• Game has 100 gems just like this tucked away. He has a bunch of dope songs he can pull out any min and shoot a vid for…

  • JustMyOpinion

    Kind of cool to hear something different. Cool track.

  • miami-LIL SHOTTA

    She lying scare to get dat pussy wet for a real nigga…aint dat his wife duo? MA NIGGA

  • Dope video.

  • watchthethrone

    i loved this song for so long, great vid!

  • The Facade

    Cool song/video.
    Never heard of “Lifestyle” but it’s safe to say getting on a song with the Game is the biggest opportunity he’s had so far in his life right? And that’s the best verse he can do in such a great opportunity to get his name out there? Hopefully that’s the last we hear of that talentless idiot, he doesn’t deserve another chance.

  • Batman

    Where da fuck is that Ali Bomaye video? Much rather have that video then this one, not that this aint cool

  • LOL

    dope song & video, Lifestyle is dope too.

  • UnknownUniverse

    Game was dope but who was that weak rapper and that lame singer? Should of just been the Game or at least got someone with a dope verse.

  • DJ Game

    This is a blunt. Not a j.

  • fastflipper

    horrible song

    video wack too

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  • Dat Nigga

    Where is the Ali Bomaye video forreal…i been waiting to see that shit….that is one of the best songs he has made…..

  • S.B

    @the facade you bitch ass nigga y u hatin on lifestyle 4 ? Nigga is dope stop frontin like u don’t know that oh well I bet ur bitch is mad at u right now she probably tryin to suck him and u all over his dick u bitch nigga you

  • COOL..
  • King

    cringe worthy…..coming from a game fan

  • K

    Cool video…. Waiting for that Operation Kill Everything.

  • push

    Always lookin out fo tha Game real

  • Q

    @fastflipper your mom’s a fast flipper? Anyways, light and cool vibe O.K.E is gonna be a problem! This is form his last mixtape ….

  • NY kidd

    Hurricane could do this all day, chuck got gems like what Sebastian said….im the king should have had a video. O.K.E!!!!!

  • Reply

    This is why Game, been on top cause he aint lazy like bum Banks…Key word visuals SUMTHIN banks knos nothing about !!fif said it first…I respect Game’s hustle dude don’t stop dope emcee also can’t hate S/O to the west they winnin

  • Yezzy in Kim

    I know I hit my Head!!!!! So?!!?!! This cool Summer shit

  • MMG

    Chuck Taylor

  • King Game

    Visuals or not banks sucks…Boring ass flow Game Time #O.K.E

  • Ariana

    Love it!! OKE can’t wait!!!!!!

  • CJF

    im pretty sure “lifestyle” is young life, artist signed to game from ages ago when he was like 16 … good song, but old, so unsure why he done a video for it instead of a Jesus Piece track???

  • The Facade

    @ S.B
    So since I think his verse was unoriginal trash you infer that my bitch must be mad at me and is sucking his dick and I am all over his dick as well?
    You sound like one of those kids in 5th grade that had to take the tests in the other room with a special teacher. How the hell did you get your hands on a computer with internet access?
    The dude had a huge opportunity and he fucking blew it, every rhyme has been said before by a million rappers, “blowing up/pouring up/showing up/roll it up”…give me a fucking break dude those are high school bars.
    If he was a talented rapper he would have realized this was a chance to get his name out there and he would have laid down some fire, instead we get this.

  • Ariana

    Dope OKE

  • TdE

    Whos the girl ??

  • TdE

    Wheres the ali bomaye video

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The Bipolar Rapper.

    When I speak people all over the world listen. I’ve contributed to the fall of Rick Ross and MMG. I’m googable, and y’all niggas ain’t. Without me, Rap Radar is nothing. My presence here makes this site more entertaining. I feel like they should give me shares in the company.

  • DGK

    Smoke up Game

  • TdE

    @UncleOtis know it means you get no pussy get a life Loser.

  • TdE


  • kaz

    Fuk Game this hard tho lol

  • Donn

    Young life big bro chuck nice

  • Yolo boy

    Game is a problem

  • The Back Guy

    New to this site…Game & 50 cent the only niggas still alive form gunit Good shit

  • King Game

    King of HipHop BWS MG

  • OvO kid

    #O.K.E hope game and drake go in

  • el paso

    Thé game

  • Ratchet boy Jonte

    Game OKE Mixtape on yall niggas blood whoop!!!!!

  • Name me King

    Game the man!! Oke

  • @ The Back Guy true that. They just need to put all b.s aside and squash that beef. They make good music together

  • The Back Guy

    Truu..im more of a game fan tho

  • 909

    This my shit

  • K

    How can niggaz hate on Game…. people give too many fucks for issues irrelevant to his Rap career… biolar, liar, stripper and most of that shit aint true for a fact…. his discography, lyrics, albums, attitude, beef, flow, style and all the rapper’s essential aspects are all present…. and these are facts….. people hate on after he put out “Monsters In My Head”… damn! if Game was Nas in another universe they would hate on him… and on my opinion.

  • @ K real talk. That “monsters in my head” is a killer track

  • lickit

    love this track

  • EpiLL

    Dnt matter if they hate he still gonna be a problem

  • lol

    Cali King

  • still best rite now!!

    niggas dont street teams no more…they got online comment crews. kool song tho. better than the BDKMV freestyle