Naughty By Nature Break Up?


It appears that not all is well between Treach and Vinnie. Last night, Treach logged onto his Twitter account and handed his partner a pink slip.

Vinnie from NAUGHTY BY NATURE is Officially FIRED!! Anything he does besides shows til Sept is Frugazy!! Fuck him & the Ground he Walks!! Anybody that fucks with that Bitch ass Nigga Don’t Fuck with Me!!

Afterwards, Vin Rock responded, sorta, via Instagram. No word on what caused rift, but hopefully the issue is resolved.

UPDATE: Vinnie reacts on the situation:

I’m waking to drama. Spoke to my publicist. Silence is Golden. In the meantime Business 101: You can’t Fire the Owner ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • Dennis B.

    smh totally immature

  • Facts

    I miss the days when people shot each others families instead of using twitter

  • bawseOGPurp

    who cares. they grandpa’s

  • Negronese

    First QTip and Phife then Hav and P now Treach and Vinnie.

  • it’s the roc

    twitter has made hip hop so corny. who wants to bet me that a single comes out of this “break up”?

  • nooooooo!

    i really hope this is a publicity stunt.

  • DeadPrez

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAAA!!! Yes rap radar.. You are so on the cutting edge of everything that’s relevant in Hip Hop..

  • Black Shady


  • does anyone give a shit ?

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    I ant no they was still working.

  • donniebrasko

    Fuck you too treach, ain’t no naughty by nature without vinnie or kay gee so don’t start talkin shit. If he’s out, then you’re all out. Don’t try that destiny’s child bullshit here with us, we ain’t havin it!

    And don’t bitch out and say your twitter was hacked ain’t no hacker got time for 19k fans

  • Tucq

    Both them Niggaz need to stop. They’ve been homies for a thousand years, and unless somebody slept with somebody’s wife or some shit like that, then the beef aint shit.

  • sweatset

    who cares???????? they were never that great to begin with

  • brokeisadisease

    Uhhhh, did I somehow wake up in 1995???

  • zeee

    i dont get it a post about preserving hip hop deleted? boy these white folks have it on lock.

  • Post no billz

    And in other news that would’ve mattered 20 years ago…

  • chris

    anybody who cares about this should stay away from

  • County Of Kings

    so basically the group doesnt exist, if it aint no vinnie it aint no group. wasnt nobody lookin for a treach album back in those days anyway

  • G

    Naughty by nature been broke up for YEARS

  • Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    Say it ain’t fucking so man. Hopefully this shit will be resolved so fuck that beef shit man that shit is played out.

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  • Real Talk

    Damn Treach & Kay Gee shined some light on this shit on the Juan Epstein podcast. Shit was CRAZY!

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