New Video: Kendrick Lamar “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”

At Molly’s funeral service, Kendrick washes away his sins in a pool full of liquor in his new video featuring Pastor Mike Epps. good kid, m.A.A.d city is available here. Amen.

UPDATE: Extended version with a preview of a new ScHoolboy Q track.

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  • Not sure i really got the video tbh. I thought from the bts stuff it was more gonna be an ‘I made it’ type of video like Juicy but the visuals are dope. Lol at ‘death to molly’


    very fresh

  • Faded

    this guy is killing everything: vids, features, his tour, etc.

  • theChef

    the song is already doing well in the charts, kednrick has another hit

  • yenga


  • Macklemore


  • JustMyOpinion

    I think we can ALL agree; making a good video isn’t his strong suit.

  • COOL..

    cool vid

  • King

    product placement, kdot? come on son you better than that. stick with the art

  • Bluster

    wow, bitch don’t kill my vibe was already 53 @ hot 100 without any video

    The song will do better than poetic justice and swimming pools with the video, kendrick has another hit D:

  • eat a D

    a nothing video really but watch dem dildo riders sucks off this 1

  • jules

    He should have dropped this closer to the remix with Hov when that dropped… But it was cool. I like it.

  • azerttyu

    VERY GOOD VIDEO, very good concept

    bkdmv is already doing well on the hot 100, kendrick has another big hit under his belt

  • Black Shady

    Kdot my nigga, and this is one of my fav songs, but the video got me like this ಠ_ಠ

    its meh

  • Just Saying

    If you’re on Interscope, product placement is a requirement of your videos. Not bad from Kendrick though.

  • eminemstan

    great video

  • potoq

    the song is played on the radio a lot and is already in the top 50, the video is going to boost this single just like swimming pools

    another win for kendrick


    im feelin this video some of yall dumbasses cant even grasp the concepts this 1000x better than your typical video with few niggas standin infront of some cars

  • spawn

    not a kednrick fan but it was a fucking nice video, I like it

  • DAAA

    VERY good video

  • trimmmz

    nice concept, he is impressive

  • rolleshit

    the song is amazing, one of the best songs of 2012.

    And the video is cool btw

  • djrobdice

    This shit still hasn’t sunk into me, that the same dude who made Section 80 and was an extra in Jay Rock video is killing the game right now

  • HOVA


  • ualreadyknoo

    i remember a couple years back when he dropped his ep and it had like 6 comments on here… as a fan watching all of em take off giving air back to the game is dope… and they just getting started its bigger than rap

  • Still a good song, but wasn’t feeling this video. Too basic. Didn’t really fit the song too well. Some shots were a bit too prolonged, and the Death to Molly part at the end was funny because even though I hate the drug, Kendrick doesn’t really have that kind of pull like a Jay would have to declare “death” to stuff.

  • alphs

    Amazing video. Love the ant-drug message. Omar Epps was hilarious lol


  • Kiddcu

    best song of 2012, glad to see a video for that

    his classic album is going to be platinum, props to kendrick !:!

  • DAAA

    dope vid for a classic song

  • logic

    dope af
    loved the guy at the end haha

  • azrtyu

    this song is AMAZING, gkmc makes section 80 sound like a mixtape tbh

  • woff

    I like the song better than the video but still a good video

    kendrick is impressive, he’ll be remembered

  • Killaz

    very good video, classic song

  • xzeoTy

    love it, love the vibe of this vid

  • one of my fav records of the this decade!!!


    u know Dre made him put the Beats by Dre pill on there smfh!

  • BBC]frober

    not a stan but it is one of my favorite songs of all time

  • fixyourself


    goat video, goat concept, classic song, I have to buy gkmc for sure

  • death to molly was cool to me because he is completely the opposite of the whole molly scene and his music is the opposite of those artists while being played more and overall just better. kendrick is on fire


    he is a true poet

  • The Wise

    One thing for sure is ..kendrick couldnt make a good video to save his life…jus average borin visauls…an nobody comment sayin its too complex or sum other dumbshit cuz its not!..he makes mediocre videos that have no replay value..what happen to when videos like “big pimpin” or “Still Dre” where ud watch it over an videos have gotten so boring for the pass 5 years

  • REPO

    Still cant believe niggas said he dropped a classic album smh… his album was garbage yow.. n no im not a Gucci mane 2 Chains Cheef Keif Jeezy Soulja Boy fan. it was jus wack

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    This video was stupid.

  • Da Business

    Dope, K. Dot stay winning..

  • Despite

    Everything was dope… Kendrick can do no wrong! Should have done the remix version wit Hov tho.

  • Shady13

    Here’s the Director’s Cut


  • DJ


  • As Real As it Gets

    Wow! way to recover from that poetic justice vid. Loved it. King Kendrick ya bish.

  • Honesty

    This religious BS is annoying me . Don’t get me wrong im a HUGE Kendrick fan.

    HIII Power ? Aint no christian believe in a higher power other than god . Not ourselves …

    dude kinda fell off after section 80 and i hate to say that because I hit up a Kendrick Concert about a month ago and it was dope .



    cool video for a classic song


    was about time, the best song of 2012 deserved its video; good job kendrick

  • ober

    I like it !!!!

  • This is one of them type of songs where you don’t need to get deep or try to get super creative with the video. The visual is in the vocals already, straight to the point are some of the best videos sometimes…

  • fixyourself

    amazing video, amazing song

  • it’s the roc

    this video was not amazing or dope to me, it didn’t make the song better at all. the feel i get from that song didn’t match up with the feel i get from this video, which i usually don’t mind if the video complements it somehow, but this just felt like a miss to me. i get the whole death to molly thing, so maybe it was the gimmick that was supposed to make this cool?

  • tha OG


  • I’m Digging the visuals, not to shabby!!!

  • Niggaz crazy saying gkmc was wack. I admit i didnt like drake on it and chad hugo hook on pharrel track wasnt my cup of tea verses was hot tho. Replace those flaws wit the black boy fly track from the deluxe edition n u got a classic album no doubt.

  • opii

    cool video for a song fromthe already approved classic album > gkmc

  • That video was pure dookie!

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  • The Truth

    Kendrick Lamar, like any person, has changed because of his fame. Not in a big way or anything, but he definetly has to adapt to this lifestyle. He and his loved ones say goodbye to the old him (the funeral), and they bury him in this field. While Kendrick wants to party because of his success and stuff, he still puts in the effort to who Kendrick Lamar truelly is. So he stays in that field where the old him resides. He might be dead, but this Kendrick keeps very close to the old one.

  • Hol’Up

    That ScHoolboy Q song hot me turnt up tho!

  • Reginald

    Don’t know about this one bruh bruh…I guess it was a funeral for Molly…The Rappers who rap about it should’ve died with it…With the exception of Danny Brown…

  • troofa

    ya know the video was weak!

  • phuckyoopinion

    Dope video niggas gone hate it the Stans will praise it . It was cool . Molly shouldve been dead

  • Reply

    Trash like Kendrick

  • Mii o il

    His videos always suck… To be in LA with all that film shit and have a product like this, this is sad.

  • high

  • Miloflembo

    DEATH TO MOLLY – Puts Juicy J in video lol.

  • Horrible!

  • azrtyu

    Kendrick will be remembered, he is impressive

  • azeggg

    I love the video !

  • Jafaar

    not a big fan of kednrick but he reminds me of Tupac, he has that magic

  • colemaidd

    I need to buy gkmc, I listened to it yesterday and it blew my mind, probably the second best album I have heard in my life

  • trueshady2f:

    glad to see that gkmc is the new standard of excellence, I haven’t heard something as great as gkmc since the marshall mathers lp in 2000

  • R.I.P Molly you will not be missed

  • azeggg

    very fresh

  • stiroish

    I feel like kendrick is already up there with pac and Nas

  • wsaz MISTER YOU

    amazing song from an amazing album.

    This album will go down as one of the best albums of all time for any genre just like Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die and the other rap albums that are considered the best of all time. When those albums came out we didn’t understand how great they because were very young at the time. Now we have a chance to witness a classic and a legend in the making. The storytelling is amazing. It’s like a movie. You can’t just listen to a couple of songs or skip through. You have to listen straight through from beginning to end.


    Pac died at 25. Kendrick starts to carry the throne at 25 should be some good years to come


    Kendrick Lamar: Single handedly bringing the REAL Hip-Hop back!

  • poitju25

    Glad to see he is still promoting his album,
    This album is ahead of its time. Perfection from start to finish.
    The best hip-hop debut since Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor.

  • Blair

    best song of 2012

    gkmc is One of the best Album I ever heard!! Point Blank!! need to buy gkmc tbfh

  • Shadi11


  • Am^hp,ss

    he’ll be remembered, this song is the best song of 2012 hands down

  • watchthethrone

    what was the song at the end?

  • anonymous

    brilliant concept

  • Kiddcu

    hands down my favorite song of 2012-2013.. Chorus always gets me chills

  • molly


    goat video, goat concept, classic song, I have to buy gkmc for sure

  • New ScHoolboy song will be a good lead single outside of Yayay… as for the video, Kendrick will continue to stand out from the rest of the hip-hop community (maybe even his posse) every go around. His marketing tactics are gold.

  • King

    Can’t front… is tough so is the album

  • Dope video. That Schoolboy Q song sounds serious.

  • Average

    Average video . .

    overplayed song (which i used to enjoy)

    Dope ScHoolBoy snippet at the end


    this guy is winning so much, very deep video

  • Blair

    great video for a classic song

  • liiiih

    not gonna lie, I like it, he is very different from the other artists, he reminds me of Tupac

  • HOVA

    I don’t like rappers

  • Killaz

    very deep

  • mouRis

    Kendrick has an ill perception of how to flow over different styles of beats

  • Daan

    his voice alone makes this song entertainingone of the best rap voices ive ever heard

  • K

    that Q track sounds dope as hell!