Rap Radar Interviews 40oz Van

You might’ve seen his hats in the streets, but do you know 40oz Van? Since launching his business a year ago, The Bronx native’s snapbacks have become must haves in streetwear decor. At $40 a pop, artists like Kendrick Lamar, Bun B, and Swizz Beatz have all been spotted rocking the caps. More recently, Van was featured on Funkmaster Flex’s Who You Mad At Me Or Yourself? mixtapeWith his next hat dropping later this month, 40 spoke on his origins, business acumen and social media presence. He’s a hustler, homie, you’re a customer crony. In fact, cop a cap here.

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  • Batman

    Wow if this guy gets a post on Rap Radar because he makes expensive hats, I guess Taz Arnold (Ti$a) deserves to be on this site every week… Why is this a post RR?

  • A hustler and entrepreneur……

  • haze

    I’m so conflicted on his product. i feel like it could be mistaken as biting, but idk. i like his collaboration shit though, he cool too, he got the best tumblr the world has ever seen.

  • COOL..

    REAL HIPHOP THO>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • The Facade

    Oh the guy who made 9/11 hats and didn’t donate any of the proceeds to 9/11 charities? The guy who said “Hold your head Boston no homo” after the Boston marathon bombings?
    It takes a special kind of scumbag to profit off of a tragedy, you really have to be a bottom feeder.
    It takes someone with the mindset of a 16 year old who’s insecure or unsure about their sexuality to feel like they have to say “no homo” when offering condolences to people who have been murdered by terrorists.
    Remind me again why this guy deserves any credibility or respect please BDot.

  • I’m not one to knock the next niggas huslte, but those hats are horrible quality and they still sell out cuz of the hype. Son is gettin it right now thanks to all u lost puppies who don’t know anything but to follow.

  • @The Facade couldn’t agree more, dude is low key corny with his cliche tweets and these corny niggas eat it up.

  • Kay

    @Batman agreed!!.. This guy is a biter nothing about his snapbacks are original.. now u got inspired by givenchy snapbacks ect. SMH!! But he’s a genius.

  • Realest Shit Ever Said

    Real talk, all jokes aside I respect anyone hustling and using the internet to get money .. BUT, this nigga copies established brands logos and calls it ‘inspired’. That shit takes no creativity and is super corny. Straight up, no hate. If he came up with anyone a bit more original I could really rock with his movement but dude just copies Fonts from main name brands (Balmain, givenchy, the movie Kids new york hat, Martigela) and writes NY in their font.. That shit is not creative or ingenuitive at all, that is basically bootleg/biting..

    I’d honestly be suprised if he doesnt get a C&D or some kind of lawsuit from these larger fashion brands for infringing on their copyright and likeness with his wack ass designs.

    Heres the kicker, the one chance he has to have some creativity and leave his mark on the hat with his brand, the nigga uses old english font ?? jesus christ im dead. I’m out. I’m done.

    And you call this shit hard? You call this hot? Come on son, stop being sheep. I could get this shit emrboided from the chinese spot on canal for 5$ my G..


  • JustMyOpinion

    Pure hype. What the he k hats got release dates now. We acting as if he reinvented the wheel, he got black hats and put design on it. Get ya hustle on.

  • Ridalen

    Nobody is acting like he reinvented the wheel. Nigga mastered Internet marketing and branding. That’s it. Don’t be a fuckin hater

  • Yall mad? Shoulda did it yourself! The young guy is doing his thing.

  • The Facade

    Look at all the mental midgets responding to any type of criticism with YOU MAD??? HATERZ!!!
    Nobody’s saying the dude reinvented anything, he’s just one of a million people making money off of people less intelligent than him.
    A middle class dude figured out a way to exploit a corner of the market (poor people who listen to rap) OMG HES THE MAN IF YOU CRITICIZE HIM YOUR A HATER!
    You sound dumb.

  • Marcus D

    Marcus Damascus-In & Out Official Music Video (Directed By Joe Chad) http://youtu.be/kxim8AQ9f70

  • Winston Churchill

    Making money of dumb ass kids that follow trends. Congrats.

  • Ever watch “Cocaine Cowboys”?
    There’s a part where Mickey Mund is talking about the Medellin Cartel he worked for & what he said relates to this Fat, ignorant oaf.
    “…………made it seem like they had an office….with computers & 40 secretaries…….& it’s just a bunch of bums……WHO GOT LUCKY”

    This guy made a Tumblr. Other people sent in pics of chicks they knew, ex gf’s, with fat asses and contributed it to his Tumblr. It’s not like this moron wrote the code for Tumblr. He didn’t create the concept. He simply made a Tumblr (a site mainly for teens) dedicated to asses.

    Then this guy promoted a BBQ which got big because kids were getting free 40 oz’s. Free Beer!

    Finally, he puts together cheaply made hats ripping off the Givenchy stars & placed them on snapbacks.
    That’s it.

    NOW, did 40 Oz take this and run with it? Yes. Do you believe tho he did it on his own? No
    Do some research & he cut a lot of people out who helped him but shhh

    What is 40 oz twitter about?
    But people retweet him on my TL on Twitter, mainly laughing at him
    He tweets about fried food, blunts , fake booty hoes, his boring girl & his ugly hats

    Finally, the guy made $$$ & I say GOD BLESS, but he tweeted “I have 30000 on my wrist…”
    So don’t tell me that 40 oz is “investing” anything or retiring at 30.
    Lyor Cohen, Russell Simmons, Michael Kors can’t retire & they made more than 40 Oz will every see.
    Know why?
    Cause in business, kids, when you make money you need more money to expand & the way you do this is via loans/investors who you have to repay. No one’s giving out free $$$ & not every project pans out. Next thing you know you’re still working in your 60’s despite being “famous”.

    So 40 oz do your thing, which is really nothing, but why anyone would interview this guy is beyond me.

    I have a classmate who’s making over 10k a month with his web design/modification/statistics site & he’s 21 years old. He’s not ignorant & ghetto pretending to be Warren Buffett.
    Rap Radar don’t care about him tho cause some rapper doesn’t use his site

    Get this fucking guy out of here. Never post this BS again
    In 5 years, this will be an embarrassment for this site. They interviewed a guy who made knock off hats.

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    B Dot ‘s interviewing the people who created the Slap Chop infomercial next smh

  • MaClarte

    Wholly fuck!! Are you ok poisonedkoola? You sound salty as fuck to take 30 minutes to post that long ass shit!! Homie is getting that paper! Take notes for him or your boy!

  • @Maclarte

    wrote it in a minute
    Some people actually have an education as opposed to using the word “homies” & “niggas” every other minute.

    Thanks tho for trying

  • mike

    Damn, ya’ll need to quit your bitchin’.

  • mike

    @11:38, is for the crybabies.

  • B.Dot

    Nice Mac DIESEL impersonation.

  • Myah.


  • MyOpinionOnScreen


    You are the guy that hates 40 so much, that you take time out to watch his interview? Then take 15 extra minutes to type that ridiculously long comment? Not only that but you talk about him on your Twitter several times out the week. For someone to dislike someone so much, you sure spend a lot of time talking about him and watching his moves. Not everyone will like his hats, but your problem sounds personal lmao. You sound mad. You sound miserable. And you do sound salty, as fuck. You may not be “riding” his wave, but you’re sure as hell sucking his dick. LMAO!

  • AJ

    A lot of you all are missing the point. You may not like his brand but he is an example of how to make money off of the internet and street wear culture. So whether he is corny or his hats are of poor quality, it really doesnt seem like his buzz is slowing down. I can respect the hustle.

  • patrick



  • MaClarte

    @poisonedkoola Oh yeah youre right.. just because I used the word homie means I dont have an education! I actually have my bachelors degree and a career… but thanks tho for trying! Unless you had all that shit prewritten, I highly doubt it took a minute because if you’re as educated as you say you are then you probably went back and proofed and make sure all of the commas were in there and appropriate adjectives.. I mean come on thats what educated people do! GTFOH with you bitter ass!

    @AJ – I agree man, its not the point hes selling stuff wack hats or bitting off people its capitlzing and insight on how to make that name and brand for yourself.

  • The Facade

    lol at all the people mad the poisoned koala guy took a few minutes to put some thought behind a post. OMG you wrote like 100 words???? you a hater dogggg.
    I guess you guys want everyone to just say everybody is dope and never write more than 15 words?
    I got your back koala not all rap fans are uneducated fuckholes.
    Good on you for holding rap radar accountable for putting up posts targeted at the lowest common denominator of society.

  • JOHNYblaze

    Man i wont hate on bro because I bought a HNIC snapback last year not because of the hype , but because it was on dr jays for 23 shipped and i liked it.

    On top of that i have worked for a streetwear / urbanwear clothing that was ALL off the strength of marketing back in the myspace days, and physical presence in the streets.

    Cant knock the guy but there definitely has been TOO much attention given to him, rather than just his works. I mean IT really isnt that hard to take the font off your favorite album and throw it onto something because the brand I used to work for did just that with shirts that matched all new sneaker releases, and believe me we were doing it up with bringing back OLD SCHOOL nike insprired fonts/graphics.

    Just give the dude the props FOR actually being the one to DO it and shit literally. He deciced fuck it ima try it out and see what happens.

  • Mishal

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  • 40oz is a bum ass nigga

    his shit is all biting and copying i make 10 racks a day off being intelligent and creative not copying established brands..

    fuck this lame

  • LikeJordan45

    I showed up to dress down RR for even giving this guy a spotlight but Facade and koola held it down, great points in their comments.

  • I love listening to this nigga interviews so much knowledge being dropped

  • @ MyOpinionOnScreen
    Nope . Gave it a chance. It’s called an unbiased opinion
    I don’t like the guy and what he stands for , but I thought perhaps he had something to offer

    @ B.Dot
    Nope. Mac Diesel writes 4 lines, like you. Learn to write scrub

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    An albatross on journalism/interviewers/credibility. That’s what these bloggers are. tsk tsk

  • @ LikeJordan45
    Thank YOU for NOT supporting a guy who’s only claim to fame are knock off hats
    a teenager’s site to asses
    & blunts, late night fried food & twitter hoes

    @ The Facade
    Thanks . @ B. Dot thinks we’re all stupid. He says so in his replies to anyone on Twitter that doesn’t agree with him or shows him that he’s being a hypocrite. (like his Pro-Ross/Anti Chief Keef/Trinidad junk). So they post an interview on a guy who offers nothing but the worst of this culture. A guy who glorifies get rich quick scams. What can ya do, when those who have the spotlight point it at pumpkin head w/”1500 dollar shoes”. Wow, expensive shoes.
    Teach us more.

    @ MaClarte
    I think you misplace your attempt at condemnation when you attack me. the word “homie” can be used by anyone , but never in a setting that matters. You have your “bachelors degree” , well did you tell shake the hand of the president of your school as he handed you your sheepskin and say “thanks homie”! Probably not. 40 Oz can speak as he wishes, but I don’t have to sit here and salute a mumble mouth who’s face only lit up when some random girl walked past him with some cheeks. We just have different standards, I guess. YES, I can write well & quickly because writing is simply my thing. MATH , on the other hand, is my Achilles heel.

  • Chris

    @p0is0nedkoola is cornball and a wanna be. while he disses b-dot and others, he’s on rap radar everyday writing long ass dissertations. fuck outta here with u 189 twitter followers

  • @ Chris it’s 190 now
    I only write occasionally actually.
    Thanks for checking out my twitter

    @p0is0nedkoola btw <——————————

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Well, you almost wrote in complete sentences. At least you used "dissertations" in your incomplete sentence. I've done my job.

  • TonySol

    40 is a scum. He does an illegal bbq with like 2 cases of cheap beer without a park permit in a park you have to cross a highway in order to reach it, a dimly lit, unlit park , with underage kids no music and nobody who actually legitimate neighborhood business or social representations in the areas he does the bbq, recycles porn a tumblr, and hypes his brand as well as any conartists on American Greed and is now a success story. Props to the kid.