Cipha & Rosenberg “Ratchet, Turn Up, Molly”

Video killed the radio star. But Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg are taking their show on the road as The Turn Up Twinz. Here’s their debut video featuring three of the most commonly used terms in the game.

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  • Nathaniel

    these niggas mocking southern rap. period.

  • Troofy

    Very good since its all a joke now! Big and PAC can’t believe what rap has turned into.Even jay Hov and em is confused but going along with it cuz it dont affect them

  • Whut?

    @Nathaniel…Annnnnd you seriously take offense to this??? You do realize at this point “Southern Rappers” don’t even respect themselves bro. Fact is, Southern Rap IS A JOKE. Point blank. Not a debate. I thank these niggas for this video. Real talk.

  • Dashing

    This isn’t about southern rap. There are tons of southern rappers that this wouldn’t apply to: Big Krit, Scarface, T.I, Outkast, Yelawolf, Bun B, Little Brother, etc.

    It’s about wack cliched rap that doesn’t talk about anything and just repeats buzz words, like ratchet, turnt up, twerk, and molly.

  • The Other P


  • Whut?

    @Dashing…IE. The greater majority of Southern Rap. Plese defense is not necessary. I love and respect the artists you named also. Just a sad fact. The majority reflects this sub-standard from of rap.

  • Wow, did hell freeze? Pigs flying? RR never posts any of Rosenberg’s parody stuff

  • rahrahrah

    These guys going to be on the remix to the new Montana song?

  • Dashing

    @Whut, this feels closer to Montana (from the Bronx) than anyone else… Besides, these days a track with a “southern trap beat” could easily be an East Coast, Midwest, or West Coast artists. Shit, even a Canadian.

  • Post no billz

    After kanye had that Molly line in mercy a year ago everyone wanted to rap bout that shit.. the originality is at an all time low.. the lyrics to this sound like any french Montana,weezy,Ross,trinadad james,tyga etc etc struggle bars.. way to put up a mirror to hip hop.. I feel like if this wasn’t an obvious satire it would be take seriously cus everything sounds like this right now

  • Post no billz

    @dashing Ti is guilty of molly,ratchet, turn up raps also

  • zeee

    sadly any one can make hip hop cause this is exactly was it sounds like. white people stay winning.

  • DK

    They should get 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Tyga and Ca$h Out and Future for the remix. This track has their names written all over it!

    It’s depressing how well this song would REALLY fit into hip hop radio rotation today.

  • Dashing

    @post no billz, right, but that hardly defines his music. Common rapped about Molly too, but I don’t think that’s what people think of when they think of him.

  • Rome

    lol You can’t complain about Southern Rap and not support Big KRIT. foh.

    This video is hilarious though. This is exactly what most of mainstream is. We don’t need to eradicate ignorant music, we just need a balance.

  • The Facade

    This corny video wouldn’t exist if unoriginal unintelligent rap music didn’t exist. If you immediately think it’s making fun of southern rap then that’s all you need to say about the current state of rap music coming from the south.
    If this wasn’t meant to be satire Rick Ross would probably jump on the remix
    #MMG #TheFacade

  • mac DIESEL

    It’s depressing how well this song would REALLY fit into hip hop radio rotation today.


    ………SAD BUT TRUE!!!!


  • TrueStory

    @mac DIESEL

    True ! These dudes are mad because cipha & rosenberg just summed up what their current favorite rappers sound like haha. Face it, everyone sound the same and you lames eat that wack shit up. Cipha & Rosenberg won.

  • Whut?

    @Dashing You have a valid point. Not trying to cast blame completely on the south (I live here). However, do you blame the mother or the children? Either way…its a problem as a whole.

  • Nathaniel


    the mockery is of the style. not the content. visit any coast in america, and you’ll find the same subject matter that is in some southern rap music, there. the style itself isn’t worthless, but when you try to attach an intelligence level to that style, that’s the problem, and since the south is often likened to ignorance because of our style, they mock our style. and to whatever degree our style (regardless of what we’re saying) mirrors something east coast, for instance, the mockery stops. that’s my issue, and that was pimp c, outkast, and lil wayne’s issue with what was called “rapper racism.”

  • Nathaniel

    “region haters,” and other shit.

  • REmarcable88

    if i just heard the song and did not see the video….I would think that this is a real song that could be on the radio now

  • As Real As It Gets

    Genius! Love their morning show.

  • Zaki

    this is truly the greatest video on this website ever… haahahhah im dying… this is sooooo great

  • it’s the roc

    haha, nice! great video and statement. literally ANYONE can rap now. theres little to no separation between most of those that are on and us commenters except for time and resources.

  • Just Saying

    Funny these guys will make fun of these current rappers and it won’t change the fact they still have to play these same lame songs on their stations.

  • It’s a joke.

    If you mad at this then you just as whack as the people they are making fun of.

  • I read somewhere in these comments that this was a shot at “Southern Rap” which is totally off basis. The Many overused terms in Hip Hop that Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds were making fun of are said in every part of North America including “Molly” (who I believe Bronx, NY representer French Montana uses a lot) and “YOLO” (Canada’s own Drake). I could keep going through examples but these first two alone kills any notion that its a shot at the South.

  • crysis

    ROFL ROFL ROFL. Classic

  • Foreign luccini


  • Aubrey Graham

    You’re blind if you think they’re poking fun @ the south. They’re making fun of the current style of music that garnered national radio play with commonly used terms. Fun thing is if this was a blank video w/ no knowledge of it being rosenburg & ciph cats would feel this joint. thats 100 talk