New Music: Jeremih x Game “Let Loose”

R&B Hitmaker Jeremih Takes Over Chateau Rooftop For Live Performance

Jeremih lets loose this new collaboration with Game. Even with Chuck mimicking Kendrick’s flow, this one deserves a playback.

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  • Belize

    im not a game fan but this aint kendrick’s flow at all. yall niggas on drugs? yall poppin molly on RR?

  • Oj da Cornball

    At this rate Game is prove himself untalented or lost what made him likable completely.
    Every song he’s dropped recently has been biting someone else’s flow.


  • DeezNuts

    fuck is with b dot’s posts lately…kendrick using lil wayne flow on miguel’s track, game’s using kendrick’s, kanye song sounding EDM….

  • This shit sounds DOPE, The Game doesn’t get the credit he deserves!! Just listen to his last album, that shits Classic!!! One of the best today!! I’m digging this joint with Jeremih

  • Chris

    Good yawn. but That’s Kendrick flow all day.

  • ian

    this was way more like big sean’s flow then kendricks… everyones using everyone’s flows now a days… pointing it out and saying dude copied someone’s flow comes across as improfessional…

    wasn’t expecting shit like that from RR.

  • lickit

    this is a good song

  • The Radar always hating on Chuck, how is this a Kendrick flow?

  • Batman

    hahahaha Game gets praise on some posts or murdered on some

  • tre

    Dope OKE

  • TdE

    Mimicking ???? No he aint wtf yall on?? Chuck kills this

  • Donn

    Damn game be killin every thing tho OKE is a must DL fo sure

  • NY kidd

    They dope team

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  • King

    B.Dot do you even know about flows?

  • King Game


  • K

    Fix this shit RR… fucking useless & biased blog.

  • lickit

    this nigga B. dot need to stay away from anything “game related” cause he obviously hates him. this song is ill.