• Chris

    Well, at least Nicki looks great…


    WOOOOOOOOOOOOW…SMH SUPPORT REAL HIP HOP http://www.datpiff.com/N8o-Fyfr-mixtape.479791.html

  • Lmao nicki had me dying with that intro doe lmao pusssaayy

  • meezy

    Future in a skirt. now all them YMCMB stans who were clowning Ye about it are gona act like its hot or not a big deal.

  • Gambino

    Came to see what Nicki was wearing.

  • StarFox64

    lmfao future wearing the faggot kanye skirt now…

  • Ya Boy G

    One of the worst things ive heard all year…

  • east in the west

    side boobs..lol

  • Robin Flowers

    gay ass future

  • Frontrunner

    Good song. Wish Nicki’s verse was as good as her intro

  • dblock

    Another hit for YMCMB

  • YO!!


  • Black Shady

    SMH…this is wickity wack

  • Truth

    Yo…Yo…Yo…Man. Yo…..This all we teaching our kids tho. Sex, drugs, violence, and do anything to get it. Damn…I’m so tired of this shit. So tired. I come to this site daily in hopes that something will change. Straight depressing. PS. It seems as if black men wear skirts now. Congrats…We don’t need slave masters any more. We will degrade ourselves willingly. This is sad.


    this song be my guilty pleasure right now, i cant hate

  • BK

    This shit is pure garbage. Apparently the video cost around a milli to make, this is wtf they come up with? Its like a fucking parody video.
    Shame that once upon a time Nicki could actually rap a little.
    Out of all the past labels that were on top at one point (Death Row, No-Limit, Roc, Shady/Aftermath etc) this will forever be known as the wackest crew on top.

  • big steve

    Future is dope he just needs someone with msuical direction to help him out, like the part were hes yelling is just bad as for the “rich gang’ waynes verse was the same shit, birdman was weak as fuck, and nicki was average those other dudes are randoms

  • StarFox64

    im not gonna lie if i see another rapper wearing a skirt i might just start listening to kid rock …

  • zeee

    i wonder whose black daughter is going to tape out after I play this song for them. And now that all these dudes are gay that means more black daughters for me. Black men wearing skits. hahahaha. So manly.

  • Joe

    Cole drops something amazing with trulry yours 2 and the competition come with this trash lol cole summer

  • wdd

    this is so bad lol

  • COOL..

    super WEAK
    REAL HIPHOP THO>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Crap Music this is trash.

  • LMAO

    at 4:08 Mark is THE MOST hilarious Moment am I the only one who noticed Future’s Note was ALL WRONG LMAO he got a little carried away and actually thought he could sing for a moment and took this song somewhere else the engineer should have edited this part out

  • jl

    Wow. garbage

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ agree.

    This song is TERRIBLE. All Future songs are terrible, this auto-tune crap is over the top. It boggles my mind that people rave at “singers” and “rappers” that use it as if its their natural voice. SMH

  • Kristen

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  • LP1031

    This a million dollars Birdman , wordddduhh

  • Foreign luccini

    *nicki minaj* $billion dollar pussy!!!

  • Stone

    Times Like This I Pray For Eminem, 50, Royce To Save Us….

  • Guap

    that’s not a skirt b. its a leather piece on his shirt and it has zippers on the sides

  • B

    such trash….no one can save this not even future

  • zeee

    @Guap in other words it a dress. oh ok that makes it all better now.

  • CJF

    what the fuck was that. only good part was nicki’s side boob.

  • Gab
  • APR

    I´m sick and tired of all these weak YMCMB songs. It´s like the only thing nicky and wayne be rappin bout is pussy and dick. STOP FUCKING AROUND

  • Itz Yourz

    Don’t like the song…came to see nicki…and she didn’t disappoint. Ehm ehm ehm…..make her tapout!

    Again don’t like the song. DEATH TO AUTOTUNE

  • Marcus D

    Marcus Damascus-In & Out Official Music Video(Directed By Joe Chad) http://youtu.be/kxim8AQ9f70

  • JL

    All Nicki/Wayne talk about is pussy, this is a sad day. Such garbage

  • Mishal

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  • Troy Williams

    I hate Future and the future of hipnot if it’s past 2000 I won’t listen to it.Let em wear skirts and write whack ass lyrics people lets start something new and leave this shit behind.