New Video: Alicia Keys “New Day”

Whose song is it anyway? Last summer, Alicia Keys and 50 Cent caused some confusion regarding the ownership of “New Day”.  Now nearly a year later, AK releases a Curtis-less video. Better late than never, eh-eh?

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  • @BlueScalise

    She wrote the hook, Dre produced the original beat, Swizz added to it, 50 rapped on it.

  • Dashing

    The 50 joint came out, got some buzz for like 10 minutes and then completely disappeared even though it’s a dope beat and hook..makes sense that Alicia would take it back. She’ll definitely make a hit out of it..

    You notice the same thing happened with that Eminem and Adam Levine track. It popped up for 5 minutes and then died real quick.. You know 50s struggling if he can’t make a Dre and Swizz produced track feat Alicia Keys work and a song with the most popular rapper in the world and the most popular rock singer in the country a hit..

  • Politics

    It’s all about label backing, and obviously 50 isn’t one of Interscope’s major interests like back then. Politics.

  • Jay

    I love the song, the video, and her live performance. She is one of the greatest artists and performers of our time!

  • Black Shady

    poor 50. that song had HIT written all over it

  • atown don

    Damn 50 u got dropped from a song not because of some controversial lyrics, but because you’re WACK!! LOL Damn Homie u Used to be the Man Homie…What the fuck happen to ya…LOL

  • The Wise

    sadd fifty lost another one!…an that 50 em and adam joint was awful not to mentions ems part…ohhh gaawwwwd his verse was unbareable to listen to …but the beat was hot tho

  • imperial85

    MacDiesel and that ZoomZoom guy just attempted suicide after reading this. I doubt their current emotional and physical state will allow them to comment “50 stays winning” on this post. LOL

  • imperial85

    The public at large is done with 50 Cent. His music never grew with him and his antics got very tired and predictable. He can get brand new verses from Pac and Biggie produced by Dre and the public still wouldnt care. His new siingle with Kendrick Lamar went nowhere also. He is nervous about dropping the album because he feels a huge flop coming. He talked so much shit during his time on top that now he is on a deserted island by himself. His only album buying fans at this point are the people who post in his defense and support on websites like this. His last US tour he attempted a couple years ago got cancelled do to poor ticket sales and attendance. But this is no new occurance, almost every rapper thats big falls off after a few years. I think the only difference with him is he literally popped so much shit about how he is a big seller and how everyone else couldnt sell that now he has egg on his face, BIG TIME.

  • Dashing

    @imperial85, it’s true. The crazy thing is he almost signed Danny Brown to G-Unit a few years ago, but he didn’t because of his jeans and his hair… Now Danny Brown is got waaay more excitement from fans than 50 could buy.

  • vzed

    50 owns vevo…. someone explain “Winning” to me again

  • vzed

    Will Smith is losing , dude ain’t had a CD in years

  • Dashing

    @vzed, 50 is trying at hip hop and losing at it.

    That’s the difference.

  • vzed

    ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! thx

  • vzed

    AK is losing at hip hop really bad then , Shheeeeshhhh!

  • imperial85

    50 doesnt own anything at Vevo. dont lie for your hero, it makes u look gay.