• Bo Nation

    He’s right…unfortunately.

  • Tev Milli

    Thats all I have 2 say

  • DMVinyourchick

    I have to agree, somone yes manned the shit out that song

  • COOL..

    i still see his face on the ads lol smh they just said that 2 say it
    REAL HIPHOP THO>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • Black Shady

    but just yesterday Meek Mill went on a RANT saying “FUCK REEBOK WE WEAR PUMA” lololololol

    nigga said puma son

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “he just has stupid advisors around him.”…Yet William L. Roberts will continue to have theses stupid advisors around him.

  • mr.lino

    Reebok shady…everythng meek mill said is true…f%#k reebok….lol..i jst ordered a pair 2 hours bfre posting this…

  • Rozay

    Ross even has on a pair of Reebok’s in the picture, Look like a pair of the “Unswer” by Allen Iverson like Dikembe Mutombo says.

  • Jaymalls

    This fat nigga said “ill die over these reeboks” then said some date rape shit right after! #SMH

  • Rozay

    Swizz is lookin like a terrorist Ross is looking pitiful and that nigga from Reebok lookin like Corbin Bernsen.


    ZoomZoomDad-Otis is so in love with Rick Ross. That’s so cuuute!

  • HK


  • Mike Jones??

    Epic Fail of 2013!!

  • Rap Industry Maverick

    why is news?

  • macDIESEL

    I really hope Ross gets back on with reebok. Ross is a true inspiration to our generation and reebok are a dope brand


  • Kali


    Imposter alert!!!

  • T.P.G

    Ross should chage his advisors/ PR team. Else same sh*t will happen again in future.

  • Tev Milli

    @ Kali Lol….
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    begging for his job back.

  • Newyorknickkk

    I agree with Mac diesel….I like reeboks also…

  • “It’s unfortunate because he’s a great guy, he just has stupid advisors around him.” that quote says alot

  • Carlito R

    There is nothing wrong with Ross team. They just didn’t read into the line like that or took it so literal. Most of us didn’t even pay close attention to the line at first until after all the controversy came about. I respect where some people were coming from being upset. But I still don’t get why those same people aren’t bother by all the rest of “negative” lines within rap music then. I guess date rape is way more hurtful than killing.

  • Peekay

    Guys commenting on the looks of other men. FOH.

    2 photos in a row that Ross isn’t wearing shades.

  • Little Big Man

    Funny how everyone blaming this person, that person, his advisors. But no one has brought up the fact that Rocko didn’t say anything about the line when he first heard Ross verse for the very first time???? ITS ROCKO’S SONG but no one went after him in the media on why he thought Ross verse was acceptable enough to be release with his own verses???

  • Roger Dat

    @ Carlito

    I agree with you. I honestly listened to the song several times before all the hype came around and never took that particular line that serious. I get that it was him trying to be clever with his wordplay using the catchy “….didn’t even know it” through the whole song. Yes I agree now that it was a poor choice of words. My question is how come this line stood out more than any other lines throughout rap history. I mean even Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till line to be is way worse but I don’t hear anybody screaming, rallying and protesting outside Mountain Dew offices.

  • Evil

    If ross need advisors to tell him what he can or cant write,then the guy is stupid,straight up.
    ross should have known it wasnt a very smart move when he wrote that shit.

  • Cool Kid

    These people stood outside of Reebok but not outside of Def Jam. Interesting.

  • No Brainer

    I think it is really funny how the people who were offended and marched down to the Reebok store don’t really listen to rap music anyway. Most of the people outside protesting were middle aged white women. SMH. They don’t like rap music in general!

  • Curious George

    I wonder if Jay Z had said it would there have been such an uproar?

  • epinz

    The till fam wants to do just that…they turned down waynes apology…

    @cool kid

    It was a rocko song. Had nothing to do with def jam

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @PAPI MORENITO. You MMG stans are funny. MMG Stans are trying to pass the blame onto somebody else. Its sad very sad.

  • the brain trust

    They never planned on doing it before the Ross fiasco.

    @Carlito & Roger Dat

    One word answers your questions: Feminists.

    They’re a bunch of bigots who are only ‘outraged’ when a woman is affected.

    To them, no one other than women matter. If Ross talked about date raping anyone other than a woman, there would have been complete silence.

  • Ricky lookin desperate

  • epinz

    @the brain trust

    Thats thier cause. They go hard for what they stand for. Same thing with peta or the naacp. They aint gonna say nothing bout black on black crime, thats naacp job. Thry aint gonna complain bout furs, thats peta….feminist just go harder for their cause…

  • Happy

    @ espinz

    I think you missed Cool Kid’s point. Yes you’re right it is (or was) a Rocko song but the Protesters turned into a Ross song. Majority of the new reports/media didn’t even bother mentioning Rocko’s name. So what Cool Kid might of been saying well hell if you gonna protest the sneaker company for having rick ross as a rep then hell you might of well protest the actual record company too. I guess they were smart enough to know a record company would never dropped one of their “cash cow” just because a few people in nyc are outside marching.

  • FreshJ’S

    Who would accept wayne’s apology ? Especially when it is like 6 months late. And especially, his people send the apology after they heard that emmets familly thinks on protesting at mountain dew to drop lilwayne. Wayne is a faggot , bottom line. So is rick ross. Writes an apolagy AFTER he gets dropped by reebok and after the song been out for over a month. How stupid can you be ?

  • tucq

    @ Curious George

    If Jay Z said the line, I think there would’ve been a BIGGER uproar. Jay’s shit will be looked at even more closely from now on……. Shit, his throwaway track was White House news

  • Wo

    Every time black folks eat we got somebody in our pocket trying to stop that shit. Like T.I GM endorsement wtf the nigga was rapping about guns and he got caught with him and he losses his endorsement where the fuck was the NRA lol

  • LikeJordan45

    Elliott such a girl for posting this

  • Hot Rod

    I’m please to see a lot of mature comments posted up today. I’ve gotten so use to seeing dumb, ignorant comments on other topics that this actually refreshing. I just wonder if there were any women (between 21-30yrs old) who are fans of hip hop music felt the controversy went a little overboard? Was the line that offensive?

  • The Facade

    The line was stupid, Ross should have never said it. Once the public got upset Ross’ people should have been there to give him good advice, but for whatever reason that did not happen. Reebok didn’t really have a choice but to drop him from a PR standpoint, you idiots clearly don’t have any idea how business works.
    You simpletons trying to make this into a Rocko issue are delusional.
    I am starting to understand why Elliott doesn’t hire real journalists, his readers are literally the least common denominator of society.
    Is anyone who commented here employed?
    #MMG #WeTheBest

  • John John

    @ The Facade

    Damn son you alright? Basically its more of how come this particular line caused so much hype. Yes the line was stupid but I’m pretty sure we can spend weeks if not months on counting how many stupid lines are said in songs not just by Ross but a whole lot other rappers too. And we’re not trying to make it a Rocko issue. Every man is responsible for their own words however Rocko heard Ross verse before the whole record was finalize and way before it was put out. So he could been the one to say yo Ross I like the verse but I don’t want to put it out with that line in it. You know people are too sensitive these days. So either we edited it out or please you can do the lines over. Any Facade there was no need to insult by asking if anyone was employed.

  • John John

    The real funny think is Molly doesn’t make you pass out, sleepy or drowsy anyway!

  • the brain trust


    If Feminists actually categorised themselves as a supremacist movement/ as a movement which was only concerned with women, then you’d be right.

    The problem is, they pretend to be an EQUAL rights movement (which they’re obviously not).

    P.S. I’m no fan of the NAACP or PETA either.

  • The Facade

    @John John
    Yeah bro I’m great, just baffled by the response to this situation by Rap Radar and the people who comment here. I absolutely agree that there are lots of stupid lines in rap music, but that isn’t what we are talking about here. We are talking about a line about putting a drug in a female’s drink without her consent, and then having sex with her (without her even knowing it). This is not the same as the usual stupid lines in rap glorifying drug dealing and gang violence, those topics have for some reason been accepted by mainstream entertainment consumers. The person who said this line on a song is a representative of an international corporation (Reebok), and Reebok is free to terminate the contract of any employee that they feel is bringing bad press to their company. This is not a complicated issue to me.
    And to try to hold Rocko accountable is ridiculous, nobody knows who the hell Rocko is, he’s still trying to make a name for himself. It would be a foolish business decision for him to tell someone like Rick Ross he doesn’t like the verse he gave him.
    Personal responsibility people….Ross fucked up, he faces the consequences. Life goes on, he’ll have another endorsement in a month or two.
    The reason I made the crack about you all being unemployed is because anyone with a real job would agree this played out exactly how it should have played out.

  • Sane One