• asap rode

    Kendrick is a clown

  • molly

    kendrick is impressive

  • trimmmz

    it looks like kendrick understand how to flow on a beat, good track

  • colemaidd

    his voice alone makes this song entertaining…one of the best rap voices i’ve ever heard

  • theChef

    Kendrick has an ill perception of how to flow over different styles of beats

  • drr

    not a big kendrick fan but he is impressive as fuck, amazing.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    This nigga on an incredible win streak right now

  • nas


  • Fixit

    very good verse

  • Jaymalls

    so he doesn’t sound like andre 3000??? best rap voices??? lmao… dope verse though!


    Andre 3000 sounds good, one of the best voices I have heard in rap history

  • COOL..

    i love SOLANGE..
    REAL HIPHOP>>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • Definitely an emulation of Andre 3000’s flow

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  • Evil

    Nothing special.

  • yeaHOE

    Johnson Family Vacation was such a bad movie it’s actually funny to laugh at

  • BigBoi

    i wouldnt have done this if i was kendrick like wtf the beat is wack the song is wack fuck bandwagoning celebrities. just because shes beyonce sister. its a shame

  • wizo1

    I totally agree he str8 jacked andre 3000 & ive been saying thisfrom the beginning.he steals 3000 melodies the way he singsthe way he speedshis vocals to sound boderline alien/chipmunk! Dude is good but as far as originality goes hes a carbon copy of 3 stacks. His flow on t.i sorry & elevators is a perfect example of where kdot got his style buti still tip my hat off to him

  • Fuck Errbody

    Solange & Kendrick are apparently some of the few artists who understand what a REMIX is. I fuckin vibe to this song so hard! Solange got that Prince sound and Kendrick brings the versatile flow…

    Music to my ears.

  • sPaWnY

    kendrick, I wasn’t a fan but I’ll say it, you’re officially the most versatile rapper I have ever heard

    best rapper right now and also the only rapper of this generation who dropped a classic


    His ability to seamlessly transition between different rhythmic levels, from quadruplets, to quintuplets, to sextuplets, to double-quadruplets, is on a level I have never seen before. I’ve seen these rhythms before, most predominantly in Busta Rhymes circa the “Genesis” album, Outkast’s albums circa “Aquemini”, and Eminem post-2001 until Relapse. But I’ve never seen anyone able to put it all together at once like Kendrick and move from one to the next almost effortlessly.