New Video: John Legend x Rick Ross “Who Do We Think We Are”

John Legend puts on his Sunday’s best for a lavish evening in his new video featuring Rick Ross. The audio can be found on his upcoming Love In The Future due later this year.

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  • COOL..

    not bad

  • Frontrunner


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Fuck this Rick Ross idiot. Hey yo, I need more help attacking fat I can’t do it by myself. Join me cause in 2013 we need to finish Rick Ross.

  • The Facade

    I wish John Legend would do a few songs with a rapper that wasn’t %99 gimmick and %1 diabetes.

  • casper21

    wish label heads would stop pushing ross features on respectable artists and good songs. Don’t know why buy I’d love to see someone like Tical on this joint. About time we had more naked women in videos, classy.

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  • oh well

    major label formula=old school r&b sample, naked women video and feat. one of the same old rappers who is on everyone’s single out there; seriously a sad situation in r&b/rap/hiphop.

    nothing new and nothing creative about this…i like john legend but seriously couldn’t another rapper besides fake boss could have been feat. on this.

  • Kali

    this shit slaps,might be the only one who likes it

  • kayandgee

    this goes and ross bars & flow were perfect


    i fux wit this!

  • stephen

    Dope, i love this song

  • stephen

    “Money coming fast & im never in a rush, no.”

  • the brain trust

    GREAT song, average visuals