Ja Rule Released From Prison


Ja Rule was released from the Mid-State Correctional Facility in New York this morning after completing a majority of his two year bid on weapons charges.

Instead of going home though, he was remanded to another facitily to complete the rest of his sentence on tax evasion charges. According to the AP, he should be free in less than six months.

UPDATE. According to N.O.R.E, Loki’s home! Will have to remain on home confinement until July 28th.

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  • So the big news is that he went from one jail to another? ooook

  • Love/Hate

    This nigga is so irrelevant that I didn’t even know he was in prison….

  • E$CO

    You cared to comment tho…

  • brollya

    now he is a example of how fake the industry is… niggaz a claim to be yo friend wen u on top but wen u down niggaz aint helpin out… i aint heard no one from murder inc or his so called industry fans reach out… niggaz a learn

  • Aubrey Graham

    Sad story b

  • Johnson

    I hear his made some new friends with rapists and child molesters

  • Yeezus Christ

    wow he has a really big penis

  • Yeezus Christ

    69 inches thats crazy mines only like 7


    lol look at that nigga his eyes tell the sad story of a man who got ass raped by a deebo lookin nigga in his cell “you better take this dick if u want top bunk nigga! grrr”

  • How Wonderful…

    Sad. the prison stress put some age on him. Its amazing how stress can make someone age significantly in such a short time.

  • DK

    This comment thread has waayy too much penis talk for anyone’s own good…

  • hannibal lecture

    Hes got street cred now lmao

  • veesky

    I think it sucks that he couldn’t just serve the sentences concurrently. The Feds don’t play man *smh*


  • ayyeee

    When he is released, he’s gonna team up with J-Lo and make them bangers!

  • Sharukh

    Keep your head up Ja.

  • Devante

    Lets go!!!!!


  • Evil

    By the look of that pic,it looks like he has had a rough couple of years as someones prison bitch

  • Dreddo

    Anybody who not feeling ja is mainly because of 50 cent. Think for yourself smh

  • Balla

    Where’s Ja?

  • 50cent ‏@50cent Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.


  • From jail to another jail damn !


    how do you get released then sent to another prison? where they do that at?

  • Mike Jones??

    Pay your taxes knuckleheads…

  • Mr Heat

    LOL dude looks like shit. The look fits him tho!

  • Black Chalk


    need beats?

    the real^

  • majormar

    5-0 said he might not make it out but he did another L for da monkey curley. Funny how murder inc whole crew ends up n legal troubles besides anshawnti n lloyd who decided to leave before the ship sank

  • JOHNYblaze

    DAMN! sad pic, bro, for anyone whose been locked up or knows anyone who has for atleast a couple years. IDK why Im LOL but sheesh.

  • Money pouch

    Niggas thats clownin him only had traffic infractions , internet thugs , free ja

  • slick

    somebody put their hands on him, look at his face

  • Steve

    I Wish Prison On No one.. That being said…he had the beef with FIF under control… The day I heard him mention Eminems Daughter I Knew It Was A Rap For His Rap career…smh… Still A fan Though… Compared To most rappers He is pretty good…he Just Ignored How good Em was… He’ll have a decent comeback, he just gotta come correct and get new fans….

  • ies

    50 and Em crushed this man !


    yea Ja Rule Career is over i remember the post of him going to serves his two years and just crazy how when i see this post i think damn he has really did two years already when your on the bottom of your career like that its time to put the exec mask on and scout some talent or invest in another venture

  • KBZ


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  • Black Shady

    OH SHIT!!! He’s back to takeover

    ITS MURDAAAAAAAAAAAA…….NOT! he been done for 10 yrs

  • LOL

    Ja Rule > The Entire G-Unit

    50 Cent is a pop tart, Ja Rule did it big before 2 quarter water started. that nigga probably set Murder Inc up with the feds and had the nigga indicted

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Cant wait to the rumors of him signing to MMG come next week.

  • df

    salute the legend ja he had the radio on lock 2000-2002

  • DK

    I’m not afraid to say it: I’m fucking rooting for Ja Rule. I’m one of the six people who bought PIL2 and it was a solid album. It’s insane that people bash this dude for being whatever and then go on to listen to French Montana and Rick Ross. Best of luck to Mr. Atkins. Don’t go all Shyne on us, now…

  • The Wise

    ^ damn u bought that trash..i feel bad for ur wallet

  • brandonpitts

    Wouldn’t wish jail on anyone other then those who hurt others.

  • brandonpitts

    ROFL @Balla…. WHERES JA!

  • zeee

    another old school nigger no one cares about

  • Playboy69

    Ja-Rule is going to call Future to get his style back!…LOL!

  • LIMB0


  • Dream On

    I always thought this dude made pretty decent music. Not the best but worlds better than alot of music back then. Shit even now sometimes..

  • The bigger shock is that he kept the same mustache