Jay-Z On Executive Producing The Great Gatsby

During Hov’s chat with BlackTreeTV, he speaks on how a Watch The Throne session helped inspire him to executive produce the music in the film, The Great Gatsby.


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  • IIG

    Is he growing that hair out? I need a new album from Jay.

  • You are a walking fucking LEGEND. I should take a picture with you, I should be happy to be in your presence, You should charge me a fee. Your big dog, Glenn Robb, listen god Ima a flee.

  • yeaHOE

    snoozapalooza, shut up and drop Jay Electronica album

  • Uh oh

    Executive produced huh? Feels like a forced title they’re giving him. Especially with this having more than just hip hop on it. Good look for him regardless.

  • Space Ghost

    @ yeaHOE. How about this……you can’t drop an album from a guy that lives in London with a Rothschild heiress. Electronica has already stated that HOV is not holding him up. So stop blaming that god emcee/business titan for the shortcomings of a brilliant but lazy emcee. Shit, Cole is about to get his second go around so Jay isn’t holding ANYONE back.

  • DeadPrez

    Are you fucking kidding me.. First off you motherfuckers who “write” these posts have the grammer skills of monkeys.. Second he NEVER mentions “executive producing” shit.. Man you people suck ass..

  • juelz645

    …Helped inspired…


    Big homie are u an immigrant? Is bdot too busy suckin ebro off to proof read this shit

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Why don’t you go start your own site, hire a few people and commence to EDIT everything your employees post. SMH

    Dudes barely make it past 12th grade all of a sudden their Shakespeare. SMH

  • Kemosabi

    @Space Ghost is right it’s thy Rothchild shit, he’s never EVER… Coming out now I guarantee it

  • prai$e

    hes is old and still wearing fitteds. smh. act your age herbert.

  • prai$e

    i bet elliot wears a fitted in his next pointless “the truth” episode.

  • IM730

    I swear what is it about black people that always have shit to say about something.. Yea the nigga is 40 and still wears a ball cap.. My dad still wears a baseball hat.. The fuck is the problem?? Y’all just so mad at yourselves you gotta bring someone else down with ya??

  • prai$e

    ^ your dad is a herbert too.

  • COOL..


  • bigHUNT

    @prai$e, jay is cooler than you young boys though, #TRUTH

  • poetic assasin

    Yall complain about every lil thing.


  • @BlueScalise

    Jay-Z is like Russell Simmons but can rap. Keep doing you homey!!!