• Chris

    like b-dot said on twitter, this shit sound like a fake “hurt” by t.i.

  • StarFox64

    lol the sad part bout this is this is the first music video ive watched since power trip..

  • Gambino

    Man French is so so so bad…

  • Black Shady

    Was expecting something bigger

  • JOHNYblaze

    This is dope I fux with this track and the artists on it.

  • Chan

    Dat nigga schoolboy goes in!

  • headedhard

    This was bad, Ferg is terrible.

  • Chronic

    I like ferg way more than rocky. I’m waiting for frenchs album to drop so he will finally fade into obscurity. Waiting for Trinidad to fade even more. Schoolboys verse was cool.

  • put in work, pu-pu-put in work… every track we trackin’ make these chickens go bazurk

    Beat go hard…Ferg verse went hard… The rest even Rocky could’ve been better.

  • smfh

    did this nigga just say we faggots

  • / R K V N E


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  • Foreign luccini


  • ya


  • aggin

    yall niggas retarded he said, “the first niggas that jack it but the first to claim we faggots”

  • COOL..

    REAL HIPHOP>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • matrix

    Yall niggz are fuggin dumb as hell the nigg clearly says the niggz who copy they shit be the first niggz to call them faggots…this is why you cant take these comments seriously cuz yall niggz dont listen to no lyrics…ferg did his thing asap did his thing french and trinidad did what they do dont expect niggz to all of a sudden spit flames…But Clearly Schoolboy Q Bodied this shit…Chuuch…

  • watch my move$

    Q a real rapper getn better w/the times, he destroyed this
    rocky a natural, cuz wild out sometime tho lmao.

  • K

    fuck who ever says Q ain’t killed it!

  • CJF

    jeezy instead of French & James is what shouldve happened

  • mac DIESEL

    Shouts to Asap for the Loaded Lux shout out shoulda put son on the song b .. James had the best verse Q looked uncomfortable

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    cut out montana and james and this song would be decent, ferg sounded good on this remix, so did q GG

  • fuck commenting

    fuck commenting just be entertained or not if u choose not to jus dont click on the shit lol. i mean w.e its americs right. ill put it like this . id advise u niggaz to stop commentin bullshit that holds no weight and comes off like straight hating on a dudes whole shit. id wanna see how u would act if u were musically inclined getting ur money and u see people straight disrespecting constantly lol first ones to dish it usually cant take the shit the same way they dish it right ? and its a fact that the amount of ppl who comment compared to the amount of people just watch it far outweights the other. its just a small slice that comments and wants to be “heard”. i respect the people who tell their honest opinion though

  • fuck commenting

    fuck ouuta heree

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