french wack b

  • COOL..

    not bad
    raw raps tho>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • JustMyOpinion

    Wow…..this is TERRIBLE.

  • Evil

    When the fuck are rappers gonna stop with this bullshit?
    Im so sick of it,it sounds so terrible it shouldnt be allowed to be used.

    Trash song.
    Disappointed in Luda,he should know better.Start collab with some real rappers.

  • Ludacris is better than this

  • LP1031

    It took 6 different other MC’s flow for French to finish his rhyme, joke


    Seems like rappers lose it when they do movies. 50, NELLY, LUDA, NICK CANNON(LOL), RAY J(LOL)

  • MoneySeeds

    @FUCK_NICK_CANNON : Ja Rule ; DMX ; The Game ; Master P ; Ne-Yo (lol) Christina Milian (LMFAO)……etc etc etc. Only Rihanna Survives (lool)

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Luda… why’d you stoop so low as to do a song with this piece of shit “rapper” 🙁

  • gregory

    this is wack

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Wtf is wrong with you guys!? This is definitely not Luda at his best and that French verse is unneeded but overall this $#!+ rides! This nigga is droppin’ whip and club bangers and you guys are complaining! What is it that you guys want from this dude??? It’s like, nothing he does is good enough…

  • Del

    French Montana? Why Luda? Why?

  • rus

    @Lil Majer Thr catune

    thats all i been sayin man…he just trying to get the streets back. he been flowin tho. this track def aint his best but its definitely rider music

  • StarFox64

    i dont get it whats with this artwork too..?? for the last two joints they got this corny shit, like somebody really has a job that includes making that shitty artwork for a shitty ludacris throwaway song..thats the problem with hip hop today…

  • homework

    this shit sucks cock, luda used to set trends its sad how far he’s fallen. PLEASE SWITCH YOUR FLOW UP SIR!!

  • lol

    Lol this is the first luda song I’m fucking with in a long time still just ok though, hook is my shit

  • big_kev

    not feeling this one from luda…and i am true fan. the hook was wack, french is wack, luda was luke warm…he is 1 for 3 with these IDGAFFridays….needs a homerun next week to keep me tuned in.