Snoop Lion Reincarnated Documentary

Greetings from Jah! Accompanying Snoop’s new album Reincarnated is his documentary. The film was shown in select theaters and captured Snoop’s conversion into Rastafarianism. Grab some popcorn and cop the album here.

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  • wellsfool

    U know this shit is considered piracy rite?

    • B.Dot

      stop snitching

  • Oz

    It’s probably sanctioned by snoop, it’s also called promotion for an album no one wants – that shit is like snoop just hopped on a major lazor albums everysong , if you play major lazors album and his back to back you wouldn’t know there different albums

  • rahrahrah


    I had a friend that swore by the Doggfather album. Snoop was never my taste of MC. I am so happy to see where this man came from to where he is at right now. He is a walking contradiction, but aren’t we all. I watched him chop it up with Suga Free and Azelia Banks the other day on his youtube channel thing. The Azelia hangout was a little awkward, of course this woman is like his daughters age? But the Suga Free hangout was golden. To think that the same Snoop who beat a murder charge and continues to extol the pimping of women could also become the same Snoop who coaches a youth football team and makes a completely positive album with some nice tunes with repeat value…I’m happy for him. The more balance and goodness that comes into his world, and that he is able to share with others, the more power to him.

    No. This is not “Distant Relatives” great, but unless this man is being totally cynical and exploitative of Jamaican and Rastafarian culture I fully support him. I will try and watch the movie later today.

  • VDUB

    This was really good. Thanks for posting.

  • dphresh

    haha fucken

  • brollya

    @wellsfool u a bitch ass nigga…