Kanye Previews New Music At Met Gala

Kanye attended the Met Gala’s after-party last night in New York and performed a few new tracks including the rumored new single, “I Am A God”.

DJ A-Trak and a few others provided Vine clips throughout the evening. “I Am A God” is supposedly set to debut May 18 during Ye’s SNL performance. Vogue’s planning to release HD footage of last night’s performance on Friday.

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  • Faded

    Kanye is the smartest motherfucker in the world man. i dont care if you think hes crazy cause i do, but this man knows what hes doing

  • Reply

    You aint no god lol what a tard

  • Capricorn Religion

    Hmmmm. Can’t really tell which direction the music will go. One track had auto tune, the next had a upbeat techno beat, and, the “I Am God” needs more than 7 seconds for me to even describe what that was

    None the less, I can’t wait to act like I’m a critic when this comes out. Then, enjoy the music later

  • it’s the roc

    damn vine, is this how all footage is going to start to be? 6 second chops?

  • HUH

    WTF 7 sec Why even post this shit

  • Yeezy

    That first clip sounds so familar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dob3NsIcZc8

  • Slim Baller

    Fuck kanye. If “I Am God” (which he is not) doesn’t scream arrogance than I don’t know what does.

  • MrHipHop

    Im just wondering who took the time out to post a 7 secs preview?? Only Kanye lol ——> http://www.datpiff.com/Supa-Supamuzik-mixtape.401733.html

  • childish

    fuck satan fuck kanye


    lmao the fuck i jus watch ? this nigga said i am a god and screamed

  • basedboy909

    Psalms 86:6
    “I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.”

    You guys are ignorant as fuck

  • CJF

    stupid 7 second VINE clips

  • brza

    “Something something I am God. Something something I am better than all of you.” – Kanye West

  • the brain trust

    LOL. Well that was uninformative

  • Yeezy

    That first clip sounds so familiar – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dob3NsIcZc8

  • Nathaniel


    bout time black people start waking up and claiming their divinity, son. you ain’t no inferior minority. you’re god. let’s get it.

  • Nathaniel

    white people mad cuz a black man said he god. y’all niggas been playing god for thousands of years. the jig is up. black self-hating people mad, too. don’t let kanye make you feel lesser. you are god, too.

  • Honestly

    I love how this is a hip hop site yet no one know what a metaphor is…. Y’all hate jus to hate.. Read a book since you board

  • County Of Kings

    i’m a god too. peace god

  • J

    I can’t believe people are getting knocked from this; it’s a title of a song, it’s Hip Hop, it’s Yeezy. What were you expecting? You CAN expect the the song will be nothing short of genius coming from Kanye.

    Also, the song title is I Am “A” God, not I Am Thee God or I Am God. Completely different meanings. The spoken word weaved through the song is going to explain the title itself. Chill…

  • 7 Seconds, REALLY!!!!! Im not feeling the title “i’m a God” ,love Kanye but, not feeling the title!!! kinda disrespectful!

  • LIMB0



    HA LIMB0

  • Original Ty

    I’ve been saying for some time that Ye is on some ol’ Pharaoh stuff now. Hence the shendyt (royal apron) or what some are calling a skirt, and the song title “I Am A God” (Pharaohs thought they were gods) . If he’s not already, he may soon be wearing khol around his eyes, most will probably just call it eyeliner. IMO he’s not on some gay skirt stuff nor Scottish kilt stuff. He’s on an Egyptian Pharaoh original architects and gods kick.

    I think we’ll start to see it impact his musical choices the way we see it impacting his style and fashion choices.