Born Sinner Ep.1: Kay Cole

Still haven’t gotten to know Kay? Well today, J.Cole launched his Born Sinner web series and in the first episode, his mom Kay Cole, speaks on her son retiring her from the Post Office. That makes for one helluva Mother’s Day gift. Born Sinner drops June 25th.

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  • COOL..


  • Truth

    Cole World

  • michelle michelle


  • M.T

    wow good for her.

    Born Sinner will be album of the year.

  • Nathaniel

    that was some real shit. i can’t help but compare what cole is doing to what wale is doing, since their roll out is almost simultaneous, and i gotta say… cole’s angle is so much more human than wale’s. this is gonna hurt wale in 2013. this nigga cole, though. he’s ready.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Honestly

    Dope….. Jus Dope. Born Sinner seems like its gonna be game changing.

  • the brain trust

    This was nice.

    Rhymes rooted in reality>>>>Fabricated tales

  • Skinny

    Something real

  • LOL

    album better be better than his debut, real talk.

  • The Facade

    Compare this story with your boy Rick Ross’ story and think about who’s single you buy on iTunes or who’s album you pay money for. This is real shit, hopefully Cole has a long successful career.
    If the album is anything like Truly Yours 2 that he just dropped I have no doubt it will do big numbers.
    J Cole = real human being
    MMG = a facade
    Keep em coming BDot

  • can’t way for born sinner.

  • He’s still young and hasn’t completely established himself yet, how could he afford telling his mom to quit her job? what about her pension?

    This was really heartfelt. Gah!, I want him to succeed more than ever now.

  • Royce da 5’9 was interviewed by the Breakfast Club and he still hasn’t been able to retire his dad from the postal service…and he’s been in the game a long time.

  • Word

    Wow. That was deep. I can only dream about being able to do something like this for my momma. Maybe one day. This is very motivational.

  • JHP

    His mom actually delivered mail around my town: Anderson, SC. I’ve never had a conversation with her or anything, but I always thought that was kind of cool knowing that one of my favorite rappers has a small connection to my town. I don’t know if she still lives here in Anderson or not, but I’m glad that her son succeeded and now he’s providing for her. That’s just grown man shit right there, this was a cool video. Born Sinner 300k the first week, at least!

  • What are her plans now that she is retired?

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ really dude? SMH

    On another note, that’s cool. Anyone son would be happy to have his mom retire. That’s whats up.

  • Black Shady

    COLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 25th

  • Jax


  • Real Hip Hop! Fuck your tired ass hood, crime, wankster story!

    Cole World!

    —Truth Will Out

  • yeaHOE

    this is uncomfortable to watch, between J.Cole and Wale album trailers I don’t know who is more self-important. Someone needs to reel these dudes back in. We’re still in the early stages of this new media age though, eventually people will figure out how to effectively use these platforms–and shit like this will look very silly.

    Is this intended to make me want to buy the album so his Mom can stay retired?..To gain some type of admiration for him and all his nobility?..These rappers better make better use of my attention while they have it.

  • BSJ2513

    This would be EPIC EPIC EPIC!!! if this was the intro to Born Sinner. Cole about to make another modern day classic.
    Born Sinner>>>>>Cole World: The sideline story.

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