Big Tymers Reuniting With Drake ?

Since disbanding a decade ago, Mannie Fresh and Birdman haven’t been on good terms. But during Lil Wayne’s Supra sneaker launch last week, Weezy told MTV that the group may be reuniting and bringing Drake into the fold. That’s real big.

One of the projects that comes before Tha Carter V may be a sequel to Tunechi and Birdman’s collaborative 2006 Like Father, Like Son album, but that wasn’t the most surprising project Weezy mentioned. “Possibility of that, possibility of a Big Tymers album, adding Drake,” Weezy said. “But that kid is so busy, it’s all kind of possibilities.”

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  • Huh?

    if Mannie Fresh not making the beats and rapping ….its not a Big Tymers project

  • StarFox64

    this the last thing hip hop needs is mannie fresh linking up with birdman, this shoulda been years ago if anything..

  • Black Shady

    SMH I hope Mannie doesnt get back with these snakes

  • Tdac

    fuck drake

  • p

    i swear this would be classic

    birdman must wanna start payin niggas

  • COOL..

    thank u Tdac..

  • mac DIESEL



    • B.Dot

      Oh boy, here comes Marco.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot





    This is the first time in a minute Wayne seemed normal in a video. Guess he’s realizing that those seizures aint no joke.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Dante

    Seriously he need to get rid of “The Carter” as an album title; just adding numbers to the end of it is getting old. Get some originality.
    At least when Jay Z did it, he had other albums in between or hyphenated titles to add to the Blueprint.

  • JOHNYblaze

    Im down for a bigtymer reunion , mothafuckers i bought all they albums from 99-01, mannie fresh is to the new modern south what biggie was to the flow.

  • The Facade

    This is the last place on the planet Drake belongs
    A bad project would destroy the Big Tymers legacy, hopefully this isn’t just a money grab and they try to put out some quality.

  • Gotta get them Mannie Fresh beats back in rotation…things ain’t been the same

  • chris

    check the rill reason behing the seizures over at

  • County Of Kings

    they gonna squeeze every last bit of drake until he is burned out. treating that nigga like a running back before his contract is up, then they gonna frachise tag the nigga

  • LikeJordan45

    @County of Kings lmaooooooo

    That’s real talk though. Aubrey needs to do his knee cartilage a favor and find the exit before Stunna and Slim bleed him dry.

  • Danja

    drake does not fit with big tymers LOL

  • DK

    I sometimes completely forget Drake’s with YMCMB; you know, what with him having talent and all…

  • Rozay

    @County of King HAHAHAHAHAH

    that’s a damn good analogy, Drake better take his talents to South Beach I mean Roc Nation when his contract is up, not since Eminem has anyone been more critically and commercially acclaimed in their first 2 album.

  • Rozay

    in hiphop

  • PMC

    @DANTE I agree! The fact that Wayne should change his album title’s but SO SHOULD EVERYBODY ELSE! This “Carter” shit BEEN ran into the ground! He hopped on Jay testicles & never let go. All of a sudden it gave OTHERS the go ahead to start adding numbers to their album title’s? MOTHAFUCKAS IS LAZY! Loso Way 2? CMON FAB. Doe or Die 2? CMON AZ. OBCL2? CMON CHEF! and so on and so on… What happened to the creativity in album title’s? I think they forgot that THAT ALSO ties into a project being timeless & classic. But what do I know, I’m just an MC born in ’87.

    As far as this BIG TYMERS project with Drake? NAH. Niggas always wanna dig up some shit & reinvent it SMH Make NEW timeless music! PERIOD. Oh but we talking about YMCMB, my fault.

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  • bbreezy

    This is crazy!! These are some busta ass ni**az! NO people don’t rock like this but they don’t rep us anyway….wayne and birdman need to be ashamed of themselves but they kiss each other all day so why should they? #no4real #gomannie

  • Carlos Reyos

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