• JustMyOpinion

    Listening to the AllOut Show today made me realize how terrible Wyclef sounds. Of course, playing the instruments is a plus, but doesn’t help his (current music). Tired of ‘Clef war stories. Blah blah

    Let me guess, he call himself ‘Kid Ink’ because he’s a Kid and he has tattoos.

    Havoc, we apologize you had to take part in this mess.

  • realness718

    hey just your opinion, sometimes u need to give ur lame ass opinions on facts and not how u feel. kid ink and hav did not do they thing, wyclef killed it bottomline. go buy a fucking album instead of criticizing shit.

  • COOL..

    wyclef, u rich stop it..

  • 16 throw

    Havoc been spittln the same freestyle for years now…. Step it up