• Kush

    Something’s off with Gucci

  • Chronic

    It’s worse than I thought it could ever be

  • Chronic

    I’m sorry I’m all for freedom of speech…but can one of the admins like block zeee’s ip address? No reason he needs to be saying racist shit like that

  • Loc


  • brandonpitts

    Dropped Waka found someone darker!

  • really 23


  • COOL..

    REAL HIPHOP>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • djrobdice

    Keef has his own movement why would he join Bricksquad? He really has nothing to gain from this move..

  • K

    man i would’ve never expected it to be this wack.. damn

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  • Troofy

    It’s all good tho hiphop is fucked in the ass now – gay! Bye
    I blame Suge !

  • ~2009

    i miss “lemonade” gucci

  • StarFox64

    chief keef has beef with another bricksquad in chi..lil jojo was in a gang called bricksquad, so this move makes sense, not saying its smart but it makes sense..

  • StarFox64

    say what you would like but this combination is a lot better than him and peeweelongway..


    i fucked a bad bitch now my piss lil darker

  • The Facade

    This reminds me of that parody school bus shawty video. It’s like the two most retarded kids from special ed class in middle school somehow got their hands on some studio time.

  • B


    co-signed. I miss the gangsta grillz: the moive too. I listen to everything gucci that comes out just because of that. I always hope he goes back to that.

    I like sosa alot too, but I didnt like this move either. I know he gettin $$ outta it, but he coulda done it himself. at least I think

  • Original Ty

    Remedial hip hop right here…..

  • Black Shady


  • Whut?

    Fuck the song…I’m amazed that anybody could expect anything less from these niggas.

  • No question that both these knuckleheads would have bee wearing helmets and sitting in the back of a small yellow school bus, if they grew up in responsible communities Special Education on steroids right cheer. Who let the dogs out WOOF!

    Too funny

    Truth Will Out

  • Guwop

    2 min in Gucci fucking kills it.

  • Nathaniel

    that first verse. sosa had his bars up. ha!

  • TheTruthIs…

    They record this in a basement with a hand held mic from walmart?

  • Truss



    tough regardless

  • How can you hate on chief keef? he is helping out his family…ride the wave of cash and do something positive and stop hating.