Kanye West vs. Pole & Paparazzi

Next time you see Ye in the streets, please no photos. While trying to avoid the paparazzi outside of a restaurant, Kanye accidentally smacked his head into a pole. Afterward, he spazzed on the lingering paps.

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  • Damn.. Jesus walked Kanye right into a fuckin pole.. Keep ya head up my nig.

  • M.T


    feel a bit bad but thats the price of fame.

  • Playboy69

    LMFAO!…Kanye West went HAM!

  • Gambino

    why doesn’t he keep his whale on a leash?

  • This pussy would be so mad if he didnt get paparazzi, maybe if he would just chill out and walk with his head up he wouldve seen that sign but no he has to be “upset kanye” and walks around like Paprazzi arent gonna be there, like arent you used to this by now dude? This is no surprise, at this point he should be walking around like they arent even there. He brags likes hes tuff on every song and this bitch cant even handle a bunch of photographers snapping pictures to ADD TO HIS FAME AND MONEY. This guy is a fucking tool bag.

    Great music nonetheless…..

  • mac DIESEL




  • Despite

    @imLeeVAStandUp I feel like he hasn’t been “bad Kanye” in years. And I’m glad because I hate that shit. Who knows why he did this…. he might have had a bad day and snapped…. who cares.

  • edi



    BaHahahahaha. That was great.


    shit is funny, but i don’t blame him for spazzing. paparazzi shouldn’t be legal man, if people followed me around everywhere with a camera i would fuckin spazz too.

  • Man that was some funny shit!!! Kanye is always entertaining , no matter what homie is doing!! I feel him though, fucking paparazzi are like some roaches, but that’s just part of the game, Ye can’t be mad!!


  • Rap Industry Maverick

    LOL!!!! “keep ya head up…”

    heatwave06 says:

    Friday, May 10 2013 at 7:10 PM EST

    Damn.. Jesus walked Kanye right into a fuckin pole.. Keep ya head up my nig.

  • Ravi

    This shit looks so fucking staged. Paparazzi follows him everywhere but not one person gets a video or picture of him actually hitting his head on the sign/pole….lmaoo…come on man!! lmaoo at the spanish head in the second video saying “if you want me to leave kanye, i’ll leave”..hahaha..

  • Sabzi

    Kind of funny how RR has a F**K TMZ post in the left and then uses TMZ links… As far as ‘Ye we know he isn’t normal but he makes great music..

  • prevett19

    Of course he’s snapping on people…he’s got a baby coming in like 3 weeks. Most fathers do go a little crazy under the stress….and its kanye so no surprise lmao

  • stillbumpinAMilli

    @ravi ur a$$ is staged

  • Judge Dredd

    Hey Ravi… ever had a studio in New Westminster? Btw… this shit was funny as hell. I like how Kim tried to console him tho… Did Kanye turn a hoe into a housewife?


  • LOL

  • static

    ok that shit was funny but would get very old quick

  • Rozay

    This one of those cases where Kanye is embarrassed because his girl caught him cracking his noggin, so he gotta spazz out on the paps, I know Kim was laughing inside, If Ray J hits his head then Kanye can I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it first.

  • Izzy_Ballin

    This shit is hilarious and I dont feel bad for him at all. This is nothing new. Princess Di died 20 years ago. When you seek fame the paps take your pics. If you don’t you to accept the cons of fame dont pursue it.

  • CaliSwag818

    Can you even complain when its the life you chose?..Everyone is entitled to a bad day..which was clearly the case. Than again famous ppl also know how not to draw attention soooooooo when you get a video whore preggers thannnnnnnnn…yeah…We’ll call his mini outburst a bad day!

  • Rozay

    Head Sanford, You big Dummy!!!!!!!!!!

  • JWhistles

    ahahahahahahahahahaha that second video is some of the funniest shit ive seen in a long time. I agree it would be annoying as hell to have people always taking your pic but youre Kanye West and banging Kim Kardashian, you better get used to it.

    Oh and Kanye, buy a pair of fucking jeans dude.

  • Rick Ross Tittie

    LMAO first he has a baby with a hoe and now he walks straight into pole hahahahaha

  • stop

    the streets is rough out here for kanye

  • Commenting Carl

    That still image from the first video is gonna replace the kanye shrug.

  • The Truth

    The way he is running in the second video is funny… them pants too tight.

  • EmDeeR

    HAHAAA, looks like Kim led him into that shit. it’s like the blind leading the blind!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Fred Sanford voice: “You Big Dummy!”

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    TMZ is clowing this dude. [email protected]”This isn’t the start of a joke, Kanye West really did walk into a bar … a street sign, to be exact … and he was really, REEAALLLLLY MAD.” [email protected]”From the sound of it, it hurt … a lot”

  • Shuttaman

    srs nigga they should have a agency of niggas ready to fuck paparazzis up hired by fans or some shit so it doesn’t put the targets of those cameras in trouble.
    Like niggas that make sure they can fuck shit up quick and dip real quick

    Faggot ass paparaziis son.

  • Jay Def

    You have a fuck Harvey Levin section on the sidebar yet youre posting TMZ footage?! Hypocritical much?

  • Yeezy
  • The Facade

    Everyone commenting on the hypocrisy of Rap Radar using footage from a website they trash and supposedly boycott are fools. B Dot and Elliott are spineless they don’t stand for anything whatsoever besides *clicks* and protecting the MMG brand.
    Hey Kanye if you don’t want paparazzi following you everywhere maybe you shouldn’t be dating a woman who relies on them for income. Kim probably called the paparazzi herself to meet her there, she needs people taking pictures of her (especially with Kanye) to stay relevant.

  • Soundwave

    the walking into the pole video was kinda funny the first time around.. all that after noise and spazzing was a sad sight tho.. i hope he finds peace somehow. ye’s contributions to rap music and culture are historic. seems fucked up the nigga can’t walk down a street with his girl [who is pregnant af. can she get a bit of space and respect?] without being harassed. but like whoever said, it is the price of fame indeed…


    this nigga kanye walks like a ps1 wwe character

  • Troofy

    Y’all some blond sheep! He gotta single etc coming out and this is the highest form of entertainment for ya small folks out there !

  • Push For Life

    I agree with most of the comments —-It’s the price of fame,you sell drugs expect the cops to fuck with you,you strip expect niggas to say crazy shit to you,If you’re a fucking celebirty expect people to take pictures!!!! as long as they’re not physically invading your space then fuck it let them make money as well!! It’s comes with being a celebirty. If Kanye would have kept it 100 and just ignored the paps with his head up or even stop and pose for a pic he wouldn’t have hit his damn head like a dam idiot. Now look headache and angry lol.

  • Push For Life

    and why didn’t Kim see that coming?? she knew he was going to hit his head lolol she dirty as hell!!! llolol

  • Johnny Ryall

    Sucks, let the man live get off his Scott Disick.

  • Shamba Menelek

    See yall niggas wanna be famous, hugh? Ppl always think about the upside and neglect to think about the negative things.

  • vomit


  • LP1031

    How you don’t see the pole tho, you that oblivious to what’s going on around that you so focus on the paps trying to snap pics instead of watching were ur going, c’mon. You suppose to asses the whole situation quickly and find a safe exit. Ye forgot the second part

  • Musikal

    I would not be mad at dude if he went upside one them dudes heads.

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  • mike

    Come on now, his real friends gotta find that funny. Don C should be able to crack a joke or two

  • Evil

    Hahahahahaha watch where you go moron.How embarrassing,that shit hilarious
    That pole hit probably fucked him up more.Haha

  • assmaster

    assault on pap.. he could press charges…. in a castle doctrine state he had the right to shoot him if he was carrying a gun.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    people love to see you snap but dont care when u getting money, sucess gets old right?

  • roryp

    Ray J hit the pole first…..

  • demo

    kim looks like a cow,,

  • this guy is such a embarrassment


    Fuck Harvey Levin and anybody that loves his celebrity news website.

  • ray j voice i put the pole there first haha

  • Kemosabi

    That’s how I know this site went way downhill! You link to TMZ? How? So I guess fuck yourselves and everybody else that loved TMZ?

  • kemosabi

    Fuck Harvey Levin and anybody that loves his celebrity news website.

    but you put his video on your site? LOL FAIL FAIL.

  • NewMoney

    Damn Ye, he must’ve been thinking about Dmx old song “Lord give me a sign”!!! Lmaoooo!!!

  • watch my move$

    classic shit when the photographer patted him on the back

  • Should the Linebacker in the tacky black outfit pawing Kanye be the REAL STORY?

    “Severe Tire Damage”
    & bloated ego damage too

    Sue the signmakers

    Is @B. Dot going to visit Kanye to make sure he’s ok? I’m gonna guess yes
    than he will IG it
    & remind us that he “knows most of the rappers you listen to”
    so he knows more than us

    Great hip hop story

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Anomaly of a rapper via street sign.

  • watchthethrone

    ‘don’t do no press but he gets the most press kid’

  • D Twice

    Walks into a pole? But I thought he was a god? Huge Yeezy fan but he had this coming the moment he decided to equate himself with the creator.

  • chunk

    Pole World

  • graingripper

    JESUS WALKS..into a pole

  • ThatsNOTpoeticLICENSEitsJustIgnorant

    Funny how so many people love to call an incredibly talented rich and famous person moron or stupid. What does that make you?

    Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical.

  • smokehouse

    HAHA That’s like the part of the movie where nothing’s going right for a character, and the last straw is them bonking their head into a pole and then they finally blow their fucking lid

  • Tru

    “I made mistakes, I bump my head…”
    Kanye has prophesied this…..

    It has been realized.

  • mata

    fame & drugs get u all messed up…

  • keep ya head up boy!! price of fame… Woogyy!


  • Erick

    Kanye has changed a lot since he released the Graduation. If you’re not careful with fame you can get burned.

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