New Video: Ransom “I’m Back”

Back like he never left, Ransom tours the city in his new feature presentation. Directed by Smokestack. Not acquainted with The Alternative? Go back here for it.

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  • The Facade

    He should have taken advantage of his chance like 10 years ago, definitely not checking for this old loser in 2013.
    RIP Stack Bundles

  • Tichaona

    I remember when him and “Hitchcock” gave us the Hard-Hood Classics Series Mixtape(s)……. Especially the first CD….Fire!!!!

    But yup, that was then and I’m grown now lol…..As a solo artist he is garbage btw

  • COOL..

    keep it up RAN


    I don’t know what a couple of these people posting here listened to, but it certainly wasn’t this joint or the actual mixtape.

    If they did listen to both and came up with them foolish opinions, they should just stay in their Lil B and Tyga lane and leave this grown man real nicca $hit alone.

  • zeee

    another nigger back once again, again. but this time its different again. now that he’s back. I hope the next time he goes away he doesn’t come back again but different…again

  • The Facade

    Listened to the mixtape out of respect for Ransom, used to listen to him back in the day when he was spitting with Stack Fab Budden and the rest of those dudes so I gave it a shot. His ship has sailed he can rap but no one wants to listen to standard hook 16 bars hook 16 bars hook 16 bars of the same exact shit he was saying 10 years ago.
    Just because someone doesn’t like Ransom in 2013 doesn’t mean they listen to Lil B or Tyga you simple minded fuck.