• JustMyOpinion

    There is no excuse for this, none at all. First and foremost, these are grown men airing out their differences amongst millions of fans, second this is a group who shared a 20 year relationship and there has to be some sort of outlet as opposed to talking to Twitter/radio shows.

    Dear rappers: Grown men don’t tweet beef. Majority of rappers do it then claim “I’m from the streets,” well act like it. There’s elementary students that approach each other to ask “you got a problem with me” to settle their differences, don’t act immature compared to elementary students.

    *shrug shoulders*

  • Soundwave

    couldn’t agree more with @JustMyOpinion comments. realest shit ever. and even if it was “all about business.” don’t you handle that in the offices? don’t gangsta move in silence? with all the references treach made about his simmering gangsta tendencies… and the plug of the group towards the end made this all so much more corny… it was pretty tasteless to run a public smear campaign on a past friend, albeit vin is has no clean hands. there was a better way to handle this and using the controversy launch your side hustle?

    hate to say it…
    you played ourself.

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  • mike

    Damn. Is there a such thing as a rap group(except LOX and MOP) that hasn’t had problems?

  • COOL..
  • Dee Haven


  • DeadPrez

    Soooo basically… They weren’t selling tickets to whatever shows they’re doing so they’re staging some fake beef to get on people’s radars… Treach said it himself if you listen to what he’s saying..