Mountain Dew Drops Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne’s having the worst week ever. Two days after suffering from another seizure, Mountain Dew severed ties with the rapper.

The termination stems from the controversy surrounding Weezy’s Emmett Till reference on the “Karate Chop (Remix)”. In a statement, Mountain Dew’s parent company PepsiCo said:

“Offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand.”

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  • this dum ass nigga deserve it just like that nigga ross

  • z7ra_Vv

    He does it to himself

  • you have a right to say what ever you want, but you dont have the right to an endorsement, all yall nigs caliming racism are just fucked in the head. and meek mill and dum nigga too

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    LOL Rappers with endorsement deals with soda companys just never seems to work! On a sn: In my mind of imagination l, it would be hilarious if Rick Ross and Lil Wayne did a song together called “Fxck Reebok & Dew” lol

  • Been a fan of Wayne for a long time but I’m so glad this happened, he cares about rap so little he’s too lazy to be clever anymore and just uses shock value to stay relevant. Leave the rap game Wayne and leave a legacy cos the music has been weak for far too long

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I would laugh if Chris Bosh got a Mountain Dew endorsement deal.

  • it was bad enough he would mention emmett in reference to beating a pussy, but then the lil nigg do his lil laugh, so disrespectful.

  • TimLeeVAStandUp

    Hahaha it’s HILARIOUS how this piece of shit claims black this, black that – “that’s why they fuck with me”. But proceeded to absolutely disrespect a dead young boy who was beaten to death by white men in his song. Fuck Lil Wayne and everybody who love him.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I hate drink soda but in this case i will buy some Mountain Dew on Saturday.

  • FOH


    Not the family, nor Moutain Dew, gave 2 chainz about it when he used the line “Beating up your block, yeah I get my Emmett Till on”


  • The Facade

    Just another narcissistic rapper (actor) getting exactly what he deserves. It would be one thing if he rapped about Emmitt Till in a clever or creative way, but this was just horrible, lazy, disrespectful and downright stupid. Wayne hasn’t tried to make quality music in a few years now, hopefully this lights a fire under his ass or he just says fuck it and retires. I would be fine with either one.

  • Beaming

    Its such a joke how these company’s take forever to drop an artist. If this was so offensive why didn’t they drop him right away? Wanna know why? They don’t give a damn, they were just waiting to see how many people were upset then cut em, they hold out as long as possible for more publicity. Same exact situation with Ross. Niggas wanna complain about the Government when they should be worried about Corporations taking over.

  • good

  • mr.lino

    Thts bs…thy shudv done tht way bak if thy felt so stongly bout tht….fuk montain dew tht shit mkes yo dik small anyway!!!

  • Truth

    You lazy, disrespectful, horrible and downright stupid facade, his name is EMMETT lol

  • Phil

    I guess you missed the part where he raps the following:

    “I ain’t nervous, I swear to God I ain’t nervous
    And I’m laughing at them pussy niggas and that pussy shit they doin’.”

    He’s making money, either way. Mountain Dew just trying to get some good PR after their Tyler blow back- why else would they do it *now*?

  • Truth

    ^^ which was complete nonsense also! given there was nothing racially charged about Tyler’s goat commercial… if anything it wasn’t funny!

  • michelle michelle

    Almost dies, album tanks, looses endorsement…bad 2013 for Tune



    man ross and wayne takin losses so close to each other, it feels like christmas

    fuck these lame rappers, learn to rap, get your lyrics up you fakes

  • @Beaming is one dumass paranoid ass nigg

  • @Stinkmeaner merry christmas, and hopefully this continues into a happy new year

  • Evil

    Rappers are getting dropped like flies.
    Lil wayne stay taking L`s
    Fucking clown of a rapper.He get what he deserves.Just like ross.

  • StarFox64

    getting dropped is the wave now ..

  • 6ft.1

    Sounds like music to my ears!! Now I can drink my favorite soda without having to hang my head in shame! Hell, I NEVER wanted this talentless, man kissing, poser, punk, pussy ass piece of shit representing my brand in the first place! FOH wit that bullshit, son… The most legendary rappers in the game couldn’t garner corporate sponsorships like these hacks get handed everyday just to turn around and “take the piss”! Meanwhile, guys like J. Cole and Kendrick get overlooked so Weezy and Ross can be hired and fired in the same sentence! SMGDH…

  • this is the beginning of the end for lil wayne… just like ross.

  • Truth

    Can’t figure out why everyone is so happy! Forget the fact Wayne has as many haters as fans, but this isn’t a good look for hiphop as whole… Take a step back and think… I know that is all but impossible for most of u… Might even hurt a few of u… But this might could be the beginning of the end, not just for ur 2 least fav rappers!! But the art form as a whole.. Granted they are being reprimanded for unacceptable lyrics and/or no no’s in society, but think bigger picture, simpletons. You think most of ur fav rappers will get endorsements for fear of the company not wanting this kind of publicity! These actions now open the door for any activist group to protest.. Think outside the box! If Dew will pull Tyler’s commercial cuz some idiot spewed nonsense about racially charged ignorance, when there wasn’t an ounce, and was essentially self hating on his own ppl (since tyler explained any avenue he, the hater, tried to explore was proved otherwise and authentic) what the fuck is next! All happiness aside from seein’ officer ricky and lil wiener loose lol

  • Facts

    @ Truth

    Hip Hop is not on the radio

  • oh well

    too much mountain dew cause seizures obviously, who wants a spokesman with bad lyrics and syruuup seizures

  • DJ Game

    good for him.

  • Sarah_Underwood

    Oh B.Dot. Still the same since junior year of HS.

  • smfh

    lil wayne and rick ross got alot in common seizures getting dropped from endorsements

  • fuck u

    they needed him ne way

    weezy da god is a boss

  • Nathaniel


    that’s cuz niggas self-hating, too. that’s why they can’t see beyond the surface. imagine, celebrating a company who peddles death in a can as they play moral, dropping rappers, as black people cheer. every thing you said is true. and i’ll take it a step further:

    much of what every rapper says is offensive. even the “talented” rappers “we love” with “a message.” america doesn’t love us. now, if the culture is put under the microscope, it’ll be back to the 80’s when niggas weren’t making jack shit off rap. then we can watch more potential economic strength in the black community dwindle. lil wayne, rick ross, and countless other rappers do actually do good shit in the community with the money they make. those endorsements cake. with them gone, some of their local uplifting ventures might, too.

    but we happy. yeah… ultimately “we” lose.

  • Nathaniel

    like reebok don’t have children working in sweat shops sewing shoes together. niggas stay tellin’ on each other to white people. then cheering when that white man exerts his wrath on your own brother. sick minds, yo.

  • zeee

    niggas gone learn today. White people stay winning. They wont have this type of issue when they give to deal to a say, Macklamore.

  • slime

    I dont endorse the line he used because i think when youre getting endorsed you have to watch the things you say BUT Lil Wayne used an Emmett Till line on Drought 3 LONG AGO in the same exact context…I think it was “Beatin down your block, i get my Emmett Till on” and the family didnt bring this up then. And this was in what 2006? …I think this is becoming a thing to where they use opportune time to take money away from these entertainers. Thing about these companies is they sign rappers who talk about killin people and other illegal activity which is ok, but the minute someone complains about their usual content THEN they “dont endorse that kind of thing”….its shady business out here tho

  • Truth

    @ slime

    check comment 9 “FOH”

  • Yeezus Christ

    mountain dew sucks anyway, all sodas suck


    lmao these companies be shuttin niggas down

  • WestCoast


  • Musikal

    I don’t care for Wayne that much but apparently rappers have self-censor what they say these days. Either that or lose an endorsement deal.

  • fuck u

    white ppl stay stealing

  • evol

    I beat that pussy up like emmit till. Idgaf

  • diamonds on my blocka

    tell me what they mad fo

  • Oz

    Yes and all his murder lyrics do?

  • mrzee

    i avoided the coke game and went with sprite instead

  • Realniggashit

    I think he should’ve said sorry when this first happen now he says sorry and still gets dropped. I think this is the worst line i ever heard anyone say and I’m a old head. These rappers need someone to say yo don’t do that dats not a good look.

  • what the what

    No disrespect to anybody’s opinion but this is exactly what happens when you deal with corporate America. I don’t agree with either lyric from Ross or Wayne but I do agree with freedom of speech. If the bitches in power at Reeebok and Dew didn’t do their research on exactly who they were signing, that’s their fault. This shit is a huge ploy to put our culture in a bad light to people who don’t fuck with us.

  • Original Ty

    I think it’s sad that people have to come into OUR culture and police our music….CAUSE WE AIN’T DOING IT! Some of yall are asking how come we’re cheering. I’m not cheering cause blacks lost endorsements (even though I’m skeptical about how much these two were putting back into the community anyhow unless you count buying weed from a bruh) , I’m cheering because maybe this is a wake up call to us that some of these lyrics have just gone waaaay too far. Anybody can say anything with no backlash. I just wish we would speak up and let our own people know when they’ve gone too far, that way when they get out in public they won’t embarrass themselves and our culture. If my nose is dirty I want my brother to tell me before the public sees it. By the way, you know they want that demographics business so they will find another artist. Just maybe somebody spitting something with a little more substance will get a well deserved look from the corporations this time. If so that’s one more reason to cheer.

  • @marlo

    Co sign everything Nathaniel said. Regardless of how niggas feel about Wayne and Ross this shit is going to happen to every rapper that tries to get endorsement money. For things that really make money any way like popular shoes or a top soda company.remember when Luda was wit Pepsi then bill o Riley said some shit and they dropped him but had the osbourne family doing commercials. They don’t want any rappers in doing something like that but niggas can promote liquor and shut like dat. ASAP u next when they find out some of the shit u said. SmH.

  • Black Shady

    Money Talks!!! Be a threat to someone’s pocket….trust me…even Obama would get dropped

  • Shny

    After that whole Tyler incident we all saw this comin. Rappers should stop signing this endorsement deals. Any rapper that loses his endorsement deal should say fuk the company & just bad mouth them . Tyga is on a thin line right now he better switch 2 gospel rap .

  • Regular Guy

    The song is 4 months old.
    Only reason why they dropped him cause he just recently apologized.
    I bet if he didn’t apologize they would have never knew that lyric or song.

  • mikeyc

    Funny thing is homies getting money with supra tonight it dont even matter

  • crysis

    LOL Lipton ice tea Eminem WINNING. =)

  • El Pollo Loco

    They should’ve never gave that nigga money. lol But for real, they fucking it up for other rappers to get sponsorship that truly deserve it. Ya know, the only reason they need sponsorship is cause ya fucks don’t buy music anymore. Which i can’t blame, only a handful of albums worthy buying in the last few years anyway. All we have now is this fast food rap, after a week or two joints become old news like the harlem shake and gangnam style viral videos.

  • COOL..

    WHO CARES HES STILL RICH lol niggas leavin paragraphs bout the next man bread smh





  • StarFox64

    its not blame white people anymore its blame jews^^lmfao…

  • Capricorn Religion


    Oh shit. I had forgot about that Em commercial. Damn so, I know its a different brand but, damn. You mean to tell me, that Lipton Ice Tea had ZERO knowledge of Em’s music? Hell no. And Em had said some things more worse, or just as worse. Columbine?

    Anyway, I know I’m talking about Em WAY too much but, in this case he has to be brought up. I’m not happy about this because, this is just a gateway to censor Hip-Hop in the future. Now, am I saying “Forget Emmit Till so what its just a line?”… NO, but, it goes deeper than that.

    This is a L for Wayne an Hip-Hop if this continues. Wayne doesn’t make that type of “Shock Rap” so, I can see how it is overlooked but, now? Shit. They are going to start to look deeper into every artist now if this keeps up. It wont just be Commercials. It would be Shows, Videos, Radio, shit, maybe even iTunes. Etc, etc.

    I get some people don’t like Wayne but, forget Wayne for a minute an think about how Hip-Hop will sound if every album sounded like it came from Walmart in the future

  • Kush

    That just goes to show you that you can’t just do anything then apologize. He probably ran through that track a few times and didn’t think about it before releasing it.

  • Playboy69

    THE END OF LIL WAYNE IS HERE!….Drake is YMCMB only hope now….LOL!


    BOO HOO, fake rappers rapping about fake drug dealing and fake murdering and fake raping are getting in trouble for their fake shit lyrics.



  • @Capricorn Religion
    lame nigga be quiet!! you sound paranoid as fuck!! em acknowledges his art form as entertainment, and ross and wayne act like its real and there is the difference. em is a real person, ross and wayne on some played out shit they are not genuine ppl they are fake assholes, even though alot of there shit sounds fucking awesome!!! they say they die to be taken seriously but i can never for one second

  • TecOneNyc

    Wayne is a made millionare. Case closed

  • N-Slick

    But everything else wayne has rapped about prior to this endorsement deal reflects the values of their brand? lmfao