• Catch up niggas

    I guess the toilet’s a type of throne.

  • The Black Guy

    No just no

  • King Hoover

    King of what…?

  • urrrr

    like who really is going to get this shit??

  • Batman

    Its sad cause some of these beats are hot

  • Canyonero

    Lmfao never have I seen a cover art shout out in the actual cover.

  • @canyonero

    It usually means it was done for free for “promotion”

  • not good

    it was just very bad

  • Morris Day Laugh

    Wouldn’t even download it for free

  • COOL..

    king who???
    REAL HIPHOP>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • hammy

    I fux wit soulja. young rich nigga, while you old ass niggas on here tryna find the best hate comment. you niggas won’t never get on cause you hate too much, crabs. under 25 rich gang. fuc lyrics its 2013

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  • Evil

    Yeah Soulja is rich..so what? Its the music that counts and its trash straight up.
    What you think people hate because he has money? People hate cause the music is garbage,point blank period.

    Souljas music is for kids and little girls who doesnt have any standards when it comes to rap music and lyrics,the rest dont give a fuck.

  • fuck y’all hating Soulja did his thing!

  • Benny Maxey Sliddinn … SODMG
    S/O Soulja ! follow me @BennyMaxeySODMG

  • G_Bean

    beats are nice. that’s it!

  • Bo Nation

    This is just a complete waste of studio time

  • hammy


    you a hater, that comment burned your soul. the music is no worse than most music out now. you prolly didn’t even listen jus asume oh it’s soulja it must suck. nah stop hatin, you dont understand rich nigga wizardry you a hater commenting for if you dont like it? cause haters lurk on blogs go on a country music blog nigga dis aint fa you. stop hatin

  • Draws

    @Evil you clearly a hatin ass nigga. wat i dont get if you dudes dont like why comment and waste more of your time? def of a hater.

  • Troofer

    @evil don’t listen to souljas little fag buddies on here . He’s paying them in weed smoke to ride for him. Lost fucking kids! Nobody cares for this fools fucking music. And I listen to it lacks delivery , substance and the beats are the only thing that are ok!

  • Draws

    burnt souls ha! yo soulja…. WE RICH BIATCH!!

  • Kilt

    His record label said, “Makes something that sounds like Chief Keef”.


    this nigga still rappin?(well at least trying to )

  • Kings

    King of Water Wippin! In a Scarface Mansion!

  • kemosabi

    he had a feature on lil wayne album and did a beat too… he still working and cashin out but he wack as hell.. that 13k flopping album was the end lol… hopefully he can work on his producing skills and maybe do some big hits etc for different artists.. that what i would do cause he decent on producin and can get better another ”timbaland lol

  • rick rosay


  • Draws

    you niggas still aint rich

  • joycelynn23

    why is this nigga still dropping music? stop just stop, nobody tryna hear you.