New Music: Chris Brown “I Can’t Win”

Some shit I felt like writing that’s not on the album

Chris Brown’s no Parker Lewis. Last night, Breezy released some new music that won’t appear on his upcoming album, X. Speaking of which, the project is set to drop on July 16th.

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  • Craddyshaq

    Clearly this is about everything going on with Rihanna.. Keep the music coming Chris

  • Get Real

    Winner, winner, …

  • Pardonmyswag

    Keep this shit coming

  • DK
  • DK



    Robin’s catbox gets n*ggas emotional…aubrey somewhere doing a happy dance!!

  • i like this.. he speaking from the heart.

  • mike


  • Dwight

    he’s dope, you cant take that from him. Put this in the Deluxe album if not on the regular album

  • Fun_Syze

    I really like this!! Rihanna better get her shit together. Got this man out here open lol. Definitely a quality track to say the least.

  • the brain trust

    Why the hell isn’t this on the album? This is fire!

  • Ryo

    Look for Aubrey Graham to drop his album July 16th… All I’m saying… Just watch.

  • the One

    Track is hot…. If he breaks up with this gyal he’ll win large he’ll be able to write his best music.( Think about Usher when he wrote Confessions )that was his best album to date… If he stays with her he will lose large he’ll be broke or dead within 5 yrs…. I’m not a Chris fan what so ever but the boy got talent.
    Da gyal is trouble and she out to drive man mad….

    Dis gyal nah fi wife up… a community ting…

  • Ero

    Film trick! The both know it was a hood idea to sell records.


    This is the definition of growth, young grasshoppers. You can’t win everything, but you can lose it…believe dat