• whack

  • The Facade

    Hahaha wow “A Film By Cricket”? I would be beyond embarrassed to have my name attached to this if I was someone responsible for making films. Gucci Mane’s girl asks him to get her something to eat and when Gucci obliges the girls in the snack bar look at him while he raps incoherently. The end.
    I can’t think of any redeeming qualities about this song or video, and I am no Gucci hater, still have some songs from Trap God in my itunes rotation.
    This is putting out content for the sake of putting out content, I miss the days when rappers took pride in what they put out for public consumption.

  • JL

    How does this clown have fans??

  • tha OG

    Bullshit music!!!!!

  • Playboy69


  • COOL..

    REAL-HIPHOP tho>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • Foreign luccini

    I hate to say it but Gucci light weight fell off!!!

  • eDUB

    da faq did he say?

  • zeee

    yea baby. lets get all these black daughters hype to this so my task of turning them out is super easy. lets get it.

  • Lol a lot of people are gonna sit thru this just buck of the thumbnail. Hahaha

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  • Kristen

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  • Shxxter

    Who That Female Suckin That Pickle 😉 REAL TALK