DJ Khaled On Obama’s Intro

During last night’s Gig-It launch party at New York’s Capitale, MTV caught up with Khaled, who spoke on our president walking out to his hit record, “All I Do Is Win”.  Looking forward to that skit.

“‘All I Do Is Win’ is one of the biggest anthems of all time, I think, and it’s a timeless record. It represents winners, and Obama’s a winner, I’m a winner, you’re a winner. And it represents the people, and it’s love and excitement, so shout-out to Obama. I gotta utilize that with We the Best brand is just getting bigger. I got some things up my sleeve, so be ready for my new album.”

After the jump, Miss Info.TV recaps the evening’s performances from Nas, 2 Chainz, Busta, DJ Khaled, Fabolous, French Montana, Miguel and more.

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  • Facts

    Not surprising that a Muslim chooses an arab’s song

  • Junior


  • Ya Boy G

    Haters arent suprising at all. These events are essentially a time to joke and have fun. Your comment is a time to troll and be an ignorant fuck while classifying people. Remember no race or religion or ethnicity has escaped persecution.

  • sweet

    my nigga khaled shed a tear when jay-z mentioned him… lawd… rauce must of had to hand him a box of tissues…….

  • The Facade

    Has Khaled ever made any intelligent comments of substance? Other than self promoting and touting songs that other people rap on as “timeless”? The idea that anyone will listen to the songs he yells on in 20, 50, or 75 years and enjoy them is absolutely laughable. I’m sorry did he really say “I gotta utilize that with We The Best brand is just getting bigger”????? That literally does not mean anything at all in English. I am confused about what Khaled does musically, does he make the beats?
    If Elliott Wilson hired a journalist or two that did an in depth article about Khaled and what he does and what he’s actually like I bet alot of people would click/read it. But that would be so much more difficult than operating RapRadar as a PR website for Elliotts buddies. #MMG

  • COOL..

    wtf b

  • Devante

    Khaled please don’t “Take It To The Head”

  • Vins

    Who the fuck gave this guy permission to earn money of off being a god damn annoying fat fuck?

  • smokehouse

    lol @ Khaled not even understanding Obama used his song ironically. As in, it’s not the goddamn national anthem, it’s a trashy sentiment of a song that is meant to rile up the president’s critics. This dude lives on another planet hahahaha

  • COOL..


  • assmaster

    obama is the worst president we ever had. and hes only going to be known for being black. thats it. which is kinda sad because id rather be known for something other than being a certain race.

  • chyeah

    Your name is assmaster.. Your not going to be known for anything. Sit down.

  • dll32

    @chyeah: concur

  • changeclothz