Mac Miller Album Release Date

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Following the release of his new single “S.D.S.” last week, Mac checked in with his Twitter followers and revealed that his sophomore album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, will arrive on June 18th.

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  • HOV

    MAC THE CAC shit is gna flop

  • Evil

    Same date as Kanye,lol Mac about to get steamedrolled.

  • Dro

    This what scarface was talkin bout


  • Roger Kamien

    Is he really releasing it the same day as Kanye’s? Smh he team tryna destroy him…

  • childish

    kanye is not releasing an album june 18th his single comes out then

  • StarFox64

    same day as a kanye release, how ballsy bro..

  • COOL..

    who cares, kiddie rap

  • Fernando

    This dude can release whenever he wants. He has a loyal fanbase, all the white kids in suburban areas will buy his album. He does his thing independently he made 6.5 Million in 2012 (forbes).

  • toad3527

    a lot of girls like him though i bet he will do decent numbers. obviously if kanye really drops the same day he will be losing that head to head competition, and rightfully so. But that being said I don’t think he will flop.

  • Kemosabi

    Considering he doesn’t get banged out by a major label even of he did 200,000 total I would bet he’s banking more then the other artists dropping around and on that date. Yeezy included. Smoke and mirrors my friends.

  • Black Shady


    Born Sinner – June 25th