New Music: Ace Hood Ft. Wiz Khalifa, T.I., Meek Mill, French Montana, 2 Chainz, Future, DJ Khaled & Birdman “Bugatti (Remix)”

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Ace Hood turns his Bugatti into a minivan with the remix of his gold seller. Wake up and cop Trials & Tribulations on July 16.


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  • 2 cents

    Wtf wiz? Even Baby && French had better verses lol

  • jersey

    It’s cool but I remember when Diddy and JD used to make remixes, they would switch the beat up and the song will still be dope. This is the exact same song as the original with added verses.

    I think Ace Hood is underrated.

    Why do Dj Khaled always use the same line up: Meek, Montana, Birdman and 2 Chainz. I would like to see them go out of their comfort zone for once.

  • Ct

    It’s okay but I’m tired of seeing the same featured artist on everyone songs

  • 2 cents.

    Ace hood proved that he owns the song. Tip was nice. Meek was…uh meek. Wiz be tryin too hard to “not sound like everybody else” idk. Cool remix tho

  • koa29

    “Ace Hood turns his Bugatti into a minivan”

    ^^^ Hahahahaha. This nigga Ace Hood still tryna steal Lil Waynes 08 style. Not even in terms of music, just style…

  • Chris

    T.I. snapped on this thing. I liked Meek’s verse, but I seem to be into his style (yelling) than most.

    Not sure what Wiz was going for here but yeah, it didn’t work.

  • The Facade

    @ jersey
    Agreed with everything except Ace Hood being underrated I don’t think he’s anything special. Decent flow/delivery, but he really doesn’t say anything at all.
    I pretty much blame Khaled for the lack of originality and failure to make remixes anything other than added verses from a bunch of jokers. TI’s verse was cool but not cool enough to make me buy this repackaged trash on iTunes.

  • Respect

    What happened to the remix being a little different from the original?
    Why do it always be the same artist over and over, switch it up
    Has Wiz always been this weak.
    Ace Hood 2 thumbs up for his verses

  • Ct

    I feel like I heard Meek verse before

  • ShamGAWD


  • toad3527

    Ace Hood really should have tried to change it up for this remix. this is the most predictable remix line up in the history of remixes. That’s What I Respect about Cudi’s latest album.

  • Oj da Cornball

    For the sake of hip hop, will this line ever change?

  • toad3527

    1. Tip
    2. Meek
    3. Ace
    4. others

  • the winner

    Hot remix…

  • chan

    DJ khaled is like a pokemon all he does is shout his name

  • JustMyOpinion

    I can’t condone ANYTHING with auto-tune involved. I don’t care who has a verse.

    Is that Sponge Bob @ the 2:45 mark?

  • Marcus D

    Marcus Damascus-In & Out Official Music Video (Directed By Joe Chad)

  • MaClarte

    @thefacade really? Doesn’t say anything? It’s relevant to this song but if you listened to some of his other songs prolly would think that.. Highly underrated and has fuck boi Khaled to deal with.

    Ace hoods 1st verse
    Ace hoods 2nd verse
    2 chainz
    Dj Khaled
    Futures chorus

  • xtrajordinary

    @justmyopinion do you just not like how autotune sounds or do you disagree with the principle of using autotune?

  • His queen

    LOVE Meeks flow on this and French verse…

  • The Facade

    @ maclarte
    Any recommendations on Ace Hood songs I should check out? I admit I’ve only heard a handful – mostly singles and remixes. To be honest his affiliation with that fucking clown Khaled has definitely dissuaded me from giving him much of a chance.

  • TUV

    BROWARD! Damn, gotta give it to Ace for real… nobody murked him on his shit.

    And its not that he’s underrated, its that he came out of nowhere and everything wasn’t in tact so we shut him out and you know how hard it is to get hot again after niggas already got a first impression. He’s been proving himself consistently lately. Good shit. This album is time for niggas to support, he need to atleast do meek mill #’s

  • Donn

    Same shit. Nothing different. Yawn

  • MaClarte

    @facade yeah most of his singles are just anthems but check out some of his mixtapes he has some real solid ones talking about his life, daughter passing, and some other shit his dealt with. I would check out his last few mixtapes.. Starvation 1 & 2 which have a good mixture of bangers and a few with substance.

  • MaClarte

    @Facade this one is from his last mixtape

  • young

    TI is killing everything for months, wow

  • Mike Jones??

    Damn shame what they did to that dog!!

  • Willy Lump Lump

    This music is for adults that need supervision when they take baths…

  • COOL..

    song is mad old already

  • obakeng

    i think birdman had the best verse #stunna!

  • Troofy

    Hiphop is fucked up I swear ! Courtesy of these guys ! The south came to milk the game
    Exploit it and ride off !!this was the biggest heist in the history of music! Sorry Newyork your queen hiphop is now a hoe! Look at all these guys shucking and jiving smh

  • Black Shady


  • kayandgee

    they went in, meek esp

  • How

    How could you do a remix w/o the Remix King no WEEZY WTF don’t seem right

  • DoinTooMuch

    This is one rare circumstance where wayne SHOULD have been on here. Shouldve substituted french and birdman for wayne and somebody like Jeezy(who seems to get no respect nowadays). Tip, Ace, and Meek killed it tho.

  • Dam This shit knocking

  • JOHNYblaze


  • LouisDaKing

    T.I. got the best verse once again

  • godmc


  • Hip hop fan

    TI had the best verse hands down. Holy shit..

  • king

    Nice music all the way!