Kanye West Debuts Songs; Rants

Yeezy Season has returned. Last night at the Roseland Ballroom in New York, Kanye West performed at the Adult Swim upfront party.

During his set, he gave a debut performance of  “Awesome” and the song Hudson Mohawke played over the weekend. After the jump, he ranted about his celebrity and upcoming SNL appearance.


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  • COOL..

    REAL HIPHOP>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • StarFox64

    kanye went from the trap sound to this new wack “edm trap”…

  • Evil

    Fucking autotune.Very disappointed,thats not “awsome” at all

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  • edi

    nigga gives you innovation……… yall some ungrateful. Shaped the way hip hop sounds…… brought fashion to hip hop….. quality albums and one of the GOATS

  • df

    kayne it’sover bro you had a great run

  • Dito

    What pisses me off about Kanye’s Rant about celebrity is that… THATS ALL HE EVER WANTED and cried and begged for when no one would give him an opportunity. Kanye would have sold his soul to be on a cover of ANY magazine back in the day… now he’s too good for interviews.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ edi
    ^ Fam you hit the nail on the head. This dude has single handily changed the SOUND of rap music. He’s the epitome of a musician, in only one other genre that exist; R&B with Alicia Keys (changing the sound of R&B).

    You have to give this dude props. If you can’t respect that your whole perspective is wack.

  • PlP
  • Original Ty

    @ Dito cosign completely.

    What people fail to understand is that celebrity is the proverbial “Pandora’s Box” . You can’t open it when you want something out of it and then close it again when you want peace or privacy. It STAYS open. And you can’t get something out of it that is not in it’s power to give. Dude’s dedicate their lives to chasing celebrity like it’s gonna satisfy their life’s purpose and fulfill their soul. That’s not Fame’s to give. Can’t they look back at the artists who “made it” and see that most of them were/are unhappy and ready to die (Pac, B.I.G. DMX etc). There are obviously exceptions but It’s clearly not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Not saying you can’t be an artist and be happy, I’m just saying if you think celebrity is gonna fill all the empty spaces in your life study up. The examples are out there. When you look for that you can easily turn into a pyramid obsessed ranter trying to find peace by spouting venomous confusion all the time. It obviously happens.

  • J UK

    @Original Ty

    Is it so wrong for somebody to want to just make higher art and be in their zone to do that without being unable to walk out the door? I understand that it’s a natural complication, but not everybody wants that and if they also have a gift to share then they should. Yeezy blesses us all with his music and you can’t deny the impact that it has had on the rap game and beyond, and we yearn for new shit so you can’t make the implication that he shouldn’t have become an artist if he didn’t want this because we’re collectively glad he made that choice. Look at many great artists from the past couple centuries, many have become recluses to focus on their work even before the days of celebrity.

    Regardless of any bullshit, let’s just enjoy new music when it comes. I for one can’t wait to see how he will follow MBDTF and returning to solo projects. If the man claims to be a God, I for one won’t argue.

  • J UK

    In other news, we need a mirror for the deleted “Awesome” video! Cue screaming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dob3NsIcZc8

  • @J UK

    That’s cool and all, except before he wanted that attention when he wasn’t getting it. He got exactly what he wanted

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  • trent

    the awesome track was just a freestyle so u cant really judge it, but dont judge anything on the album before any official releases

  • Facts

    I remember when Hip Hop was about authenticity, lyrics and character

    The good days

    Sad considering that I’m young as hell

    Now it’s about dressing like women, making techno and trash music (some faggots call it “something new”, “come out the box”. FUCK YOU, YOU’RE CANCER), and fake is the new real. It’s really cool to be gay these days. Who would have thought?

  • london

    I blame that fucking pole for the shitty music and rant.maybe he needs a replay to shake those brain cells

  • J UK

    @Facts, I agree with you on the authenticity, lyricism etc but not on being “really cool to be gay”. So, hip-hop artists are now more accepting but the fans are behind. None of this has to do with Kanye though, really, or appreciating that he has new music on the way

  • J UK

    Found an updated video of “Awesome” http://youtu.be/DSC-wKm5tYs respect to Mikey Fresh

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Kanye used to be the Steve Jobs of hip hop now his shit is soooooooo underwhelming. This nigga is till stuck in 2008.

  • marquice

    yeezy rants are annoying now crying like a bitch..hope his album dope tho

  • smokehouse

    Whoa wtf is this shit? How boring

  • Evil

    JustMy Opinion
    Fuck you talking about? Kanye has gotten alot of props,lot of praise..when he drops great music.This is not great music and therefore he gets critizised.

    Kanye brought fasion to hip hop? That gay ass clothing line of his? Fuckin skirts and shit?
    I`d rather he leave that shit alone,that doesnt belong in hip hop.
    Fuck outta here with that shit.

    Just because Kanye is a GOAT doesnt mean he cant be touched,unlike you stans who thinks everything he does is great,i have an opinion of my own and im not afraid to speak out.

  • brandonpitts

    Plz stop crying…. You make too much money to be praising yourself and crying at the same time.

  • YeezyTaughtMe

    Kanye has become Corny as Fuck. i miss the colege dropout days .

  • Nathaniel

    the nigga just wants respect an acknowledgement for what he’s contributed to hip hop, pop, american culture and art worldwide. that’s all. it doesn’t offend me that he cares about that.

    what he doesn’t want is to be treated what he sees as unfairly. whether he’s right or wrong about his unfair treatment, i ain’t in his shoes to say. but no one wants that.

    sure, he wanted a platform to get out what he had in his mind, but that doesn’t mean he can’t express himself about the downfalls. he celebrates and shows his dissatisfaction. niggas act like people (especilly artists) aren’t justified in telling you how they feel. that’s all artists do.

    can i live should be the phrase of the day.

  • sylvs_g

    kanye = legend

  • Juice

    wow I’m surprised allot of people supporting kanye.. you’re all right.. kanye is a genius and he needs to do what he does and give me an awesome album and fuck you and your motherfucking momma if you dissagree.

  • I wonder how cute all of these rants “being a bad celebrity” are when the music stops being hot.

    You can only get away when the product is worth putting up with the extras.

    Otherwise he’s liable to end up here:


    There are lots of artists and creative people in the world who don’t need or want any kind of money or fame.

    kanye is a very talented artist, but lets be real, he loves the fame and the attention. if he just wanted to make music for himself, he could like so many other musicians and artists who do NOT chase fame.

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