• Why his vocal sound doubled… chill with that, it’s a mellow track.

  • Belize

    this shyt HARD

  • Tef

    Vada’s flow got a serious beat body count. Nigga keep his A game on!

  • DeadPrez

    “drizzles on to the Radar”???? The FUCK?!?!?

  • jinx

    We Workin!!!!! Khaled Got My Nig Workin

  • The Facade

    This is actually pretty dope. Hopefully he drops more songs without the rest of Khaled’s jokers on them.

  • dope… NY sound

  • Rookie


  • COOL..

    My nigga Vado killed this.. new shit tho..>>
    REAL HIPHOP >>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • blackJew

    Vado got a artist waiting to blow as well –

  • brza

    Not bad. He does stack his vocals a bit too much at times.