Mountain Dew Pulls Tyler Commercial

A Conversation With Elliott Wilson & Tyler The Creator

Tyler, The Racist? Mountain Dew recently pulled Tyler’s commercial following Dr. Boyce Watkins blog, “Mountain Dew Releases Arguably the Most Racist Commercial in History”.

In the ad, Felicia The Goat (voiced by Tyler) intimidates an elderly White woman while choosing her assailant from an all Black line up. Tyler has yet to comment, but in a statement, Mountain Dew said:

“We apologize for this video and take full responsibility. We have removed it from all Mountain Dew channels and Tyler is removing it from his channels as well,” the soda company said.

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  • COOL..

    smfh damn Tyler

  • Jacob

    Racist? the people in the lineup are in odd future so it makes sense why they’d be in the commercial

  • imperial85

    This endorsement shit is getting out of hand.Artists need to get back to just putting out music and finding other strategies for making outside money.

  • Chris

    Any rapper who affiliates himself or herself with one of these corporations these days is asking for trouble. Any pushback from groups and they fold like cheap tents. Didn’t Tyler just say how great the Mountain Dew people are in his chat with YN? Wonder if he still feels that way.

  • Tron

    Dude IM TIRED OF PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERYTHING DAMN!!. Its called freedom of speech.. freedom of expression… And these major companies run and hide in the corner when these tiny groups come after them.. F that


    Yeah guys, when you cash that check, you are tying yourself to the strings of corporations that will cut you loose the minute you stop being family friendly profitable.

    is that paycheck worth your personality? maybe the better question is, is your personality really worth that paycheck? anyway, whatever, i never saw the commercial, but corporate control rap music is getting sort of funny

  • Whut?

    Yo….My Black people. Seriously stop tooting the racism horn for every fuckin thing… I bet the whistle blowers didn’t realize the the lineup consisted of the Odd Future group members for Gods sake!!! This is petty. The world needs a huge maxi pad right now…wow.

  • This guy has a blog called and he’s bitching about racism? What if I had a blog called Would he be okay with that or would it be viewed as racist? Get a life.

  • LOL Good promotion

  • mike

    Who did mountain dew think they were hiring?

  • atown don

    TALIB KWELI where yo hating ass at???

  • it’s the roc

    grand opening, grand closing

  • Shny

    Tyler should come out & talk his shit. If he comes with sum PC bullshit he will lose a lot of resp from his fans. It’s like a huge group out there uniting 2 cock block rappers endorsement deals. Ross, Tyler & now Wayne is nxt.

  • Izzy_Ballin


    You sound stupid

  • LOL

    WHERE THE MUSIC AT? fuck all these stupid sponsers, it’s killing the fucking art form for god’s sake.

  • B

    Its simple. If you want to keep your endorsement don’t do stupid shit. Don’t rap about date raping people and don’t make stupid ass commercials.

  • the brain trust


    He doesn’t sound stupid at all.

    The double standards when it comes to race related outrage is disgraceful

  • Thatguy 5
  • Chris

    “Its simple. If you want to keep your endorsement don’t do stupid shit. Don’t rap about date raping people and don’t make stupid ass commercials.”

    Ads like this are what makes Tyler the artist he is. Perhaps corporations should do a better job of picking artists to endorse their products.

  • Thatguy 5

    That’s a white guys arms on the right at 0:21. CASE DISMISSED!!! rofl

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Good, gotta check these self-hating (you know the ones that are quick to make tasteless punchlines referring to Emmitt Till but would NEVER do so about the Sandy Hook victims) sellouts because if you don’t corporate america will never have a problem showing the black male in the most negative stereotypical light. Mountain Dew should of known better to begin with

  • Taking it down is more racist than the commecial itself. Jesus.

  • Get Real

    This shit is weak ass fuck. When ppl play the racist card based on a lack of information it dilutes the integrity of the claim going forward. Not to mention this commercial was made for the consumption of the limited demographic of ppl who are actively engaged w/ Tyler & his brand. This spot barely, if ever, airs outside the Adult Swim program block on Cartoon Network b/c it’s meant to capitalize off the audience of OF’s Loiter Squad show. Smh. I cosign the Ross & Wayne situation but this is completely absurd. Btwn this and the active cause to change the Washington Redskins name it lets you know how free our freedom of speech/expression really is when money is involved.

  • Tyler said this best ” Black People love to get offended” Someone should have the donkey who started this who had creative control over the ad and more importantly the colour of the guys skin These niggas right here !

  • @RussoFP you a fucking fool you already living in

  • Capricorn Religion


    They are really try to ban Hip-Hop this year huh?

  • StarFox64

    zee fwack?


    LOL these brands r fuckin up messin with hip hop got ross gettin dropped wayne taking fire and now this haa

  • moreffa

    white people smell like wet dog

  • Bob

    In an actual line up, chances are the assailants would be either all black or all white tbh. You shouldn’t have a line up that’s racially diverse unless you completely didn’t see the suspects skin color, right?

  • LIMB0

    i knew this shit was gonna happen when I saw the commercial. I’m surprised it got as far as it did.

    R.I.P. Felicia

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    Tyler is one unfunny mufucka.

  • rahrahrah

    I just watched the commercial. It’s stupid. Wow. Now I see what they mean about people just being afraid of what they don’t understand.

  • TheSoverighn

    DaFaq For A Smart Boyce Is Really Fucking Stupid, Without Doing Any Research Called It Racist
    I’m Starting A New Comity The #FuckBoyceWatkins Comity Please Join By Posting It All Over The Internet.

  • Devante

    Why do we keep setting our selves back, my black people?
    This isn’t the Jim Crow era anymore no one on TV intentionally makes fun of us…
    Black activist are just reaching to get their name in the history books.

  • yeaHOE

    @Devante you sound real the article and then thank God there are still black activists who will take the time out to educate people like you.

    I swear the combined IQ of you people has to be lower than 100.

    Images in media matter, they always have and they always will. There’s nothing wrong with black people trying to control their image..u coons are just mad because your favorite rapper lost a check. How dumb do you sound?

  • MegaMind

    @yeahHoe PREACH! These cats are sooo fkn dumb it’s not even funny…I’m a black male in my mid 30s and people think shit like this is passe, failing to realize it set a standard.”Oh the black male must have done it”…but see everyone praises Tyler like he’s the best thing to happen to hip-hop in my opinion, he’s a detriment to the culture because him and ppl like him have a total disregard for their predecessors.

    Just to give y’all a gauge of where we are as a culture and society…Tim Tebow is “crucified” (no pun intended) for being a beliver and follower of Christ but Jason Collins is praised for being a homosexual (I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST NO ONE, what one does in their home is none of my biz. Idk how i feel about it being a Black male as the FIRST to come out open…i feel like it the emasculation of Black men…side convo )…I’m just making a point that about perception/reality and behavior. Homosexuality was once perceived as deviant behavior.

    Dr Watkins is correct. Y’all better get up on Dr Watkin, Warren Ballentine, Rev Al, etc.

  • Genesis

    Fuck all these niggers…. And that’s from a nigga….

  • assmaster

    race race race blah blah blah.

  • assmaster

    the commercial is funny as fuck though. its true. got to admit that. welcome to inner city america.