Lauryn Hill Sentenced To Three Months

lauryn hill court 5-6-2013

After receiving an extra two weeks to pay up, Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in prison and three months of home confinement on tax evasion charges. According to her lawyer, she’s already paid more than $970,000 to cover her tab.

Before sentencing, here’s what L Boogie said of her financial neglect. She’s scheduled to turn herself in on July 8th.

“I needed to be able to earn so I could pay my taxes, without compromising the health and welfare of my children, and I was being denied that”.


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  • Batman

    Kind of sad that Lauryn Hill (arguably) has the greatest women hip-hop album of all-time and now she’s in jail for not paying taxes, damn man.

  • atown don

    Man fuck this nappy headed crack head ass bitch….Bitch done smoked all her money up, didnt pay taxes & now people are supposed to feel sorry for her! Man please

  • headedhard

    Good, hopefully she humbles herself in the pen.

  • EricDean

    God bless Lauryn Hill. Everyone goes through trials in life, I just hope she comes out stronger in the end.

  • Mike Jones??


  • JustMyOpinion

    @ atown don

    ^ Damn son talk about beating a horse when its down.

  • COOL..

    she be cool

  • EmDeeR

    “I needed to be able to earn so I could pay my taxes, without compromising the health and welfare of my children, and I was being denied that”

    GTFO. You did earn, and you didn’t pay taxes on what you earned, hence the huge ass bill and jail stint you’re looking at. See how that works?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Just a waste of talent smh.

  • The Facade

    She still doesn’t get it….it doesn’t matter how many units you sell, taxes aren’t optional. She isn’t being victimized by a system, she’s being victimized by her own stupidity and failure to take responsibility for her actions. Hopefully this humbles her and she makes some decent music when she gets out.


    Sad. Hopefully she starts writing rhymes for that miseducation 2.

  • Jinx

    Lauryn i love you and you are legend but you havent dropped an album since 1998 you had all the time in the world to recoup for uncle sam and colombia records……..


  • FuriouS StyleS™®

    Lauren it’s a WRAP. We all know that any music you make is made to pay back a debt. Next time pay your taxes. Everyone has to pay taxes it’s not slavery but a fact of life.

  • FTW

    wow… that’s so fucked up. I really wish her the best. To all talking that bullshit, I hope you too will find yourself in a dark cold jail cell missing your children. No one deserves that, especially not for bullshit tax evasion charges when you’ve already paid in a million. Lauryn should have known not to fuck around with the beast.

  • Just Saying

    News Flash: Lauren Hill of 1999 ain’t walking through that door. She’s long gone. What you see in her current version is what you get. She won’t come out refocused on rhyming or be on some quest to go platinum again. It’ll be the same for her and I’m sure she still won’t pay her taxes even when her sentence is over with.


    yeah, i love lauryn’s music, but i’m sorry l-boogie, if you enjoy running water, driving on paved roads and not getting bombed by foreign countries, then you are enjoying the privileges of american citizenship.

    you may not like the system, but as long as you keep flushing your toilet and driving on roads, you better pay your taxes like everyone else.

    it is sad, because at one point in time, she was one of the most incredible musicians alive. but she chose to give that up.

    only think lauryn can do now is make great music, or fall off. i wish her the best of luck.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is actually a great song.

  • ICU

    This is a Saul journey. Picked out to be picked on. Lauryn, like Saul, will do some of her finest writing in jail. It truly will work together for the good.
    Lauryn give God the praise and write a gospel album. It’s already in you. Only what you do for Christ will last. You will receive a greater reward if you would allow Him to inspire music that would lead His people to salvation. In the secular realm you can only stimulate their brains, but with Him you can touch their hearts that their soul may be saved. God Blessed and Keep you. Remember He is your very present help in a time of trouble.

    Psalm 66:8-12
    10 For you, God, tested us;.
    you refined us like silver.
    11 You brought us into prison.
    and laid burdens on our backs.
    12 You let people ride over our heads;.
    we went through fire and water,
    but you brought us to a place of abundance.
    Lauryn Only Believe.

  • assmaster

    good. pay the piper. fat joe and nas are next! if you make money in the usa you must pay taxes on it PERIOD POINT BLANK.

  • Haha


    LOL @ you thinking Nas is going to jail. Nas was never even brought to court. All you gossipers are too concerned about Nas & his money & he has surpassed you HATERS long time ago.

    TMZ got you gossipers brainwashed.

  • Haha

    I pray for Lauryn & her family…jail is no place for her to be.

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    I hear everybody condemning LH for not paying taxes but what do you have to say about the big banks defrauding YOU the American Public out of TRILLIONS through a system that is basically a gigantic ponzi scheme? You know, the same banks that have admitted to laundering billions in drug profits and not a single bank was closed down and not a single person went to jail. Wake up out of your fake hip hop dream and see what the real world is about

  • John John

    Damn I thought Lauryn was too intelligent compare to other rappers to not mess with the IRS. I mean I would expect to hear someone like Trinidad James not to pay their taxes but not Lauryn.

  • Calvin K

    I hope Jay Z, 50, Diddy and everyone else who’s always on the top Forbes HipHop list are all up to date with their taxes. If they came after Lauryn there’s no telling who’s next. Smarting up rappers!

  • foekist

    You did this to yourself Lauryn. Maybe when you get out, you can collaborate with Scarface and create a song like… “The Whiteman is keeping me down!” smh

  • donniebrasko

    About time this trainwreck serves some time. I can’t stand this chick anymore. One good group album and one outstanding solo debut and she thinks she’s the shit. Showing up late to shows and dissin paying fans that complain about it and then singin ska versions of her hits dressed like crusty the clown. Go to prison and clear your head, hot mess!

  • DJ Game


  • zeee

    another nigger no one cares about.

  • Power

    All these people talking shit like if u live in America then u need to pay your taxes as you live in a privledged country……well just to refresh your memory even the people that lobby and make tax laws are tax evaders. what do you think tax havens and offshore accounts are these boujis pig fucks keep you dumb watching basketball telling you to pay up while they wright of billions in tax. Why do you think apple the biggest consumer based company in the world has over 70% of its cash offshore and they havent payed a dime ….tax free. And I don’t see google going to jail for evading $350 million in tax in the uk… this applys to ever Fortune 500 company they all do the same and make the most which leaves tax payers like you and me having to take the bill that’s why they come down hard on celebs so they can make a spectacle of them so all the people that idolise these people think they have to pay up or go to jail…..power to Lauren hill for being one of the most conscious female rapper and singer of all time…..,!!!!!!

  • Watt

    Still funny how money changes the situation? LOL