New Music: Treach “Tall Midget (Vin Rock Diss)”


Naughty no! Following Treach’s comments about Vinny, he let his pen do the talking on this new diss. He tells AHH they haven’t spoke in years and it’s strictly business.

“We never wanted to be the groups that couldn’t resolve our issues. Nobody is larger than the group. We always fit [Vinnie] in even if there wasn’t a spot for [him] to fit in. You will never see Vin do a Naughty show [alone], because he can’t. Me and KG (the groups DJ and hit making producer) can do this for the rest of our lives. I don’t work for nobody. I’ll never say never to nothing, because I’m a business man. For now, Vinnie is on a “grown man timeout.”

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  • exodus121478

    “Fuckin’ thing sucks!” (Bill O’Reilly voice)

  • df

    trench give it up and try to work it out with your homie this is sad

  • awful

  • NOVA

    You know what this proves. No two men can stick together in hip hop. I’m convinced.

    All young rappers….DO NOT FORM A GROUP. You will hate those groupmates…today…tomorrow…in a few years…… will hate them.

    Mobb Deep, Outkast, Wu Tang, Cash Money, EPMD, ….you name it………………..

    Dolo. Go Dolo.


  • JOHNYblaze

    @NOVA I somewhat agree, I think it comes with the ups and downs of being successful and then probably having your down times of the year. Added to that you have more than 1 individual with each owns family and friends or whatnot.

    BUT I dont really care for NBN, always thought Treach was more of an actor hiphop documentary speaker ass nigga, always came off as a cocky mothafucker too.

  • foekist

    Good God… I used to love this mans music. What a sad, sad day. What DF says*^^^

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    It seems like the older grown men get (ie. Dame-Jay, Hav-P, YN-Benzino) they seem to get catty and childish with petty qualms.

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    What an embarrassment

  • Kwame Dukes

    This is trash

  • Coney

    My God this is terrible. Treach used to be one of my favorite rappers ever. This is sad

  • Leon Sandcastle

    “You can never harm me. Fuck your fat ass, you one bagel away from Barney.”

    BARS!! ( Chocolate Droppa voice)

    Lmao. This shit wack

  • Facts

    Only place you can find loyalty in Hip Hop is Yonkers….D-Block

  • BKLYN44

    Sad day for Hip Hop……This is really terrible!I used to respect this cats skills

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    I guess that happen when the money get tight.

  • Rozay

    In a group structure there is always gonna be one person that stands out so there is always gonna be tension, plus the longer you are together your are bound to have arguments and fall out it’s human nature, it’s like being in a relationship, you are gonna fall out from time to time but if you have a solid foundation, you can work it out, Eminem has said that he was influenced by treach, I can hear it in some of his early work, D- block is considered loyal because they do what you are supposed to do not air out your dirty laundry, I know Sheek and Styles has been jealous of kiss at one point or another, you just don’t hear about it.

  • I am extremely disappointed that Treach stooped down to this level. The have been together for so long! I can’t wait until they fix this.

  • Peekay

    wow! That was effin’ TERRIBLE!! What a shame. Be a man and settle your differences personally.

  • Dori

    think treach just wants attention cuz that was trash!

  • Troofy

    Treach owes me 3 mins of my time. That was very Despicable! Wack ass rhymes and delivery! I guess he doesn’t listen to the new wave of music .then after the first verse he said “chorus” lmaoooooooo

  • Da Business

    Treach, I’m not even going to listen to this. Homie, this ain’t a good look. U r too old for this, B.. This should be reserved in house.

    *listening to “ghetto bastard”*

  • Marv

    are u serious what a waste of studio time smh

  • d

    Sad day in hiphop. There is no Naughty By Nature without Vinnie. There is not Naughty By Nature without Treach. Plain and simple.

  • chillthrills

    treach is playing his self,,,,i didnt even listen to this shit,,,,,,grown ass men eating to much chicken with estrogen in it,,,,,,,If vinny died tomorrow treach would feel like a sucker,,,,,KNOCK IT OFF!!! DUKE

  • Willy Lump Lump

    Who’s Thinking about Naughty By Nature in 2013????? Treach didn’t get the memo..

  • As Real As It Gets

    First mob deep break up now this? I can’t!

  • Midieheme

    This is the worst shit I ever heard man?

  • Foreign luccini

    Why my nigga say this shit is sad, haha east coast cornballz

  • Early Earl

    Super Weak dis… way to tarnish your legacy. 20 years after 19 Naughty III this is what it has come to…. #NotAHallOfFameMove …Sometimes its just better to bitch and complain about your bandmates in private. What’s next is Play gonna dis Kid??