Trinidad James Receives Gold Plaque

It’s literally all gold everything for Trinidad James. In honor of his single “All Gold Everything” recently moving 500,000, TJ received his plaque last night at Atlanta’s Treesound Studios.

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  • Gambino

    Check out Dont Be SAFE. This guy’s not a one hit wonder.

  • Whut?

    Congrats…But…He still sucks overall. I gotta hear another hit before I can rate this dude seriously. Funny part is I think he has the potential.

  • Whut?

    @Gambino…Will do.

  • My guy longwinded like a baptist preacher

  • gregory

    he got all that money but his teeth still messed up

  • Joe Nasty

    very humble dude, that’s refreshing these days

  • Donn

    I don’t care for his music but he is a cool ass nigga and he on his grind feeding his fam. Can’t hate that. Congrats

  • COOL..


  • the brain trust

    I don’t get people who say things like ‘very humble dude’

    I don’t care about him as a person. if he made great music, I wouldn’t care if he was a douchebag.

    The only thing that matters is the music & his is very bad.

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    The beats on his mixtape > the bars on his mixtape.

    The visual for All Gold Everything is why he blew up. Now that the novelty has worn off, he’s going to have to show actual talent which he lacks.

    Its the same shit different toilet bowl with most new artists.

  • cool dude

  • StarFox64

    son, his single doesnt get radio play like that anymore if any, why is he still getting booked like he has a plethora of hits to perform??

  • The Wise

    lol i said he was a humble dude during his nadwaur interview an i hadd his whole blogg buzzing im im right i think it was frm

    @thebraintrust…but fuck u buddy music isnt made for everyone its made for those who enjoy that artist..keep hating pussy boy we need u..more now then ever
    to trinidad good shit bruh..u deserve it.. lets get em with another hit!!!

  • DeadPrez

    So just to recap.. They’re all basically retarded country bumpkins except for the dude who “flew down from NY”… Cool.. Interesting.. Congrats on selling a bunch of really generic, formulaic records.. If you come up with another catchy song that sounds like a mashup of all the watered down shit on the radio maybe you’ll even get another hit..

  • Space Ghost

    His mixtape is actually good for those who haven’t listened to it. Yes, his lyrical ability has room for improvement, but his voice, style, and ear for production will take him a long way if he works at it.

  • Lightsaber Leg

    This song influenced kids way more than it should have