New Video: French Montana “Ain’t Worried About Nothin”

With Diddy and Rozay by his side, French Montana holds one helluva block party in his brand new video. Directed by Eif Rivera. Excuse My French drops May 21.

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  • JOHNYblaze

    EHH this one sucks. I like french montana the artist, he was at his best right after max b went in though honestly.

    WTF is this shit!?!?! When niggas make this lane of ignorant shit I really do wish bad upon them, cause they asked for it.

    Theres a thin line of stunting and humbleness, and I KNOW french only getting BY with that slick talk cause hes feeding niggas around him that love leeching and being on the scene.

  • matrix

    Lol stop hating this nigg be putting out some wacc ish but this shit is a banger…too catchy not to like lol nigg when you wavy and you hear this joint come on you spazzing…Chuuch…

  • Gretsky

    bruh bruh..
    U just gonna bite off Future?????
    RIP NY

    Free the wave

  • mike

    If french wins, then bigavali wins. Pardon the Wave

  • Kali

    this shit’s pretty awful

  • The lyrics are basic as fuck!, but this joint is still banging!!! I give it a good 7 out of 10!!!

  • Catch up niggas

    Is this real life.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Remember where you heard it FIRST, this album is going to be PUSHED back.

  • Fuck Your Opinion


  • Da truf

    Worst song ever



  • brollya

    jus imagine being by this nigga and all he saying is “aint worried bout nothin ” lik 5 times….. he spit lik 8 bars on the verses den said i aint worried bout nothin lik the whole 16 bars hunnnnnnnnnnnn……. dat shit is annoying after a while

  • Dub town

    Please listen to n8i (Nate o) on datpiff the mixtape is f.y.f.r I promise it won’t disappoint y’all let this bullshit ride every post .give actual talent a chance..thanx

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    terrible. Diddy puts out a lot of hot garbage that burns ear drums

  • MrSkeezyMak

    This dude is just fucking awful. Makes 2chainz look like a lyrical genius. Makes Gucci sound like a dope MC.

  • changeclothz

    Damn this is a biggg joke………..

  • 730

    This nigga has the audacity to rep th BX in this vid? Shameful

  • CJF

    this is the best song ever………………….

    how can diddy have the lox & big, then go to mgk & french, fucking disaster.


    this song wacc as hell BUT if i have the right amount of alcohol in my system and it dropped at the right time in the club, i will own it! it might just work

  • arab yelling nigga every sec shm song is wack that song from hot79 crew is even better and they joking

  • As Real As It Gets

    Now really? Who’s hotter than French in the hood??? Excuse My French is gonna do its numbers.

  • Midieheme


  • ThatGuy

    should through drake on it, would of been a hit!

  • holdthat5

    yall acting like this dont play in tha club yall wont be jammin to this!!! #TurnUP !!!
    this isa straight stunting track for the moment when ur your being ignorant n stunting