Diddy’s Mayweather Fight Night

Diddy was just among the many celebs that witnessed Floyd’s victory. But to see how his evening went behind the scenes, here’s a look at his travels, the main event and the after-party.

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  • COOL..

    diddy is a OP
    REAL HIPHOP>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • Black Shady

    whats the point of these videos???? show us how u have a great life????

    COLE WORLD June 25th #bornsinner

  • philly’sbestkept secret

    the point of the video is to show i don’t have anymore hit so here something to keep me looking like I’m still on top. Where the records Puffy, u ain’t had a hit since the 90’s after that u just went from a a CEO to a worker keep selling the hood liquor we really need that so a lot more of us can die of liver disease and alcoholism. Good fuckin job house nigga. Don’t forget that blood on ya hand can’t b washed off, every dog gets his day

  • GAME

    get yoself a leopard shirt or some em http://www.stillrill.com

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    philly’sbestkept secret you talking some real shit homey.but why you talking like you ant got shit. and ant accomplish shit in life. Why you righting like that????????????

  • Savimbi

    @jake$ why are you righting like that?????? <——- Lmao damn dude.

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    mybad I fuckup on some words homey ant nobody perfect sanimbi.


    so sick

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  • CaliSwag818

    Jake the Motherfuckin answer….Why you so angry ..is Diddy ur dad or something?..Everyone ones comments are opinions and its true he feeding liquor to the ppl which does lead to liver damage and AA meetings DONT LEAVE OUT he hasn’t had a hit in a hot new york minute. not that he really needs one but it all sounds like a facts!!! Im just saying..

  • Jaymalls

    niggas arguing about another nigga’s lifestyle…. another niggas business decisions…. another niggas finances… lol! Niggas need to either draw inspiration from this or kill themselves… ChooseONEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Dr. Lee

    Diddy is living. I can admit that much. I desire to “live” with my family too.

  • Foreign luccini

    Illuminati got they head all up this faggets ass,