• DeezNuts

    can’t wait for the remix. i hope they put ross and french on there.

  • o-bla

    ace hooooooooaaaadasfjhbfuodnfodnf’osadf

  • tre

    Another anthem for Ace Hood this nigga done came a long way

  • prai$e

    how many irrelevant albums is this new album going to equal to?

  • Certified hit. Ace got two hits on this album already, good look

  • Chris

    Ace Hood seems to have found his lane and while there isn’t a whole lot of creativity going on at least you know what you’re gonna get it. If you liked his last single you like this one as much as the one before that even. Let’s see if he can deliver a truly strong album this time around, something that resonates and is still being played 6 months later, let alone a year after …

  • Jayden

    chorus/hook sounds like chief keef’s “love sosa” and “sober”
    Wayne gave another lazy verse

    DJ Khaled stayed with Ace Hood longer than a lot of labels would have but he keeping him in a Box, he has him doing songs with the same artist. Let him get out that comfort zone.

  • Jayden

    I meant DJ Khaled out of his comfort zone. I think he help Ace sometimes but also holds he back from being bigger than he is

  • That shit sounds like “pop that”.. Lazy producer, weak verses, trash record..

  • TNT

    LOL I still cant believe how Wayne’s weak ass has any fans at all! Nigga is just garbage on that mic and any real hood nigga would slap the shit outta his gremlin lookin ass for talkin all that shit he do on records if he aint had a fuckin security team wit him all the time

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Shit sound like how i thought it would sound… Yawnnn

  • The Facade

    Wayne’s verse was even lazier and less creative than I expected…certified garbage.
    Beat sounds like 500 other beats this year, sick of that shit.
    Ace Hood was pretty good on this one, hopefully he realized what little effort Wayne put into his verse and stops letting him on tracks

  • JustMyOpinion

    If it wasn’t for the auto-tune/synthesizer he had something. When will they realize that audio effect destroys a “real” hit. Son got bars but he relying on the auto-tune for the hook.

  • Marcus D

    Marcus Damascus-In & Out Official Music Video(Directed By Joe Chad) http://youtu.be/kxim8AQ9f70

  • Troofy

    Another generic joint and ya wonder why white boys like Mackalmore is selling 6x platinum and the Mac miller , logic , ritz all these dudes are taking over hiphop? Because of lack of good artists and redundant bullshit like this!!!! Go see why disco is extinct!

  • Black Shady

    same old shit from the same ol guys. surprised they didnt put ross and french on it too…even drake

  • ECU

    would like to hear Ace on different type of beats for his singles but he’ll come through in the album.
    Wayne was weak

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  • E

    a Wayneless version of this>>>>

  • K

    Ace been putting out fire lately!! fuck wayne though….

  • This is me

    ace hood underrated as hell. best rapper in the game fuck if u dont agree

  • lifeeee

    Ace best rapper in the game.

  • young ak

    thiis shiit fire Ace Hooooood, dat boi a problem

  • king jay

    fuck all yall niggaas westside and fuck lil gayne and ace hood that ratchet ass nigga lookin like a buff lil wayne with less balls than nicki minaje…fuck her too.. and its all about fucken 2 pac! lil hoes
    jk im from mississipi hahaha

  • K

    I need a Wayne-Less version ASAP. That Goddamn cockroach everywhere…. SMH.

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