Troy Ave & BSB x Pete Rock In The Lab

Troy Ave and his comrades hit the studio with The Chocolate Boy Wonder for a session that will appear on the producer’s upcoming album. Here’s a sample of what to expect.

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  • stereokiller

    pete rock just lost all credibility with me..smfh….these niggas is straight ass

  • it’s the roc please refrain from posting BSB and BSBD so close to eachother in the day, i can’t keep track. too many rappers, not enough….

  • zeee

    so im suppose to like this cause pete rock is with it? who cares about pete rock he old school aint nobody fucking with this nigger.

  • The Facade

    Troy Ave gets lots of publicity here on Rap Radar and on the internet in general but I swear to god I haven’t heard a single good song from him. Actually I haven’t heard a single good rhyme from him. His beats have mostly been trash too.

  • Jas

    Yeah he does get a lot of pub, but maybe because he is a legend 🙂

  • So you say, but i ain’t heard nuthin good from him yet

  • NYC

    i agree. Nigga is corny as fuck. shame on pete rock

  • watch my move$

    LOL weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk