• The Facade

    I didn’t see a single person in this video who contributes to society. This is exactly the type of shit that perpetuates racism and stereotypes in this country, just watching and listening to this makes my stomach turn.
    There’s no way anyone is paying money for this music, the only explanation for this song/video’s existence is money laundering.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Just Saying

    Cliche rapper

  • COOL..

    REAL HIPHOP>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • JustinTime

    Southern hip hop just gets worse by the day

  • chitlin coon

    ok…i havent posted in about 3 yrs…but i cant help it…what people dont understand is that the south has always and always will make music for the south…its just annoying folks cuz other regions are starting to have similar styles that we have been had….what folks also forget is the main reason that this music will always be ok with us even without other regions approval is the fact that the south is such a large region…not just atl..but you can find millions of folks in the Sipp, Tenn, Texas, Bama, Kentucky, Florida(which is huge), Louisiana…i mean there are millions upon millions of folks in the south who live to love southern music…its all they know..and with the world getting smaller due to technology and ish..its easier than ever for any and everyone to see exactly how we do and want to emulate it.. IE: Kid ink,Chief keef, french montana, etc…

    but please go on worldstar aka ratchet central and look at some of the videos that seem the most ghetto and ratchet…and you will see that most of this ish aint actually from the SOUTH.

    But after growing up here and defending southern artist like Dirty, z-ro, witchdoctor, playa fly, pastor troy and countless other non mainstream artist because of how they spoke rather than what they were speaking about….and watching bet play 2-3 videos from the south on rap city on a 2 hr show…

    I hope this region keeps booming until your ears bleed.

    shout out to folks who can rap..even if they choose not to from the “SOUF” such as

    killer mike, outkast,little brother,luda, jeezy, trick daddy, lil wayne(yes he used to rap well), the entire goodie mob, slim calhoun, camouflage, boosie, jay electronica, j cole, z-ro, scarface, ti, devin the dude, bun-b, 8-ball, playa fly, pastor troy, dirty, Rozay, curren$y, yelawolf, chamillionaire, bob, pusha t, big krit, shawdra from field mob, young dro…really too many to name..ace hood is even on my list

  • The Facade

    That’s great that the south makes music for the south but guess what simpleton, NY makes music for NY, Cali makes music for Cali and the midwest makes music for the midwest. Regional differences don’t make up for BAD MUSIC and STUPID VIDEOS. This song and video are trash and Rap Radar should be ashamed of themselves for promoting this garbage. Zero originality in the flow, lyrics, format or production and the visuals are just dirtbags with tattoos flashing gang signs trying to look as tough as possible. This kind of bullshit got played out about 10 years ago. No ones hating on the south (big fan of some of the guys you listed), just hating on garbage music and videos.