New Music: B.o.B x 2 Chainz “Headband”

Olivia Newt ain’t got nothing on this. Instead of releasing a mp3, B.o.B used his audio to score a fabulous workout session. Depending on your place of employment, this may be NSFW.

UPDATE: Banned on YouTube. Now resurrected on Vimeo.

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  • cheeeezzzyyyy…yall better than this… this one for the thirsty ninjas

  • Oj da Cornball

    This is from an actual porn. If they learned anything from Bow Wow recent lawsuit, I’d think they got to permission to use this.

  • a comment

    Yeah, gonna need a link for that “actual porn”

  • troof

    @Oj da Cornball
    link please

    or at least the name

  • Facts

    LMAO @ these last 2 comments. The thirst is real

  • KneeGrow

    fuck this video got remove

  • demo

    this porno is like 4 years old ‘.’ ,,love sunny lane though

  • Tev Milli

    Ctfu y’all niggas in the comments hilarious……
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • troof

    i found it anyways
    thnx for nuthin faggots

  • best video ever thank you baby jesus lol!!!!!!

  • WTF

    greaaaaat video

  • Del

    greatest video ever

  • LA

    I need a straw!

  • i like this b.o.b. for some reason i really like when really talented dudes switch up and do ignorant music. Like when yay do throw some ds remix, this, kendrick on fuckin problems, drake on his features (pop that), or lupe going in on enemy of the state. shows the other dudes that live on this type of song that they weak

  • cl


  • Bongo


  • COOL..

    raw raps tho>>

  • hs

    the thirst is real


    hip hop is nothing but money and porno Lets be real..

  • Yup that was Alexis Texas you thirsty buzzards and she’s on record stating that she doesn’t fuck Niggas. So this is closest you coons can get.

    —Truth WIll Out