so I can have an opinion.

  • Chance is dope man

  • Chris

    This cat hella weak. Fuck is people hearing.

  • Bo Nation

    His voice is hella annoying…I didnt make it past track 3.

    #Its Not Cool

  • Dashing

    @NYC, I question your questioning. Listen to “14,400” and “22 Offs”

    The dude can spit, can sing, has a dope flow, dope lyrics actually WRITES SONGS and has a refreshing sound that isn’t imitating Ross or Drake like everyone else in the game. The mixtape isn’t the next Section 80 but it shows the kid’s got talent. Once he links with the right producers it’s gonna be a wrap…

  • mac DIESEL



  • ShamGAWD

    He has a song with “benzel” that is too ill

  • Yeah buddy


  • it’s the roc

    hated this at first, then it started to grow on me as i kept listening, then i gave in and enjoyed it, then i started to love it. damn, reading that sentence back it needed like 4 pauses. so yeah, he’s not the best rapper ever but kid’s got mad soul

  • John Cusack

    10 day was sick and this does not disappoint

  • Fuck Yo Opinion

    Chicago in this bitch!!!!!

  • Chronic

    has a couple cool songs, some are too corny, ab kills it on the song hes on

  • CHi


  • John

    Chi-town stand up… new, fresh and dope. not something everyone is gonna like tho.

  • Uno

    This nigga is hyped up too much

  • acidrap

    this fool bitin my name. errbody know esham and natas created acid rap and they shit goes waaay harder
    than this cornball

  • That Voice will Last a Long time?

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Who the fuck is this? 50+ comments? I sense some Internet fuckery.

    Is the AbSoul song any good?

  • Fuck Yo Opinion

    @acidrap – if you google “acid rap” NOTHING but Chance The Rapper shows up… so how’s he biting? You sound crazy man!

  • COOL..

    this dudes not, > REAL HIPHOP >>

  • Robama

    ^ Nah

  • dll32

    mixtape has a few hits !

  • Winston Churchill

    Annoying voice. Another rapper for the middle classes.

  • Paris Girl


  • Dessy

    haha what? this aint acid rap. Acid Rap is ESHAM THE UNHOLY


  • KRS 2

    Lmfaooo this shit is dope as fuck no one gives half a fuck about Esham’s wack ass. Quit bitchin and enjoy this shit.

    no one takes Mac Diesel’s opinion to heart cause he’s a dumb faggot and NYC is basically a typical dusty NY hiphop fan by the look of it

  • Tev Milli

    After giving this a listen……
    This shit is dope 4 real…..
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • Del

    Yo Esham and Natas were the shit back in the day… with that said this dude right here dropped some fire and I admit I was sleepin’, but I don’t think the acid rap reference has anything to do with Esham and the wicked shit though


    BEST OF 2013!!!!

    People are so blinded by ignorance(aka most rap music) that when someone with talent comes around they ignore but will be the same ones in a couple yrs in front at his concerts recording like some HOES!


  • j

    weak…his voice is annoying

  • i hate gay rappers

    this dude sucks and mark my words he will get credit for comeing up with the name acid rap even though esham invented it about 24 years ago bullsh*t like this is the reason i hate listing to music!