New Video: Berner x Wiz Khalifa “Paradise”

With plenty of friends, drinks, and smoke Taylor Gang’s Berner brings paradise to the roof in his new video featuring Wiz Khalifa. Hey, pass the Bombay over this way.

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  • StarFox64

    this dude really said he not gay though..

  • tonyblunt

    LOL is this a joke?? srsly this cant be real…

    and u know whiz wrote this.

  • ADLien

    wtf is this shit? who the fuck is this berner? he has the voice of a 15 year old… worst delivery ever…. how the fuck did somebody so freaking terrible get such a well made video AND a feature from wiz? dude must have won the lottery or something lol

    but seriously… this is fucking terrible.

  • ADLien

    like so terrible that I have to make a second comment. about it… Berner, give up bro you suck really really bad. I’m not even hating man it’s the truth, you are really really bad… really bad

  • ADLien

    REALLY bad

  • The Facade

    Isn’t Berner the guy who grows weed for Wiz and other rappers? Wiz must have an agreement with him along the lines of free weed in exchange for hopping on a couple of his garbage wannabe rap songs per year.
    Berner…..stick to what you’re good at….growing marijuana and staying at least a mile away from a recording booth or video camera.

  • Faded

    lol at @ADLien, hes right

  • I hate to sound like a hater, but I gotta keep it true!! SORRY this shit sucks!! The beat sounds corny and the rap has zero emotion!

  • @The Facade ye your right Berner is everybody’s weed man thats how he got his connects

  • theREALtruth


  • king jay

    hahahahahahahahahahahaaha berner a sucka

  • WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW this is TEEEEEERRIBLE holy shit. Its not even just the words, rhythms, rhymes, delivery?!?! Articulation of his voice? wow… S/O to @ADLien for keepin it real.

  • godmc

    haha he sucks and wiz is awlful but beat is nice get ACTION BRONSON & Freddie Gibbs on this