Mister Cee Addresses Arrest & Rumors

It’s been one helluva weekend for Hot 97’s Mister Cee. But this morning, he cracked the mic with boss Ebro and co-workers Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg and Kay Foxx to clear the air. He insists that he isn’t gay and explains why he solicits prostitutes.

At the end of the interview, he threw a few shots at Power 105.1’s Charlamagne Tha God. Earlier this morning, Charlamagne crowned him Donkey Of The Day.

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  • he’s a liar. and that’s the fucking bottom line. he may not be gay but he likes sex with men.


  • cassidys dad


  • TheTruth

    Who cares if he likes cock? Just admit you like big juicy tranney cock and be done with it. It is 2013 and except-able now.

  • cassidys dad


  • Man oh Man!! This pendejo!!!! Sorry Bruh!!! Its Over!!!!

  • And the saga continues…….

  • wiiroc

    Let the man live.

  • Facts

    “Seems nowadays, it’s cool to be gay…” – Z-RO

    Stop the faggotry and ban FrankO

  • Balla

    This nigga in denial.

  • Winston Churchill

    “I am not Gay”

    Top lel.

  • rill

    “it looks like a dude fam” LOL

  • Whut?

    Damn…The fucked up part is people (rap community) actually WANTS dude to just say he’s gay. Damn. Not that big of a deal. By the way its 2013 Mr.Cee.

  • really 23

    Chile please…

  • The Facade

    If you’ve ever listened to a liar try to explain their way out of a situation you would know this is what is going on here. I wish Ebro would have stopped asking if he was GAY and instead asked if he is bisexual or even sometimes on occasion sexually excited by males or transsexuals. It’s not always gay/straight like a black/white issue, some people’s sexualities are a spectrum.
    All Cee did was try to deflect and distract, I pretty much lost respect for him after this.

  • Del

    lmao at donkey of the day though

  • Whut?

    This is just sad…dude is scared. Damn.

  • Whut?

    21:45…”When I go in the butt”… Dude let it out already! LOL

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Mr. Cee thinks people are stupid hahaha. But you can look up the police report from the 2011 situation. Mr. Cee I dont care if your Gay or not its your life.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    If its SLANDER from the 2011 situation he needs to SUE NYPD for the police report they wrote its very Explicit.

  • BxWavy

    Whut! i caught that too ,lol

  • LP1031

    You know it’s a issue when you google ur name and this come up, He might as well commit a murder now, probably balance this thing out , TUGHHAHAHAAA

  • Kwame Dukes

    fuck with the strippers and stop fuckin around with these prostitutes mister cee god damn!

  • Dashing

    2 things

    1. Much respect for Mr. Cee going on Hot97 and addressing the issue for 45 minutes on the air live when he didn’t have to. That takes balls to do.

    2. The man was definitely lying about not being gay. It probably goes without saying since it’s obvious but the way he talked about the situations makes it clear. He says of the 3 times he always arrested you only hear 1 name that involved a male prostitute. He never said that they weren’t male prostitutes or that they WERE females. He only says that you only HEARD about 1 only man from the situation in 2011. He repeated this 3 times in the interview.

    He also said “If I’m lying it’s my right to lie about it.” Firstly, he should have said “If I was lying about it” not “If I AM lying about” it makes it clear that he’s leaving open the possibility that he’s lying. And secondly, no straight person would say that.

    People have been saying he’s gay for the last 10 years?? What? Obviously they’re saying it for a reason.

    Lastly, the whole Charlemagne gay bashing thing at the end…I’m all for gay rights, but you won’t catch me going on a diatribe about someone because they made some gay jokes. Especially, if I’m trying to tell people I’m not gay…

    I do believe him that last Thursday didn’t involve a man though. It’s the only time he gave any real details and it’s a pending case so the info will be in the public record soon enough.

    And at the end of the day, he can be who he wants to be. It’s not that serious. Just don’t lie for 45 minutes on the radio about it.

  • I’m not here to judge Hot 97’s Mister Cee. His Sexual preference does NOT matter to me. I just want him to be real with who he is…

  • Marko-V

    He hates women.


  • fh

    Mr cee the hood got your back fuc the haters

  • Dtrain

    This nigger, is crazy!!!!!!!!!! men lie homo’s don’t. What the fuck walk like a duck talk like a duck hang around ducks, man u are a duck.

  • EmDeeR


    Fuck outta here… nigga which hood you speak for?

  • Jacob

    It got personal when Cee started talking about Charlamagne and the “gay bashing” over at power 105.1. Getting offended cee? Lol

  • TImeChange

    he said the hood got mr cee’s back,lol, what hood? the broke-back hood?

  • LuxuryRap

    “you have a chance to make homosexual hip hop history” LMAO Charlamagne is CRAZY!!!!

  • Donn

    IF UR GAY BE REAL ABOUT IT. HipHop respects honesty. Be straight…up. Sorry had to but anyway Cee just tell the truth. He’s avoiding questions and dodging shit

  • Chronic

    @Dashing the whole point of him talkin about how the only time a name got involved was when it was a male was to point out that it was only because it happened to be a man and they were accusing him of being gay.

    I don’t really know or care one way or the other…the bigger issue in my mind is why does a hip-hop legend gotta resort to pickin up prostitutes? (regardless the gender)

  • Whut?

    @Chronic…EXACTLY. I would have sworn a dude of his status would have “butt” (Use that term loosely…No pun intended :P)

    PS.Ok I lied…Pun intended. LOL!

  • Dashing

    @Chronic, I don’t know man.It seemed like he was choosing his words carefully when he could have just said “There was never ever a man involved in the three arrests. The only time a man came up was in 2011” Instead he said “the only time you heard about a man”…and he repeated that same phrase 3 times during the interview so it wasn’t a coincidence.

    I’m with you. I don’t really care either way. But you looks ridiculous when you’re lying about it for 45 minutes on the air.


    this nigga lyin he a booty bandit

  • REmarcable88

    Cee needs a gay mentor or sponsor

  • FuriouS StyleS™®

    LMAO @ Gay mentor or Sponsor LMAO

  • bumpy johnson

    fat freak ……………

  • bumpy johnson

    mr cee so u tryin to tell us you love street meat ………………..?

  • How Wonderful…

    Mr. Cee could care less about the dangers, crime and high risk activity…he wants men on the streets of NYC. Its like a crack head selling a Rolex for five dollars, he don’t care that its a Rolex, he’s only concerned about getting his fix.

  • How Wonderful…

    hahahahaha….a progress report!!!! LOL. and suspending himself……more LOL

  • bumpy johnson

    so u tellin me instead of pussy juice Mr cee loves the warm peanut butter … from the anus ?

  • Rozay

    Homosexual hip hop history, damn Charlemagne that shit was funny as fuck, What Cee should have said was that he gets so much oral sex from prostitutes one is bound to be a a man, the bottom line is that Mr Cee is afraid of the ridicule for being gay, what he doesn’t realize is that he is being ridiculed anyway, if he does have a girl at home that’s fucked up, who he doesn’t commit suicide because of this, because he is getting clowned heavy.

  • Rozay

    nuff said been a problem since before 2011

  • SFX36

    E Bro tried his best 2 help this nigga. lol

  • myers2

    He’s lyinggggggggggggggggggg

  • Factoid

    Calvin Lebrun has been arrested for soliciting male prostitutes 4 times now. The criminal records are public domain. Everybody in LG projects knows Mister Cee is gay. He’s a homosexual, and not only that he’s a kinky homo. Period.

    Hot 97.1 looks crazy for even letting this man lie on the air like that. If he gonna be gay be gay, but he’s a the lowest kind of a homo a wanna be DL (but everybody knows you gay) homo. One who has to pay male prostitutes.

  • FaceDwnAzzup

    If you get canned for this mess you could always DJ for Frank Ocean,hell hit up Ellen she’d welcome you with open arms. Tupac n biggie rolling in their graves like this is what the game is now?
    bunch of… running ish ?? this is mad suspect if someone accused me personally I would be going buck wild to show aint down with the fudging he to calm for someone being fingered for this boom by by Steez

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    If he would of straight admit that he was a homosexual he too would of got a call from our President SMH…it’s over yall

  • K

    Fraudian slip…..When I go in the but….lol

  • Mishal

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  • nikki

    If he say thursday night, friday morning one more motherf*****g time ughhh…and yeah after this im convinced he’s gay aint no straight man gonna plead their case trying to convince ppl they straight.