New Music: Mobb Deep “Life We Chose (Remix)”

Mobb Deep In Concert

Havoc’s 13 is in stores today. And to commemorate the release, Hav reunites with P on wax for the remix of one of the album’s tracks. Their 20th anniversary tour kicks off Thursday in the Chi.


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  • prai$e

    beat is fire. verses are fire.

  • Rozay

    Runnin on E by 2pac case closed.

  • Sierra Tango

    Mob Sleep

  • JOHNYblaze

    LETS GOO!! Yall was “raised off our shit!”
    Infamous Mobb Deep with THEE Prodigy “God MC” of my generation b.
    Name me a rapper from 1996 on WASNT directly influenced or bit something from P?! Think even legends or greats…..

  • Rozay

    @ JOHNYblaze Just fuck Rakim huh? that’s who prodigy got his flow from, listen to can’t feel my pain on H.N.I.C and don’t tell me that shit don’t sound like Rakim, so that is the influence.

  • overrated

    hav on coke.

  • JOHNYblaze

    @Rozay BRUH comeon prodigy is MY generations rakim, notice how i said MY GENERATION. LOL i was born in 87, rakim was all aready that nigga then.

  • Rozay

    @JOHNYblaze no offense but I doubt that you were born in 87 with a name like JOHNYblaze, and don’t say it’s from ghost rider, that sounds like shit niggas said it the mid to late 90’s like Method Man, Pun D.Dot on biggie mad rapper skits, so I doubt a lil nigga in grade school would be thinking about that, If you were born in 1987 Prodigy is not your generation, Prodigy was born in 1974 Fam, that’s a full thirteen years older than you, no disrespect.

  • JOHNYblaze

    Um yea johnyblaze came from several ideas, mainly from John Blaze the track by Big Pun fat joe nas jada and shit. I was listening to hip hop by 98 broski which made me 11, its NOT hard to believe.

    Thats like saying any young fam u have now arent aware of rap music. I wasnt refering to my generational peer, but my generation as in from the earliest moments i listented to this rap music shit. So what would be my generation then bow wow, tyga and drake?? No those would be my peers born in the same generational period.

    As ONTOP of that I mentioned what I did about Prodigy because since the first time I heard his flow BACK then it was truly unique to every other rapper that i had been hearing. Lastly, then ALL I can say is Pun, Fat Joe, Biggie for instance have sampled P’ quotes. Eminem in 8mile was hyped off P. Pac , Jay z and Nas mentioned him countless times, why?

  • Willy Lump Lump

    This is Crack, Pit, And Kush all in one blunt!!!

  • Rozay

    And yet and still everybody you mentioned are in their forties, or damn near forty, so I ask again how is Prodigy your generation, Bow Wow, Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar, are all YOUR generation, they were born in 1987, not Prodigy who is damn near 40, it’s ok you don’t have to lie to kick it, you sounding like Mr Cee right now with your story, doesn’t matter to me either way.

  • Cali

    Prodigy is back! Been listening to his Alcehmist joints from the past 2 years, dude is definitely stepping his bars up majorly!

  • polopope

    s/o to hav for writing p’s verse

  • JOHNYblaze


    BRO AGAIN what did I say wrong for u to come off like bitter?? Are you mad I didnt mention Rakim on a Prodigy post?

    So in what sense or under what term should I use to refer to the moment that I started listening to rapmusic consiously thru till today?? I only know to use the word my generation for that period of time.

    And HA nigga , just look at it like this. What is it Im lying about? or what doesnt add up?? First albums I had in my posession were in 98, the DMX its dark and hell hot ,and FAT JOES don cartagena. An older cousin left them in my house, I simply listened, and understood it my own way then.

    U might be from PRODIGYS generation, so thats why you dont know how shit has worked more modernly. By 2000 I was already 13, with the internet listening to ALL artists, all the violator niggas, Infamy album, etc and were talking about back in 2000. So in THOSE 13 years, from which at that moment i was already 13 till now I have “DUG THRU THE CRATES” so to speak with the power of the internet to get to my rap knowledge at this point.

    U must be like 35 plus, and are getting dudes in the 23-30 range confused with the younger college and under crowd. A 17 year old now CAN tell you about who was hot in 07, think about it.

  • zeee

    who cares about these old ass old school nigger. no one care. they had their chance and fucked it up. lets move on from there dumb asses.NOW ONE CARE ABOUT OLD SCHOOL HIP HOP

  • 16 throw

    Prodigy verse is fire!
    Good to heat them togheter again.

  • creo

    Rozay u sound stupid! Everybody knows prodigy style is the most mimic style from the 90s. He invented the tough talk rap. ZeeE u sound stupid too old school stay knocking 2this day.

  • matrix

    Yo johny blaze you shouldnt be going bacc and forth with that clown ass nigg he got to be retarded not to understand what you meant by thats your generation….fugg outta here…

  • productofme

    Prodigy’s lyrics are some of the most sampled in hip hop. His influence on the game should never go under questioning #facts

  • Rozay

    Nigga’s dissing the shit out of Prodigy are some of the most classic disses in Hip Hop history too, fact, I,E 2pac Jay-Z Pac, see Takeover and hit em up, plus dude been robbed beat up countless times, his own rap partner said that he takes it up the ass, all you Prodigy stans are or were prolly some dirty ass fake ass broke bootleg stick-up kids, saying dun every other word, dude stayed takin L’s when going up with the big boys only dirty lil niggas respected him.

  • Rozay

    So all the lyrics that were so called sampled and used can’t be taken seriously because all the L’s he took, how are you gonna talk all this gangsta shit but get your ass whooped all the time, nigga loses credibility off that alone, fuck outta here.

  • 16 throw

    Haha @rozay
    You are ridiculous …. Who’s the Stan?
    We like the music …. You like what media
    Writes and other rappers say bout some other
    Prodigy is a legend, rapveteran easy as that
    It’s written in stone ain’t nothin you can do bout it… Suck it easy wodeyyyy

  • JOHNYblaze

    LMAO rozay this is fun bruh lets do this more often seriously.

    Thats like saying Tupac inspired Niggas to be hard and rebel, also. Did Tupac Amaru Shakur the ballarina, actor turned Pop Rapper , then latter part of his career turning into Public Enemy #1. Thats like me saying Tupac got killed cause he was pussy, thats the majorest L though believe it or not.

    MADDDDDDDDDDD rappers have talked that talk, plenty have gotten robbed, some have made it unscaved, but your boy Pacs mouth look where it got him. Prodigy is dope, and I realized that before I realized he pretty much influenced all my other FAVS in one way or another. My tops would be PUN, BIGGIE, EM, P and NAS, and ALL of them have had dudes name come out their mouths.

    Go shave your head and throw up westside with ur thuglife tattoo LOL, while grabbing ur crotch area. I hate sounding blashpamous towards Pac, but come on dudes dust. Thats the biggest LOSS you can take in your LIFE.

    End transmission.

  • JOHNYblaze

    PS and your right around 2000ish I was a dirty grimey LIL nigga. Maybe thats why I fucked with this shit. But I also learned HOW TO MANUVER thru the streets believe it or not. Not 1 bullet, not 1 slice, came up on plenty fuckers for sneakers back then, but isnt that what this RAP music shit was about?!