• kingrudy

    HOVA !!!

  • DK

    And, let the several days of Jay-Z dickriding commence… *eyeroll*

  • C’mon, no way is that dollar sign supposed to be after the amount…

  • Peekay

    dollar sign after the number is French format

  • obakeng

    get dem hov get dese nigaz haaaaaa!

  • LikeJordan45

    The snippet was weak as fuck…let’s see what this full version hitting for…

  • Muthafuckas better not start hyping this shit cos it is nothing above average

  • Izzy_Ballin

    Still talking about Bricks at 40 +? This guy hasn’t evolved at all as an artist. 20 years of the same song.

  • As Real As It Gets

    Still this>>>half the rap game.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Kunta Kente

    Not two fucks were given go find Just blaze nigga and make some better shit

  • Rozay

    not that great coming from someone who has the whole discography, this is Ham the solo artist edition.

  • onenutned

    might have to play it back a few times

  • Dope

  • watch my move$

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the flow tho
    trying to get concpt idea creds on bp4 (UMG/ROC BOY$)

  • DisgruntledHipHopStan

    ASAP rocky flow c’mon jay

  • King


  • Chronic

    2nd verse was cool, 1st one…not so much

  • NYC


  • Donn

    Broke niggas can’t understand. Big money talk that just flies over niggas heads. Get ur google up and u’ll catch the gems

  • IIG

    Dope of course. It’s just sad this man comes back and kills the game all the time. These young rappers can’t hold the game down at all.

  • Stop

    This nigga stealing soulja boy

  • Set303

    This shit is hard. Hov talking that shit. Who produced this?

  • the beat reminds me of Bean & Bleek’s “Change Up” beat… “Nahhhh yall niggas aint gon have me rappin on this bullshit mayne… I need some real music… so we count to 3 and shit… finna drop some real shit…. 1, 2, 3…”

  • bmore

    This is definitely average. Yall niggas kill me on here when it come to Jay. I listen and say “Thats cool” but yall be super hyping shit up like he dropped a bomb like he did on Kanye’s “Diamonds Rmx”. I go back and listen, thinking I missed something and the second time through it’s even more average. I dont get you all at all.

  • Kleezy

    Everything in this song has to deal with The Great Gatsby. So since it’s “weak” it could just be because you don’t understand it.

  • DJAR

    Just rapgenius it you dumb asses

  • Alan Gordon

    This song is part of the Great Gatsby Soundtrack. Consequently it is inspired by the story. People who complain about Hov talking about bricks in 2013 obviously don’t know Gatsby’s story and how he got his paper. The currency symbol after the amount of money is some Wall Street/European ish. Not dick riding, just pointing out the ignorance…

    7 out of 10

  • Izzy_Ballin


    You live in moms attic. Stop that Big Money talk bruh.

  • This man must be the greatest rapper of all time.

    New Malcolm Of The Talcum, By any means, AK looking at the window-

    Jay——————————> Every rapper before and after him.

  • The Facade

    You sound delusional. Highly likely that you are either under 17 years old or unemployed and undereducated.
    Jays in my top 5 but I don’t see myself listening to this song more than once or twice…filler music.

  • watch my move$

    FOH asap rockie flow
    he aint from houston nigguh

  • Genesis

    So many lines….. Niggas ain’t fuckin’ with Hov and it’s not even close….. Lol….

  • The Wise

    mediocre at best…

    fuck how u feel!

  • G

    OPEN LETTER>>>>> $100 bill

  • W33d~RolL-Up


  • Evil

    Nothing special at all.This is Jay z,i expect something big and this is what he comes with,fuck outta here.Weak song.

  • Jay-Z Swallow, I Pledge to….

    1.) Act like medicore rhymes are great.

    2.) Tell others they dont get it because they’re broke (even though snicker-snicker, I am to!).

    3.) Act like talking about bricks in 2013 when you first legit check came around 1993 (Payday Records) is art, expression, and just who he is.

    4.) Not act like he didnt just jack ASAP Rocky (of all fuckin people’s) flow.

    5.) “911 I porsched it out” I will pretend like lines like this are so illlllll.

    6.) I will defend my daddy against any haters.

    Now I can swallow, gulp, aaah!

    It’s just different

  • Jay-Z cum on my face

    Thiiiiiiiiiiiiis is the best thing I EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER heard!

    Young! Young! Young! White Squares! Young!

  • Emass

    People who create nothing Complain the Most…

  • Jay-Z cum on my face

    @Emass: Is that a Jay line? If so it’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire! Yes Yes more sperm, more sperm

  • phuckyoopinion

    Im Comparing Hov to Hov this is ass and im a stan

  • @phuckyoopinion

    I respect that honesty.

    This is the guy who made Can I live?


  • @izzy_ballin there are niggas who are 40 who do still sale bricks though

    Plus in the context of The Great gasby it makes since because Gasby was a hustler

    follow http://twitter.com/loch121

  • the wave

    Im not going to lie and i fuks wit HOV but this right here is dodo til i watch the movie and then some lines really hit me..his punch is off…lines go un heard..the beat is taking a shit or something…its not hard core or extremely clever..or maybe its since niggas been waiting to hear some dope shit from Jay its dissapointing…whatever it is…atleast it made me wana check for the movie..i respect the business move, the exuecutive title on the soundtrack…but this song is boring…no lie, Open letter was border line boring….yawwwnnn… Jay needs to be beefing, or maybe nas need to trying ether him again…

    p.s. cole is on fire right now…only young nigga, do it better than the old niggas….

  • the brain trust

    This man must be the greatest rapper of all time.

    New Malcolm Of The Talcum, By any means, AK looking at the window-

    You’re kidding right? People actually fuck with this?

    SMH. For a great rapper, Jay can be painfully one dimensional at times.

    The Great Gatsby is so rich in themes & yet Jay STILL felt compelled to talk about getting rich off coke.

  • dsunn723


  • Playboy69

    Average song!

  • troofy

    these new jay-z joints are garbage sorry not hot! he doesnt know?
    damn the rap game is fucked up if people cannot even tell him his stuff is wack! smh!

  • troofa

    these new jay-z joints are garbage sorry not hot! he doesnt know?
    damn the rap game is fucked up if people cannot even tell him his stuff is wack! smh!

  • Fitz

    This man is name dropping as much as game….

  • Space Ghost

    It’s funny that most of you haters miss the meaning in things he says in his verses because you aren’t familiar with the lingo or the brands. HOV is not an obvious punch line dropper. You have to be in the know ooooooor…..you figure it out two months from now….oooooooor you lose and you never figure it out.

    Either way, this is cool. It feels like a warm up for the marathon. He is growing his hair back so you all know what THAT means……He’s on the way.

  • So much fail here. His rhymes are meant to reflect the damn book/movie. God, people are dumb.

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    This shit is blah.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    watxh the throne flow, jay my n word back at it agian good production swag

  • Swallow Jay Cum

    Yep you people dont get it because ya’ll arent deep like Jay (sarcasm)

    This is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire.

    Jay-Z is my life and my daddy!!!!!!!


  • jim

    why are people hating? this knocks! jay proving his versatility once again… on to the next one

  • Ahhhh
    There’s silence of the lambs , but we need a roar of the sheep follow-up cause you sheep just follow anything that Jay does with no problem.

    More talk about money, being Joe Kennedy , “mark twain” (??) & now Gatsby. Well, he’s alluded to gatsby before but nonetheless more disposable bragging from Mr. Cuban Cigar in Cuba.

    Truly hilarious

    The blind Jay Z stans continue to SKIP over the jacking of ANOTHER rapper. From Das Efx to Nas to Peedi Crack (do the research) to so many rappers, it’s mindboggling . I get dizzy listening/reading the “JAY Z IS THE GOAT” argument as his stans skp over reality

    Skip? Taking a Neo in Matrix steps over the fact that Jay Z has put out a lot of weak songs since Blueprint 1 . Some cool features, definitely some hits, but nothing of merit.
    “Empire State of Mind”. lazy flow, big hook, numerous NYC Cliches (great song title tho, where he get that from?)

    Jay Z fans will probably claim Jay wrote “The Great Gatsby” next

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Hey Jay, Gatsby was a fraud obsessed w/popularity & a female who was only impressed by riches. Ever read the book?

  • at dude above me

    Real talk

    brag, compareself to everyone but Jesus (and sometimes even him), mention Beyonce, mention coke, bite or affiliate with the newest or the greats..boom new Jay Joint.

    The Jay-Z I love, aside from some nice features and one good album (AG) died in 2003.

    RIP Jay 1993-2003

  • why does every jay z post go straight to number 1 on here

  • T


  • Easton West

    Money, money, drugs, money = same old jay bullshit

    go back to looking at joe camel, i mean the mirror

  • vurbz

    Not to knock all this futuristic sounding stuff..but i need some just blaze old classic rocafella joint from Jigga….it inspires him to black out on a track

  • ajsea

    This was nothin’ more than average

  • I swear, all comments from people on here are coming from dumbasses 90% of the time. Do any of you even know what the Great Gatsby is about? anybody at all? There is always a pattern or relation in Jay’s raps, and this track is no different. Bunch of you probably had no idea what the hell he is rapping about. That’s why you will never understand the great Hova.

  • Foreign luccini

    Why does this site not work wit hot vampire bites, I wanna listen to music and look at sexy bitches before I hit the casino to watch the mayweather fight.

  • God

    Hov back at biting niggas styles. Let Asap Rocky have his flow back Hov. Too old to be jacking new niggas.

  • Kristen

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  • ONE

    @God, Hov just borrows styles for certain lines and he usually gives the flow back and moves on trust me he aint trying to be Asap rocky, also, look at how many different styles Asap has jacked his damn self.

  • WhatDaMol

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    Any Jay-Z fan can tell you this shit is garbage. Its not even him swagga jacking a younger rapper, or talking bout bricks or money…its Jay-Z on garbage production. the vocal cuts dont align with the tempo at all. Their all random and out of place. Kind if like someone just pasted a WAV file on any random part of their sequencer to make a chorus. Jay, time to hang up the gloves.

  • That Guy

    Fools talking like they know what The Great Gatsby is about and how this content justifies Jay’s verses. Ha! please. Have you even read the novel, or do you scholars just “google it” and become immediate authorities on the subject.

    First, the verses are mediocre. “But it’s a soundtrack!” Shut up. Listen to the 007 soundtracks. For an artist of this caliber it shouldn’t be a problem to adjust a song to fit a theme.

    Second, this has NOTHING to do with Fitzgerald’s novel or the movie for that matter, which should be the whole purpose of the song. Is it “hate” when the artist is given a song that’s supposed to relate to a movie and he raps about whatever he wants… Jay raps about stock market crashing: GG takes place before the crash and only in the end does it allude to it. Moving bricks: do I even have to say anything?

    Jay drops “Einstein,” “Mark Twain” and “JFK” and you clowns are impressed. Educate yourselves, and I don’t mean through an institution, but take it upon yourselves to read and cultivate your minds so that this generation isn’t a herd of followers that are pleased with everything they’re fed.