Mister Cee Busted With Prostitute

Girls Night Out With Elle Varner

The Nasty African strikes again. According to the NY Post, Hot 97’s Mister Cee was arrested in Brooklyn yesterday for patronizing an undercover cop posing as a prostitute. Back in 2011, Cee plead guilty to engaging in a sex act with a male hooker.

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  • BooBy Boi

    the fuck??

  • StarFox64

    dutty wine

  • Drizzy Drake

    “The Nasty African”? B Dot your straight up disrespecting a living DJ legend, the guy that brought us Biggie Smalls?

    Have some respect you amateur blog writer.

  • epinz

    Our legends are fuckin gay!!! This ngga and afrikan bambaataa got me lookin at my past somwthn crazy

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    a male prostitute……………

  • Chris

    Drizzy Drake
    Um before u try to get at B-dot, The Nasty African is Mister Cee’s alias. Ur an Amatuer rap fan.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    ZoomZoom was the male prostitute Mister Cee got caught with!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Not again !!! This dude got issues.

  • exodus121478

    This nigga don’t know better than tryna pick up hoes on the street? C’mon son! That’s what craigslist and backpage is for.

  • Damn right he got a fucking problem

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @ZoomZoom your cocksucking ass surprised. You sucked Mister Cee in 2011

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Hannibal Lecture. I got MMG stans bringing my name up. Yeah they SHOOK. Dude is talking reckless on the public library Computer.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”That’s what craigslist and backpage is for”

  • County Of Kings

    @drizzy drake
    get the fuck outta here. go study ya lessons. yall new niggas make me sick talkin sideways out ya mouth to b.dot.

    how can u even know who mister cee is wit out knowing he is the nasty african?

    i’m more mad at your ignorance than i am at mister cee. wtf cee???

    fuck it tho u still a top5 dj of ALL TIME!!! yea i said it

  • Mike Jones??

    Here we go again…. Damn Mister C don’t have any groupies throwin him the ass for free.

    Damn shame what they did to that dog!!

  • Gerald Green Basedgod

    Another tranny? This nigga fucks trannies in his spare time hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    This website looks weird as hell now,Please go back to the old layout for phones

  • slick

    i guess we’re just gonna have to get used to hearing about gay shit every day from now on

  • SBMobile

    I guess his industry-friends can’t make excuses this time! #imjustsayin lol! He clearly has issues with prostitutes & his love for “dudes”! #weird

  • Truth

    “He loves bad trannys…thats his fuckin problem”…sigh

  • slick

    i guess if jason collins ever throw a coming out party we all know this dj sausage party ass nigggas gonna be behind the 1s and 2s

  • Legend….sus ass nigga hahaha!! NY in general is sus as hell.

  • Winston Churchill

    Most Rap niggas are fruits these days though.

  • sean

    was it another dude again

  • Melissa

    Hey, the dude needs cock OK…. so what if Mr Cee is a homo thug and likes bend over and take a 9 inch up the ass…. have some respect and let poor Mr Cee be the homo he was born to be….

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @ZoomZoom your a fag end of story i eithered you a long time ago. Im keeping you relevant on thi site just like Mister Cee is keeping you relevant in the queer world.

  • slick

    we all who the donkey of the day is gonna be

  • The Facade

    Who cares it’s ridiculous that this is illegal to begin with. Leave the guy alone he’s not hurting anyone.

  • Oj da Cornball

    How many L’s?

    Dude just addicted to track and we ain’t talking about the beats.

  • slick

    facade, being gay IS legal this nigga is picking up prostitutes. don’t defend this dude the 1st time should have taught the dummy to get a hotel room

  • Oj da Cornball

    @Drizzy Drake

    Shut the hell up… freaking yugin.
    Mister Cee calls himself that. Ironically, he is a nasty Aferican American, F his legacy. He mo.

  • Black Shady

    LMAO smh…….

  • getthesenets

    The “Nasty African” tag is a self made pseudonym/alias that Cee used during the second BDK album

    scoob and scrap were strong nose and asshole

    Good that you guys are calling out what seems like BLATANT ignorance, BUT…….again….that was Mr. Cee’s self given alias….from “It’s a Big Daddy Thing” era…..writer is making reference to THAT…..not anything else.

  • The Facade

    @slick I was talking about prostitution you mental midget. Prostitution should be legalized and regulated like they do in civilized European countries.
    Why can’t I defend him if he wasn’t trying to do anything to hurt another person? Dude was just trying to get a nut who cares if he paid for it with cash or a dinner date.
    Obviously it’s not smart to do something illegal when you’ve already been busted for it in the past, Mr Cee should definitely have at least learned discretion. But again….who caressssssss

  • Danja

    how is this fag a legend?

  • Oj da Cornball

    To be honest, we’re adopting the current American government model, “no evidence, no trials” just convict on suspension alone.

    He may have been set up or something crazy,

    but dudes are chichi’s out there so, um yeah.

  • the brain trust

    Who cares it’s ridiculous that this is illegal to begin with. Leave the guy alone he’s not hurting anyone.

    Agreed. I don’t care about his sex life.

    Dude is a serial offender when it comes to getting caught slippin’ though. lol

  • slick

    to the who cares captain save a mo niggas, if you do something wack in hip hop your gonna get called out on it, and the homo shit is was and will always be wack. fuck that bullshit the medias kicking

  • zeee

    hip hop is so pathetic these days and clearly stand for nothing any more. you have legends gay ass hell picking up trannies. the gate keepers giving tom dick and harry passes like it was free lunch, blogs promoting wack music, rappers biting each other style, lots of dick riding, no love for the people who really mean something to the culture. Hip hop is the worst, but I guess anything that nigger have they fuck it up. I cant wait till white people take over hip hop. then it will be in good hands. Go white poeple

  • CC

    Why do we need to respect this dirty asshole? Its not even about being gay…its about spreading disease by being a downlow brother and picking up male PROSTITUTES and performing nasty sex acts on back streets like a goddamn savage. F these dude and any “legacy” u think he had!

  • LOL

    first Prodigy fuckin dudes in jail now this, only god know how many of these past legends were faggots. Mase was also fucking trannies too.

  • slick

    you start thinking about all the suspect shit biggie used to say knowing he was friends with this dude

  • Niggas been gay. Who doesn’t have a gay person in their family or that they know? Just be real and true to yourself. I write about how the streets are an open cess pool of deceit and misgivings. Read how fucked up the streets and Hip Hop have always been http://urbanpulp.blogspot.com/

  • Tev Milli

    LOOOOL AGAIN?!?!?!……
    This nigga cant be sneaky 4 his life….
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • The 46-year-old music producer allegedly asked for sex from a man of the night who was standing on the corner of Madison St. and Broadway in Bushwick minutes before midnight on Wednesday, sources said. – ANOTHER MAN B? This guy is homosexual and hiphop won’t let him come out the closet smh… Old nigga scared to come clean

  • 50cent ‏@50cent Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk. (Reebok holds our partners to a high standard, and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand. Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do so.”)

    bahahhabha lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • xxx

    i cant wait for donkey of the day

  • Sierra Tango

    ZoomZoomFagOtis is 50 Cent’s new makeup artist. Yay!!! He’s taking care of Curtis Jackson’s ashy knee and elbow.

  • george

    he must be VERY desperate

  • Asshole

    @drizzy drake

    Nasty african was mister cee’s nickname during the bdk days.

    Fucking ignorant youngins like you need to shut th fuck up.

  • Prince of New York

    Nigga, you gay!!!! LMFAO!!!!

  • What thee fuck?! lmaooo its not funny but its so funny.

    Son, You played yourself! Got caught with a tranny and tried to drown the noise with weekly tributes to get people to forget, then you get caught again?! what the fuck though for real?

  • slick

    might as well come out the closet like jason collins, no sense denying it now. ayo….do gay midgets come out the cabinet?

  • Prince of New York

    Hip Hop Culture iz full of low key faggots, i’m so sad.. Damn, y’all need some Farrakhan in ya life! These crackas iz turnin’ the whole black community to tha fags. skinny jeans… are the highest rank of faggotry.

  • slick

    i guess tuesday he gonna do a tevin campbell tribute mix

  • Foreign luccini

    *smh* ny loses again!!

  • Meh

    Lol. Don’t kill yaself @Drizzy Drake. We all realize that you were just TRYING to seem like you knew what you were talking about by pointing out that Mister C “brought us Biggie,” but what you fail to realize is that MOST of the times, when you point out something so obvious and well known you just end making an ass out of yaself…..case in point.

  • Meh

    See. I typed Mister C. Prolly gonna catch wreck for it. Another reason you SHOULDNT kill yaself. The guys here are cutthroat. lmao.

  • fredtheFATson

    Ew mail hooker this nigga got aids

  • fredtheFATson


  • mike543


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The prostitute was a undercover cop. Plus this is Mr. Cee’s 4th arrest for soliciting a tranny.

  • Mr. White

    The story of Gangstalicious….

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    Pasted from another site by an Anonymous blogger with regard to anyone defending that basketball player and this dude-using the term lightly-:
    Let get this straight please, Let’s get this straight please, This man was living a double life by choice. He was engaged for eight years to a woman who had no idea of his homosexuality. Is that fair to her? She obviously isn’t a homosexual herself, which is wrong on his behalf. Who knows if he was having sex with men and her at the same, more than likely he probably was. So we are praising someone for not living a lie anymore, by choice, a DL male, for admitting he’s tired of the lie, but someone else’s life was at risk and they didn’t even know? America is falling slowly. If anything we should praise Kobe for him admitting he was cheating on his wife or Tiger Woods, if we want to be correct. This is him revealing his personal sexual preference, not a award, not a charity, not a new invention, a sexual preference. Mind you, what are pedophiles? Adults with sexual preferences for children. Are they celebrated? Do they come out publicly and have parades for their sexual preferences, NO. It’s your own personal business! This was an internal issue with himself struggling to be honest. You can see how many Rappers and Athletes are zombies for praising this action, when it’s just his own personal business nothing more nothing less. He doesn’t need praise or assault because who he truly is. Sad day in America, people are just so blind. Someone else was at risk without even knowing. I bet she is seriously hurt ask we speak. The next thing that will be accepted in years to come will be Pedophilia. Most Europeans ancestry stems back to Ancient Greece. People do your research. Homosexuality and what is now know as Pedophilia was a major lifestyle for them. They loved emasculating/having sex men and little boys over sexual intercourse with women. Why do you think you have a great number of older white male pedophiles in America? Historical fact, not hate or opinion. Blacks in America will never understand lifestyle norms of another culture has been forced on you, Names, Religion, Language, Culture, Sexual Orientation and more. This was never the case in Ancient Africa/ Egypt. Please do your research. No hate towards any humans, but please understand where this coming from and why. Surface readers and value takers are the downfall of America.

  • COOL..

    HIS NAME IS THE NASTY african, lol cmon
    REALHIPHOP THO>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • @Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    *slow clap*

  • onenutned

    why niggas give a fuck if he gay or not?…y’all tryna set-up a date with him? he do need to get some escorts on his team tho…can’t keep gettin busted…or seek help for sex addiction.

  • Troofy

    That’s why newyork hiphop fell off ! Because the gate keepers like flex and mr cee are
    Lustful men that don’t care about the current state of hiphop.shame!

  • Realniggashit

    I guess it’s time for Mr Cee to drop a best of groups mix show every week now lmao.

  • Leon Sandcatle


    Change the mobile layout back, this shit retarded

  • Evil

    Fuckin fruitcake

  • 187

    Let me get this straight, Mr Cee was caught sucking ZoomZoomDad Otis dick? this my friends is what drake has done to our youth.

  • Drizzy Drake study ya’ lessons!

    Props to everybody for schoolin’ the Youngin “drizzy drake” regarding his ignorant ‘Nasty African’ comment. Drizzy Drake, his name say’s it all.


  • Aubrey Graham

    He like male hoes thats his fxcking problem

  • Mister Cee loves the D.




  • Why is Mr Cee on the corner looking for tricks? I blame the pimps of NYC for not accommodating a trick who is clearly in need.

  • Rozay

    Now who’s the real dookie, meaning who’s really the shit , Mr Cee rides dick, Frank White push the sticks, On the Lexus, LX, four and a half bulletproof glass tints if Cee want some ass.

  • So how is he going to explain his way out of this mess?

  • Mag

    Starting to think cee was the nigga “fucking kids, throwing them over the bridge” SMH homothug

  • watch my move$

    the funny shit is how rap radar give him his own section/post
    on the blog LMAO

    yall boys do yall

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    And this is why the HIV infection rate is highest amongst black woman in this country, damn filthy DL brothers like Mr Closet SMH…

  • @mrlino79

    we dnt give a fuk if cee is gay..its the sneaking in da closet shit he keeps doing…dnt nobody care whos gay now n days its about respect n if u come out n be truthful niggas can respect tht more than the tough guy role,straight role he be playing then he gets busted with dude domeing him up…again…..im just saying..keep it 100 n keep it on the low cee…

  • The Facade

    @ Your Life Is A Lie
    Sorry simpleton the HIV rate is highest among black women in this country (and Africa) because you fucking idiots don’t practice safe sex. I know it’s easy to just say oh it’s because gay people, but that’s lazy thinking and doesn’t hold up. Spend the 5 bucks on a box of condoms if you’re going to have sex. Take some personal responsibility.

  • Oj

    He a gay faggot likes dicks not juicy pussy

  • Oj

    He like big black cock in his ass and mouth what a homo he is, He should come out the closet

  • TheTruth

    Who is Mister Cee?

    A good Disc Jockey who introduced The Notorious B.I.G. to the hip hop world.

    That’s all that matters!

    99% of us don’t know Calvin LeBrun on a personal level and even if we did– who are we to judge is life? Judge his music cuts.

  • YO!!


  • Balla

    Apparently he’s gonna address this shit tomorrow morning. I cant wait to hear his explanation

  • the winner

    i wasnt bothered the first time but now i cant fuck wit homie period…cant honor buddy past with his sneaky future…what rich nigga buy pussy from street hookers? homie has a problem str8 up!

  • China

    @CC That’s Real!! It’s Disappointing the deceisions Mr. Cee’s been making to pick up these Men for his sexual pleasure it’s obviously a Habit/Fantasy and he needs Help Everything happens for a reson and what is in the DARK will eventually come to the LIGHT too bad his escapades just so happen to be within a culture that does not promote the homosexual lifestyle as others. But Being DL is WHACK and this is a damn shame how some Music Leaders are living the DL lifestyle atleast Clyde decided to come Clean and be Free who knows how many more there are in HIP HOP…..Only time will tell ;-(

  • TAPout


  • Kristen

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  • mike sniff

    All these NY niggaz is fags… Mase, GURU, Puff, Busta Rhymes, Russell Simmons, Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Nikki Minaj, Mister Cee….

    The laughing stock of hiphop…

  • The nasty African has taken on whole new meanings
    Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape Hosted by @DJDooWop http://piff.me/d91349e via @DatPiff DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! #AAHS

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