Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Can’t Hold Us” Hits No.1

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform At The 31st Annual Burton US Open

Two weeks after scoring another platinum plaque, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ single is now the number one song in country. The duo make Billboard history as the only group to have their first two singles hit the top of the charts. Congratulations! Cop The Heist here.

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  • imperial85

    Excellent execution. They won!

  • yessir

    and if they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up! nothing but respect for macklemore

  • Slim Baller


  • pptheTRUTH

    I guess I shall listen to this cd.. I know my own opinion and blah blah blah is why I should listen to it.. But the majority of the people I see tweeting or talking about this at work or out at the bars are these fag types that I never would wanna hang out with.. I dont mean gay fag I mean fag fags. Its not a good pull for me or a good recommendation.yeah so what you like this shit you also think skinny jeans are a god send plaid looks good on someone besides al borland.. and you used to be into ed hardy(anyone remember that) and before that you were into von dutch.. Its just a bunch of people who love the present and dont think much of their past or their future.. I aint into that.

  • Black Shady

    I was one of the doubters. Didnt believe the whole “no label backing us up”
    after hearing their 2 singles COUNTLESS TIMES on the radio…I gotta say congrats man!! just wow

  • Yo

    Dude is real. He’s independent completely and he’s a great storyteller with his music waaaaay better than 90% of the hip hop out there right now.

  • zeee

    yay white people. we winning.

  • Evil

    Congrats to them.
    Will be interesting to see if they can follow up this success with their next cd.

  • Dro

    This is what scarface has been tryin to say…white boys rapping and the culture shifted…mac miller,mgk,etc

  • e

    I’m glad to see this niggas getting money but with that being said macklemore is an ok rapper with a huge following he’s not close to Cole , krit or anyone on tde lets be honest his flow is horrible but besides em name a white rapper that dosent .

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    Two weeks after scoring another platinum plaque, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ single is now the number one song in country. The duo make Billboard history as the only group to have their first two singles hit the top of the charts. Congratulations! Cop The Heist here.



    …………..HA!!!! YOU’RE SUCH A HERB BRIAN!!!!


  • This is the type of success drake would if been having if he went the indie way

  • MHarstad

    LMAO at these being their “first” singles..don’t act like he didn’t strike out for 10 straight years

  • eat a D

    fuckin red necks B smh look at the crowd

  • B.Dot

    Mac DIESEL, who should I make this autograph out to?


    corny ass commenters, this isn’t about white or black, this is about music.

    if you don’t feel this music, then you got a problem.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    Mac DIESEL, who should I make this autograph out to?





  • djrobdice

    This Mac DIESEL and B. Dot beef is very insteresting…lol

  • manistiles

    B.Dot– we’re just puzzled at your continuing “celebration” of him hitting number one’s– NOT cuz his records shouldn’t sale… they should. Yes, he can rap and rhyme. But his image is the typical cartoon image most ‘heads’ hate. I don’t have to tell you about the Mariachi clothes, mid-west hair cut, and built for radio songs…we all been saw that. But it’s your repeated championing him like an underdog, when everyone knew he was cookie-crafted and imaged to win. You went so hard at Hot-97 for not pushing underground rap, we just shocked you keep trying to put him in the same category. He ain’t like an ACTION BRONSON– a white dude who can spit circles around Mack. And he aint like Emenim– white dude forged from the rap battle scene. The blonde and cartoonish Macklemore crafted an Mtv-ready image, fake Nat-dog hooks, and Flo-rida-ish second single. He never needed any help getting ‘on’, especially from you championing him like we all needed to recognize. He was straight from the jump, already set to win.


    i see a lot of racial stuff goin on, and i think it is funny, bc it is totally okay for black rappers to be terrible sell-outs, but it is not okay for a white guy to go platinum with a catchy song.

    what about all them black sell outs like wayne and ross and drake? its okay for those fake rappers to sell out our culture and industry but its not okay for a white guy to have a hit?

    be real, black people been selling out hip hop long before white people got in the game.

  • white and black AGAIN? really?
    my president is black. yours is too.

    why are these people so caught up on image? remember in the 90’s when you only heard a track on the radio without seeing the artist and it blew up? remember buying a single and hearing the jam on the b side?

    remember the days of NO INTERNET. NO BLOGGERS. NO YOUTUBE.

    what did you have?
    feet taping, feel good music

    listen to the album. wash the hate out your mouths with a sam jackson beer and toast already

    FIRST TIME in BILLBOARD HISTORY is what BDOT is saying, the real sidebar to that stat is this song was put out in 2011

    work hard, have respect for yourself and see where it takes you.

    cheers mack

    seattle stays winning!

  • As Real As It Gets

    The fudge packers sure love themselves some mackelfish. Right Brian??

  • COOL..


  • the brain trust

    Agree with those condemning the racial stuff.

    I don’t know why some people think that because they’re black, their disgusting racism is ok.

    If you don’t like dude’s music, that’s cool, but why does his race matter to you?

    I personally think Macklemore is extremely limited as a rapper. Almost ZERO wordplay/punchlines etc, and his flow is horrible. However….. Can’t Hold Us is catchy as fuck.

  • manistiles

    @STINKMEANER, @u mad bro–its not “all about race”…guessing you guys didn’t read my post or others. YOU ARE ACTUALLY “RACE-BAITING”. you’re choosing selective STRAW-MAN arguments no one is making.poor little guys crying “discrimination” –oh poor you, riding for the many poor whiteboys oppressed?! SMDH! Macklemore IS MAKING A CARTOON OUT OF HIP-HOP! I would say the same about Trinidad James. Rapradar’s earlier post of CYPHA & ROSENBERG’s video is a good example (not cuz their race, but the cartoonish image & catchy/idiotic hooks)…we can analyze their race another time. Macklemore’s probably better than Trinidad with word play….though Trin’s witty+uniquer/slow delivery…but catchy, too. Mack’s bordering ‘black face’–even if it’s unintentional. cuz he’s cartooning (not blacks per-se), but a culture that began within black & brown. He’s using rap in a circus-like atmosphere, with imitation Nate-dog hooks., fake-furs and mariachi suits….that’s coon shit no matter what your race (black or white). That’s salt in the wound–kinda like you crying ‘racism’…oh poor exploited you. Macklemore, Trinidad, 2Chainz, are all cartoons– but you two claiming discrimination makes you the worst. Sorry for the long rant, but BS like yours turns my stomach! #HIPHOPISDEADthankstoyou (, you runnin a close second, ha #jk)

  • Frank Black

    Damn I guess Scarface wasn’t joking. The best selling MAJOR rapper of all time is white…Eminem and the best selling INDIE rapper of all time is white…Macklemore. Regardless of their color I think they are both very great artists and make good music. I just hope that the best selling Female Rapper of all time doesn’t end up being Iggy Azaela.

  • the brain trust

    Mack’s bordering ‘black face’–even if it’s unintentional. cuz he’s cartooning (not blacks per-se), but a culture that began within black & brown. He’s using rap in a circus-like atmosphere, with imitation Nate-dog hooks., fake-furs and mariachi suits….that’s coon shit no matter what your race (black or white)

    SMH I hate people like you. Your perpetual cries of imaginary racism undermine actual instances of racial discrimination.

    Hip Hop has never, and can never belong to a specific race of people.
    After all, not all ‘black and brown people’ participated in Hip Hop’s formation.

    He’s not ‘cartooning’ shit. I mean, he clearly likes rap & is making it in his own way. And childishly saying ‘oh poor exploited you’ does nothing for your supposed ‘argument’.

  • racial baiting. homie i aint fishin , and when i do i use DYNOMITE.
    the fact that you think HIP HOP is dead is funny as fuck to me.

    yo son LOGIC is mixed and is doper than ANY of your favorite BLOCK/TRAP artists.

    kanye is mad looney tunes but 60 years from now he will be rememebered as the liberace of hip hop. aint NOTHING wrong with whoever where ever why ever kicking flows no matter how corny no matter how lame to YOU or anyone else with an opinion

    hip hop is an ART FORM has five elements BITCH AND IT WILL NEVER DIE.

    thats like saying art is dead, but as long as children dream and color with crayons outside the lines maybe they could grow up to be a picasso or a monet

    fuck outta here with that its brown and black shit.

    mariachi band is bc its a horn heavy sample DUH.

    coon shit? really fam? thats hillarious. behind the twinkle in your post i can see the hate in you.

    there is absofuckinglutley nothing wrong with NOT SUPPORTING macklemore, why these cats wear it like a badge of honor and claim he is killing the game is ironic.

    bc he is killing it right now and you are just jealous

    whatever dog obviously you dont understand the business side of things and how it works. trust me kiddo i do , so click a link do your research and stop being such a hater….its so 2007 ft birdman wayne and ross

    hip hop dont stop and if you hate mack now just wait for the grammy hype and what this round of success springboards him on to

    they only way you stop him is JOHN LENNON

  • SuperMarioKart64

    Rocking the Mike Bibby Vancouver Grizzlies jersey. Nice (Fabolous voice).

  • Kemosabi

    What’s good w you These dudes are right, you went hard at hot97 last year and we championed you for that…what have you done since? You ride this white boy so hard bruh. Action Bronson is 1000% better then this cookie cutter, you’re wack for the stannery.

  • manistiles

    @the brain trust– you skipped school, too? OK, take a seat, open your notebook next to STINKMEANER+u mad bro. #CULTUREVULTURES now have a crew folks, we already knew they takin over. you don’t know the difference between race and culture? you can’t pick up a book ON TOP OF not knowing about hip-hop? you don’t know the culture SO OF COURSE you don’t think or care you’re a thief. i hadn’t even brought up money/business– i worked for a label, you clown. but, now you’re justifying robbing the culture for pop+financial reasons (and the black rappers do it, so why not you too?) again–not talking money or race , i’m talking culture–get a dictionary. thievery is rampant, but now, you justifying your “reappropriating”…go look that up too . and yes you kept whining on being “discriminated against ” (you, not me) and you still doing it. Please listen to something besides Macklemore, Wayne or 2chainz, this culture and art form existed before them, and before you. You revealed your age and ignorance by your comments. There’s a Bronx museum of hip hop, so try to educate yourself on the culture you and Mack “love” so much. That Bronx neighborhood has also been gentrified like the culture, so ya’ll will feel at home. I’m so over taking your newly “oppressed” crew to school. No shots @B.Dot, but i partially blame you, noting (previous comments). you know better, B!

  • My President is WHITE, and happens to have some black.
    White people winning, and his
    success really brings out that
    racism in you black folk,
    there be lot of racist black folk, especially the ghetto ones y’all

  • dawg just cuz your city b fucking up doesnt mean it has anything to do with music.
    base it off of poor parenting and lack of responsibilty as a person.

    there is absolutley nothing wrong with saying you dont like macklemore….nothing at all

    more power to you

    but saying he is destroying YOUR culture is just dumb .

    dont blame him for drug arrests for crack in a babies diaper
    crack head momma awol baby in the street shit
    lil kid cant read cuz his daddy wasnt around and momma was trying to get dick

    learning about a globe and the countries and capitals not just the continents that you cant even pronounce

    it aint about YOUR block playa its about the WORLD and ALL of our places in it.

    and sometimes just sometimes something special comes along and the whole world gets to share it

    this time it just happens to be mackelmore we as a culture should celebrate our diversity.

    after all outkast sold like 19 milli off them 3 singles in 99 wasnt all homies in the hood that bought that corny single from andre3000


  • manistiles

    finally, here’s what they really think about our culture (^^above^^)– “White people winning” & “crack head momma awol baby in the street shit Lil kid cant read cuz his daddy wasnt around and momma was trying to get dick…” the truth comes out once you expose them. (and said supposedly they “love” our culture) pretty sure @Shady_Site is just a TROLL stirring shit– but @dam son now im the MAD one really believes this. or jus keeps changing screen names once exposed.

  • oh well

    Macklemore is a white boy whiter than white-he’s not even tan
    He raps about his life & his battles w/ addiction (“Starting Over” & ” Neon Catherdal”)
    He released a rap single in support Washingtion Ref 74 for gay marriage and released a great video (this was the single he performed first on TV on Ellen OCT 2012) notice it ain’t platinum
    Can’t Hold Us & “Thrift” are 2 songs out of 18 songs on “The Heist” his album is not pop
    He has no tatts,
    no songs featuring molly,
    hoes & b*tches,
    no pants around his ass,
    no skinny jeans & leggings
    no videos with butt ass naked women, smoking, drinking with guhls on the stripper pole,
    no mansions, maybach’s, rolls and stacks of money, weed and smoke coming from every where
    His posse don’t consist of 10 to 15 black guys hanging around every interview.

    He has kept his rap real about life the majority of us can relate to and not stupid. He’s been doing this for over 10+ years and now that he finally came and he’s indie – now you mad! oh well …

    “Hello haters, Damn y’all mad “- MACKLEMORE


  • oh well

    *came up

  • Cemal

    Fucking love the dude, but B.Dot, do your damn research. ‘can’t hold us’ was the second single, with ‘thrift shop’ being the 5th so don’t talk to me about history

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